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  • Philo-Publius 2012/02/05 02:50:54
    This very much reminds me of the Book of Enoch, and also Plato's mention of the Saturnalian Age, with the semi-divine rulers.

    I've read in places, too, that the concept of (and phrase) 'mixed-blood' marriages comes from the practice in very ancient times of the tribal elder or shaman taking, in cases where someone wanted to marry outside the tribe, a sample of the blood of both the groom- and bride-to-be, and literally mixing it together to determine if it would 'mix' well (if the mixture was compatible). This went back, apparently, to the belief that the racial memory (being able to see and actually commune/be present with the ancestors) was actually carried in the blood - that the blood has special occult properties that modern science in its materialism will not admit, nor think to look for even.

    I don't know if my blood carries anything of this sort, but I do at times feel an eerie connection (can dimly 'see' and 'hear') what seems to be my grandmother and great-grandparents on my mom's side, and also back several generations. From what I understand, over the ages this type of psychic ability has faded in most people.
  • ♥Isis♥ Philo-P... 2012/02/05 02:57:45 (edited)
    Philo maybe that is what all of us with esoteric interests have in common... this is 2nd video I have seen of this blood thing... But I will find more stuff...I forgot what my blood type is but it is - ab I think I will find out for sure and post it I am as interested to find out as o you probably are.