The Death Penalty: Yay or Nay?

Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2012/06/26 18:43:14
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  • Garrett King 2013/09/07 16:10:51
    Garrett King
    If they are killed, it doesn't change anything and if they live, tax payers money is being spent on them until they die naturally!
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2013/08/29 16:51:54
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    For many reasons. It's not cost effective, it costs far more than life in prison. I feel often life in a cage is more of punishment than death, and then there is the chance of innocence.
  • Charles 2013/08/29 11:10:05
    I oppose the taking of life be it an unborn child or a living human being.I do believe people have a right to defend their life and the one's they love.
  • Simpattyco 2013/08/28 18:19:43
    Depends on how egregious the crime
  • Elmo~WA... Simpattyco 2013/09/08 23:37:57
    How can revenge for any crime, no matter how egregious, be worth taking a human life? Since when do we have the right to choose who deserves to live and who deserves to die? Since when are we responsible enough to make that decision?

    And if you don't agree with that... If 9,999 out of 10,000 people given the Death Penalty are guilty as charged, the killing of that 1 remaining innocent person isn't worth it.

    People seem to be forgetting how precious life is. We are miracles, and every single one us deserves to be here. yes, they should be punished for the crimes they commit. But every single person should have that one, most basic of human rights: the right to life.
  • C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT 2013/08/28 17:21:00
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
  • awalsh 2013/08/28 15:45:21
    No one deserves to die.
  • runningintriangles 2013/08/28 13:13:05
    The sort of people who are considered for the death penalty deserve so much worse than death. :|
  • NYCbrit 2013/08/28 08:36:41
    In cases where there is DNA or some other indisputable evidence.
  • Jerry 2013/08/28 05:16:51
    Punishment should equal the crime.
  • KilrQueen 2013/08/28 05:10:32
    When people have proven they are not fit for society, why in the hell should be pay for them to live in prison for the rest of their lives? The people they murdered aren't here any longer, so why are they allowed to live another 20 years or so? And yes, I do know that it won't bring back the person that was murdered but I do believe in an eye for an eye!
  • Elmo~WA... KilrQueen 2013/09/08 23:40:42
    An eyes for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

    It is not our place to decide who lives and who dies, that is the hands of God, or Allah, or fate, or mother nature, or whoever/whatever you believe in.

    By killing people, we bring ourselves to their level. We see these people as scum, as the lowest of the low, as the worst one could possibly be. And yet, we copy them. We don't commit their actions out of hate, or bitterness, or anger. We do it simply for revenge. because we can. it's sick.

    We cannot teach people that to kill people is wrong by killing people who kill people.
  • Edward 2013/02/20 11:36:34
    Yes, I agree the death penalty should be legal under certain circumstances. If you kill somebody, you should be killed. An eye for an eye. It would reduce the crime rate. Susan Anthony deserves to fry. So does this chick who I forget the name of who killed her boyfriend and made up several different stories
  • Emo Rocker 2013/02/20 10:43:16
    Emo Rocker
    That's a hard one, really. I'd say yes, if someone is a danger, a true violent psycho. But our society is getting so screwed up. Society can say your a danger because you don't go with the status quo, it's like I will not be an organ donor, who knows if they will come to harvest you if someone the government thought was important needs your organ. They don't, but who's to say they wont?
  • Captamerica 2013/02/20 09:45:39
    There should be no jail sentence over 10 years! Just execute those with longer sentences as they have very little hope of successfully returning to society!

    BTW, before we execute, we must determine guilt to the best of our ability!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/08 20:19:40
    Hold up there; to the best of our ability? No way. If the Death penalty is going to be there, no one should be killed unless there is absolute proof. Unless the people involved in prosecuting are 100% sure. Unless there are witnesses and solid evidence. You're playing with people's lives here; there should be no "we'll do our best" about it.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/08 22:01:44
    Hey, it's an imperfect world. I'd rather kill one innocent to get the other 99 guilty, wouldn't you?
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/10 07:40:17
    And that right there is the biggest problem you Yanks have. Taking the life of an innocent is disgusting. It's absolutely, unequivocally... I don't even have words to describe how horrible that is. You would allow your courts to kill an innocent man, to kill somebody's son, somebody's grandson, somebody's father, somebody's best friend? You would allow your courts to put a man on that table, and have him lying there knowing that he was being killed and knowing he'd done nothing wrong? That's disgusting.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/10 12:53:39
    No, that's the real world. Innocent people die everyday. Using my example, at least 99 "innocent" people died at the hands of the murderers you want to let go, so you won't feel any guilt about the one innocent! Your values are sick, have a little compassion on all those murdered by those you want free! I do agree with you on one point, your attitude is "disgusting!"
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/11 07:51:55
    You could execute 10,000 people. It wouldn't be worth it if there was just CHANCE that one of them was innocent.

