The Famous Old Mother Road: was called Bloody`66 in some regions of the Hwy. in Missouri & Oklahoma, and Arizona: How many died in car crashes from 1935 to 1955 on this Highway?

Jay0Byrd 2012/04/08 03:41:50
200-400-dead during those years
401- 600-died during those years
601- 800-died during those years
801-1000 persons died on 66` those years
1001 - 2000 died from 1935 - 1955
2001 ~ 4500 died 1935-1955`
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20-yrs span 1935 to 1955` 88% of it 66` then was two lane not divided and poorly lighted, and very open and rural in spans.. I'd say somewhere between ________ I really won't say, but cars of the day didn't have seat belts, or air bags, headlamps were not what they are today, safety dividers and guard rails were not found in several areas of the highway, and in Missouri and AZ. there were deep ravines and drop offs some as deep as 400 to 600-foot drops, some cars didn't even have turn signals or good tail-lamps, no padded dashboards, car door on early vehicles would pop open after one good bump or impact.. taking this in account, bad news to say the least.
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