The Cusp of Energy (May19 – May 24)

Here, during the Cusp of Energy, the qualities of the months of the Nurturer (Aries in the zodiac system of astrology) and the Diversifier (Taurus in the zodiac system of astrology) are mingled. We find ourselves filled with energy to initiate new projects.

Yet we must beware of spreading ourselves too thin, of dissipating our forces by dividing them over too wide a range of interests and activities. We are also challenged to avoid wasting our abundant energy on unproductive or even destructive jobs.

The devotion and diversity of those notables born during the Cusp of Energy is truly awe inspiring: the poet-singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, who went through so many phases of musical style and development, the former physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who in his spare time wrote detective stories that featured a character named Sherlock Holmes, the song writer-actor Charles Aznavour, the composer-poet, actress-singer Cher, model-actress-singer-performer Grace Jones, composer-conductor, essayist, poet Richard Wagner, for example, were all born, as I was, during this cusp. My own interests and professional activities also show great diversity, ranging from being a concert pianist and composer, writer, and teacher to being the creator of the modern Personology system.

One challenge of this period for us all is to bring together the very different approaches of the months of the Nurturer and the Diversifier, using the positive orientations of both (new projects, creative and artistic force, supportiveness, communication, attention to detail, intuitive understanding) and diminishing or eliminating the negative ones (stubbornness, argumentativeness, rebelliousness, overly critical attitudes, being unsympathetic or unheeding).

By capitalizing on the energy that is available to us between May 19th and May 24th, we can use the days of this Personology period, the Cusp of Energy, not only to bring new projects into being but also to continue the kinds of serial endeavors which we may have been pursuing recently for weeks or months, giving them the structure and push they need to continue operating throughout the rest of the year.

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  • Sara Tidmore 2012/11/22 15:59:34 (edited)
    Sara Tidmore
    Is the cusp of energy not the mingling of Taurus and Gemini, rather than Taurus and Aries?
  • Captain Sticky 2010/06/09 12:44:44
    Captain Sticky
    How about directing some of that energy MY way?

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