    My attitude is not disgusting; I'm fair and I fight for what's right. Your attitude is disgusting. You kill people who kill people to teach people that to kill people is wrong. WHERE'S THE SENSE?
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/11 08:18:51
    Really? You would let 10,000 escape execution to save one innocent? What about the 10,000 innocents killed by those murders? We live in an imperfect world, but I'm for justice, not perfection!

    BTW, I don't advocate "kill(ing) people who kill people to teach people that to kill people is wrong." In Texas, we execute murderers here to rid ourselves of these undesirables! We execute more than the rest of the continent, thank you! Executions also ensures that those persons will not kill again!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/11 08:27:20
    They shouldn't be executed anyway. They should be put in prison.

    I am fully aware that you execute more than the rest of the continent. it's sick. It's not something you should be proud of.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/11 08:44:04
    So you believe in "life in prison?" What a waste! If he's going to "die in prison," why not end his life now and stop wasting money on this waste of space and resources?

    It's not entirely our fault, the Federal Courts mandated we stop our trustee system that made prison labor profitable. We use to make money on our prison labor, but now they are just a huge expense! Why keep them in prison when it costs money to do so?

    You might not understand it, but we have a $12 Billion surplus for a reason! Ours is the 12th largest economy with a part time legislature (our Congress only meets on odd numbered years, and then only for 3-4 months!). Texans believe limited government means more freedom and lower taxes (we have no income tax, few fees, etc.) for all!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/12 09:43:58
    It's cheaper anyway.

    So all that you care about is money?
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/12 12:11:40
    No, I care about justice! If someone kills, they should be removed from society. In a perfect world he would never reenter polite society. But we live in a corrupt world, where there is always mistakes, and bad guys escape! Once convicted, why not execute them then instead of dragging out their lives till they die in some confined hell? Are you some kind of sadists? I say execute him and get it over with. And yes, I do care about money, and the costs of keeping someone in prison for years for your own enjoyment, conscience, or whatever other reason you desire to chose! Why do you want convicts to stay in prison till they die? Sounds sorta twisted, doesn't it?
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/13 09:07:24
    There is nothing just in taking a life. That's revenge; not justice. The Death penalty isn't there for deterrent; if it were you idiots would have figured out a long time ago that it doesn't work. It's not just, it's not fair; it's a sick perversion of human rights, which are supposed to be inalienable which means that the possessor cannot be stripped of and cannot give up these rights. You are not God. Your jury are not Gods. Your judges are not Gods. You cannot decide who needs to die; that is not your decision. The offender will be punished in a suitable way when he dies.

    Let me run something by you. You are a black man living in a Southern state and are blamed for the murder of a policeman. You know you didn't do it. You're sentenced the Death penalty and put on death row for 21 years while the court fight the appeals. There is no evidence, no reliable witnesses. One 'witness' was the original suspect, and the other can only identify the killer by his clothes. The court set your murder date. The police strap you down and they kill you, and the whole time you know you're innocent.

    You think a Court won't kill someone who is so blatantly not guilty? Some of the Southern courts are racist, proud and old fashioned. That's why the Death Penalty needs to end; because the judges and the jury can't handle the responsibility.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/13 09:21:23
    Perfection is something we will not achieve in this realm. But we must rid ourselves of the malevolent among us while trying to eradicate injustice as much as we can! By definition, justice is equal treatment. If you kill than the just thing is for you to be killed! BTW, it does serve as a deterrent, people fight extradition to Texas because we do execute those who deserve it! Look, most normal people don't want to be in judgement of another but we must work to do our best! The death penalty is a great way to deal with those undesirables that are just plane evil! You do believe some people are just incurably evil, don't you?
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/15 07:55:41
    So don't look for perfect, look for fair. Look for just. Look for right.

    Jesus Christ. People fight extradition to Texas AFTER they've killed. It didn't stop them from killing, did it? Who cares if it makes them not want to move state? That's the lamest argument I've heard in a very long time.

    Yes; Hitler, Bin laden, Hussein... Jack the Ripper.

