The hardest thing about love.

11B1P 2012/07/13 23:17:02
In 10 days I will leave for Army one station unit training. I will be gone for 3 and 1/2 months total. My girlfriend of 11 months has decided she cannot wait for me, because she feels she is too young to plan her life around me. I have been devastated by this, and all my attempts to pull her closer result in her backing farther and farther away. She says she loves me, and she sees herself growing old with me, but until she knows what else is out there she will never stop wondering the what ifs. I love this girl more than anything. I will not share her with another man, and i dont think its fair that I have to put my feelings on hold while she plays the field. I wish she could know as I do that we are it. I know that, in order for us to have a chance for a future, I have to let her spread her wings. I hope one day she will realize how good I have treated her and return.
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2016/02/06 07:26:33

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