The Dating Age Range Formula: Just a Number, or Scientific Method?

SodaHead Living 2012/04/10 21:00:00
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You've probably heard the old adage that when it comes to figuring out how "young" you should date, you apply the formula, "half your age plus seven." So, if you're 26, it's perfectly OK for you to date a 20-year-old ... but not an 18-year-old. Well, How About We applied that formula to rumored couple Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose. She is 25 and he is 50. According to this formula, the youngest woman Axl Rose should be dating is 32. Sorry, Lana.

axl rose lana del reay

To find out what the oldest age you should date is, take your current age, subtract 7, and multiply it by 2. So, at 25, the oldest person Lana should date would be 36. Axl Rose is 14 years too old for her!

We'll always have a soft spot for Axl Rose, so we kind of get why Lana would be interested. But according to How About We, she should not go older than 36-year-olds like, say, rapper 50 Cent (hey, it could happen!). Meanwhile, Axl could get away with dating Jennifer Love Hewitt (again, it could happen!). Do you believe in the age range formula? Or is age only a number when it comes to love?

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  • rebecca CHUCK 2012/04/11 02:47:58
    meanie "YOU" pushed him in the water
  • rebecca rebecca 2012/04/11 02:48:50
    hahahaha mean penguin
  • CHUCK rebecca 2012/04/12 02:40:07

  • rebecca CHUCK 2012/04/12 10:33:29
  • CHUCK rebecca 2012/04/12 17:39:02
  • BBoy legacy 2012/04/11 00:03:58
    Just a number
    BBoy legacy
    She is a legal adult and can make her own choices.
  • vis_viva 2012/04/10 23:57:45
    Just a number
    Always dated women fairly close to my own age (generally +/- a year or two). I married a woman 5 months older than me and we've been married over 18 years. We don't want our daughter dating boys all that much older either.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/04/10 23:43:23
    Just a number
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    as long as they're not breaking any statutory rape laws, they're ok
  • tweet_tweet 2012/04/10 23:43:20
    Just a number
    She is a legal adult and can make her own choices.
  • scbluesman13 2012/04/10 23:38:01
    Just a number
    The appropriate age of dating varies from community to community, in all parts of the world. When my daughter turns 18, would I be OK with her dating a 26 year old? Honestly I couldn't say. It would have to do a lot more with the substance of the individual, and what I thought his (or her) motives were.
  • Anna E 2012/04/10 23:34:36
    Just a number
    Anna E
    So it's ok for 52 year olds to date 90 year olds? And ok for 2 year olds to date 8 year olds? roflmao
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2012/04/10 23:34:19
    Just a number
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    39 year olds? I think that's a little young for me. That formula is not for everyone I am assuming.
  • Marcus Clark 2012/04/10 23:24:53
    Just a number
    Marcus Clark
    This formula is nothing more than complete stupidity. If he is happy and she is happy and they are both legal, it's good.
  • beck 2012/04/10 23:23:34
    Just a number
    but most of the time, its better to marry someone in the same generation to have more in common
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/04/10 22:55:49
    Just a number
    Keep it legal and you are all good!
  • SarcasticB*tch 2012/04/10 22:52:28
    Just a number
    id never date a 16 year old. OHGODNO.
    maybe half my age plus 20 is my formula.
  • tobe 2012/04/10 22:50:11
    Just a number
    i hold to the "their business" block. If the younger is 21 or over I say mind your own business. two consenting adults at that point. people mature at different ages. ive known 51 year old children and ive dated people people 17 years older than me that were like 15 year olds maturity wise. I know a guy my age that dates younger (yes legal) girls because he doesnt connect well with the girls in his age bracket. when people bring up the age thing i really wanta go "did they ask you?"
  • Donna Bakermattson 2012/04/10 22:46:30
    Just a number
    Donna Bakermattson
    as long as they are both of age who cares .....
  • CREW grand 2012/04/10 22:43:03
    Just a number
    CREW grand
    The dating age range formula is an artificial social construct that only applies to Western culture, and even then, not well.
    Mostly it's used by busybodies who want to tell other people how to run their lives.

  • Jimbo 2012/04/10 22:41:07
    Just a number
    Who cares.
  • 2585661 2012/04/10 22:38:47
    Just a number
    Axl and Lana are just friends apparently. Why can't a man and woman hang out without it being called dating? She's a fan of him.
  • Miko 2012/04/10 22:38:06
  • H H 2012/04/10 22:32:04
    Just a number
    H H
    Whatever works is what's good. I suspect too many people rule out good possibilities by applying arbitrary formulas and rules about age.
  • brittneylalaa 2012/04/10 22:27:35
    Just a number
    From experience, dating someone older only caused problems for me but I guess it can work for some people.
  • smitty 2012/04/10 22:27:21
    Just a number
    Oh come on.. she is giving him a little something something because she is a horrid singer and trying to get a head.
  • Mark5610 2012/04/10 22:17:38
    Scientific method
    axl rose old old man

    Dating an old fart
  • Hannah 2012/04/10 22:06:07
    Just a number
    It dosent matter when you date if you like a person when ur nine go ahead date!
  • Requiem 2012/04/10 22:04:48
    Just a number
    As long as the relationship isn't abusive or breaking the law, age shouldn't matter.
  • Lilymoon 2012/04/10 21:51:22
    Just a number
    Forget numbers and methods, how about plain old common sense. If she is dating him, which I hope not, she's probably doing it for the publicity. I think she is one of those people who likes the shock value of her actions.
  • k fleming 2012/04/10 21:36:55
    Scientific method
    k fleming
    I think the formula is generous, but still only a suggestion.
    I'm 23 and would not want to date a 30 year old, even if she has money! lol
    But if they think it'll work, good for them!
    I think a lot of things would work out if they were more committed in the first place!
  • tobe k fleming 2012/04/11 00:53:40
    thats only like 7 years... your still pretty young though.
  • Recruit 2012/04/10 21:35:39
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2012/04/10 21:35:38
    Just a number
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I admit I don't like to see 50 yr old men dating 25 yr old women.....but age is just a number. I would date someone a few years younger than me but I would date a man several years older than me. I love mature men.....
  • HotPuhtaytuhs 2012/04/10 21:32:57
    Scientific method
    But I've always tended to stick in the 25-30 range anyhow so what the heck do I know
  • Bethielove 2012/04/10 21:31:29
    Just a number
    People love who they love. Love does not look for age.
  • Alexis Bethielove 2012/04/10 23:58:37
    So a 12 year old and a 30 year old can be in love?
  • tobe Alexis 2012/04/11 00:55:08
    thats illegal. i think this is getting more at legal age adults dating older people.
  • tobe Alexis 2012/04/11 00:57:18
    like my mother told me when i was growing up. once you hit her mid twenties it really doesnt matter anymore.
  • Alexis tobe 2012/04/11 01:27:32
    I believe age doesn't matter after 18, but she was stating love has no age. I was just pointing it out.
  • Bethielove Alexis 2012/04/11 15:16:42
    As a 12 year old does not know what love is, then know. Allow me to rephrase myself, if you demand such a literal response, two people who are old enough to decide for themselves that they are in love and know what love is can fall in love as true, real love does not look for age. And if twelve year old and 30 year old by some circumstance fall in real true love then 30 year old will wait for 12 year old to become 18 and decide.

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