    No one deserves to die. The right to life is our inalienable human right. You cannot give it up and it cannot be taken away from you. The Death penalty is a sick perversion of our rights. Really says a lot about the human race, doesn't it? We'll kill our own because we don't like something they've done. We'll call it justice and get on with our lives. It's sick.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/15 17:35:32
    Thanks, that's exactly what I am saying, "don't look for perfect, look for fair. Look for just. Look for right." My thoughts exactly! Isn't it "fair" (just & right) to kill someone who has killed?

    Hey, I'm just a regular guy, not "Jesus Christ," but thanks for the complement! Look, it definitely stops them from killing again, doesn't it? Too many escape death row only to get out and kill again. Do you disagree?

    You are right again, "no one deserves to die", but if someone kills, that person should be removed from decent people, don't you think? What do you want to do, put him in prison for the rest of his life? Talk about cruel, what are you? Some sort of sadist? People here in Texas love life, and want others to have the freedom to do the same! An execution is not "penalty," it is a remedy to a terrible incident that needs closure! Don't you care about those left behind? Show some heart, some compassion, and some decency! Please!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/16 05:35:22
    No, it's sick, cruel and inhumane. Full stop.

    They get out of death Row because you don't even show competence when you kill them. You torture them mentally and emotionally by leaving them there for twenty odd years, knowing they could die any day.

    Removed from decent people? Yeah, of course. Removed from humanity? They're not. They are humans and they have human rights which Texas abuse. You might see it as being kind, but you're sick. You're taking a life, and it's wrong.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/16 09:55:01
    Taking a life is wrong, but must be done to purge those among us that have done so! Decent people care about others, something you seem to forget! I do wish we could hang em right outside the courtroom, once convicted, like we used to. But we must make sure the execution is just and that does take time. With new techniques (ie using DNA) we should be able to shorten the time between conviction and execution.

    I really don't understand you. On one hand you argue how precious life is, and then turn around and want to pardon those who take it! All I can say is we live in very different cultures. I love visiting the UK, we speak (somewhat) the same language but have vastly different ideas. I could never think of myself as a "subject" of any government or governmental leader. Just my ever-so humble opinion! Thanks for sharin'!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/17 05:14:41
    No, it mustn't. Two wrongs don't make a right. It's revenge, and the sooner you Yanks get that into your heads the better. If you're gonna kill someone out of revenge, you may as well admit it because you only make yourselves look more stupid.

    I don't want them pardoned, I want them punished. In a way that doesn't infringe upon their rights.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/17 06:52:25 (edited)
    So every time you spank you kids it is revenge? Are you angry when you spank (or however you punish) them? I may be upset with the murderer, but the execution is an exercise in justice! I really felt sorry for Tammy Fey Tucker, she'd accepted Jesus as savior, apologized to the family and all she hurt, etc. But I wasn't for commuting her death sentence. It's called justice. Stop trying to make it some sort of vengeance thing! Maybe some (like you?) would enjoy the revenge aspect, but grow up, this is the real world, where there are really bad people! Thanks for sharin', and God bless!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/18 05:18:36
    I don't have children. I think the really bad people are the ones just outside the cells. The ones at the head of the courts. The ones with the needle in their hands. They make me sick.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/18 09:26:54
    Are you trying to infer the "good people" are the ones inside the cells? Is it bad to enforce justice? I really don't believe you think that, if you do, let me live in my ignorance! I just think you have misplaced you sense of fairness, sorta let your idealism cloud reality. Things will sort out once you have a family you want to protect. :-)
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/18 09:28:52
    No, they're bad people. Just not as bad as the ones planning to kill them.

    It's not justice.

    I have a family.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/18 09:43:32
    So following the laws as set forth by the citizens makes them worse than those they are executing? I don't think so! Don't you care about the threat to your family these convicts pose? Show a little concern for you fellow citizens!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/20 10:14:23
    Yes, because they plan it, they lock them away and then kill them with intent. Most murders are spur-of-the-moment.
  • Captame... Elmo~WA... 2013/04/20 10:19:26
    Their "intent" is to make the world safer, by alleviating this treat to society! And no, 1st degree murder must show intent!
  • Elmo~WA... Captame... 2013/04/21 06:16:29
    Nowhere near as much intent as the court shows. Criminals decide to do it an hour, maybe two before they actually do it? Well the Courts drag it out over years and years and years, like some sick, twisted game.
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