The April 8th, 1977 issue of Time Magazine, entitled "How to Survive the Coming Ice Age" is..........

Simmering Frog 2008/11/12 20:41:41
An issue that Al Gore hopes people not yet born in the 1970s  will never see.
Written by the same liberals who are trying to frighten people about global warming.
All of the above.
None of the above
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  • Bob Roberts 2013/07/02 18:29:48
    All of the above.
    Bob Roberts
    I see two lunatic liberals voted. There was indeed an article about this in TIME though I believe the cover was faked, which is sad, because you don't need a fake cover to tell the truth, which stands for itself.
  • J. Patrick Malone 2013/06/04 05:40:04
    None of the above
    J. Patrick Malone
    Why would you get excited about a faked Time Magazine cover?

  • Simmeri... J. Patr... 2013/06/04 10:56:54
    Simmering Frog
    The article is legit from the April 8th, 1977 issue. This was big news back then. I did not know that was not the actual cover but it doesn't change the facts.
  • Gwen 2011/02/03 18:03:21
    All of the above.
    "University of Toronto Climatologist Kenneth Hare, a former president of the Royal Meteorological Society, believes that the continuing drought and the recent failure of the Russian harvest gave the world a grim premonition of what might happen. Warns Hare: "I don't believe that the world's present population is sustainable if there are more than three years like 1972 in a row."

    one the concluding statements in the article...after a tiresome litany of where the moisture on the earth's surface has been for hundreds of years...and where it might be in hundreds of years...
  • RANDJA 2008/11/14 16:45:31 (edited)
    All of the above.
  • justonemom 2008/11/12 21:22:24
    An issue that Al Gore hopes people not yet born in the 1970s will never see.
    Yes, and we were supposed to have starved to death by now because of it!
  • Skeeter -Hmm, Hmm, Hmm 2008/11/12 20:50:01
    None of the above
    Skeeter -Hmm, Hmm, Hmm
    How can we have an Ice Age. The Democrats have told us that there is global warming. How can it be both?
  • Simmeri... Skeeter... 2013/06/04 10:57:59
    Simmering Frog
    We were told that in the 1970s.
  • Bob Rob... Skeeter... 2013/07/02 18:30:39
    Bob Roberts
    And you believe the Democrats? After all their other lies have been revealed? SHAME ON YOU!

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