The 8 Types of Ugly Holiday Sweaters: Which Is Your Favorite?

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SLIDESHOW: The Taxonomy of the Ugly Holiday Sweater

The Ugly Holiday Crop Top
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The Ugly Holiday Crop Top

What better time to show off your abs than the frigid middle of winter?
  1. The Ugly Holiday Crop Top

    The Ugly Holiday Crop Top

    What better time to show off your abs than the frigid middle of winter?

  2. The Literal Ugly Holiday Sweater

    The Literal Ugly Holiday Sweater

    Is that a guy with a Christmas tree sweater or a Christmas tree with a head? I can't tell.

  3. The Ugly Plushie Holiday Sweater

    The Ugly Plushie Holiday Sweater

    A sweater that doubles as an awesome plushie = more bang for your buck.

  4. The Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

    The Ugly Hanukkah Sweater

    Give the festival of lights a few extra volts this year with a light-up menorah sweater -- or spice things up with a sweater that doubles as a game of dreidel.

  5. The Standard Ugly Holiday Sweater

    The Standard Ugly Holiday Sweater

    This proud fellow is working the "standard," typified by: bells, bows, snowflakes, and reindeer. Optional enhancements include, but are not limited to: snowmen, candy canes, ornaments, lights, and holly.

  6. The Homemade Ugly Holiday Sweater

    The Homemade Ugly Holiday Sweater

    Not really sure what's going on here...but I can tell you with certainty that someone made these at home. In the dark.

  7. The Electric Ugly Holiday Sweater

    The Electric Ugly Holiday Sweater

    You're sure to earn the envy of everyone in town with this blinking beauty.

  8. The Ugly Holiday Sweater Vest

    The Ugly Holiday Sweater Vest

    It's a sweater. It's a vest. It's ugly. Man sold separately.

The 8 Types of Ugly Holiday Sweaters: Which Is Your Favorite?
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Today is day five of our 12 days of Christmas countdown. We hope you are following along!

Holiday sweaters are one of the few items where ugliness increases desirability -- an average holiday sweater will get you through the winter, but a seriously ugly one will turn heads and make you the toast of the town.

Any trend blog can tell you that ugly holiday sweater parties are the only type of party you should be throwing this holiday season, but what they won't tell you is that there are at least 8 distinct types of the ugly holiday garment. And so we present to you the taxonomy of the ugly holiday sweater.

Which ugly style will you be donning this year?
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  • BJet 2011/06/04 16:47:27 (edited)
    The Homemade Ugly Holiday Sweater
    With a lot of patches in 1970's like soldier's.
  • Andrew 2010/12/27 20:39:31
    None of the above
    The one with oBAMA.
  • DiJohnny 2010/12/25 06:46:42
    The Electric Ugly Holiday Sweater
    I don't get the difference between the "literal" and "standard" ugly. Same category to me.
  • waynelaboy 2010/12/22 02:58:56
    None of the above
    don't know . never got one.
  • Stan Kapusta 2010/12/21 19:13:24
    All of the above
    Stan Kapusta
    Ugly is still ugly. No matter what occasion.
  • splodge 2010/12/21 14:55:59
    The Ugly Hanukkah Sweater
    the perfect kind of sweater: not too tight, not too thin for the freezing cold weather...it's just perfect for the long, cold freezing winters where having!!!
  • Frank Rizzo 2010/12/21 13:39:18
    All of the above
    Frank Rizzo
    Ugly sweaters but I'd like to sink my Johnson in both those babes.
  • Mechelle 2010/12/21 13:35:58
    None of the above
    Some people have a weird sence of humor.
    I would never wear one of these unless one of my children gave it to me thinking it was GREA and then only in privacy of home and for them.
  • Mechelle Mechelle 2010/12/21 13:38:13
    Sorry typo....GREAT is what I meant
  • angel face 2010/12/21 06:58:44
  • Myrle Hulme 2010/12/21 06:48:49
    None of the above
    Myrle Hulme
    I would not be seen dead in anyof those sweaters
  • wclark07 2010/12/21 05:36:56
    None of the above
    It's all about the frump. Decoration is immaterial; it's the color and the cut, kind of like gemstones - the more asymmetrical the seams, the more inconsistent the knit, the more tasteless the palette...
  • sugarbuzz 2010/12/21 04:16:02
    None of the above
    The sweater that the guys used to wear on infomercials, and is now seen at your local GoodWill....what a bargain. sweater guys wear infomercials local goodwill bargain infomercial sweaters
  • Olivia 2010/12/21 04:11:33
    The Ugly Holiday Crop Top
    this was really hard coz i hate them all !
  • Arty 2010/12/21 02:50:31
    None of the above
    People, peeeeoooppplllee!! I dress as EL SENOR SANTO CLOS in Mexico ..they think I look pretty good !!
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2010/12/21 00:34:02
    None of the above
    I got one thing to say I hate "ugly" I rathered wear stuff nice and beautiful and neat that ain't it.
  • shawn 2010/12/21 00:24:36
    None of the above
    I like and he look wonderful.
  • jess12 2010/12/20 23:53:07
    The Homemade Ugly Holiday Sweater
    i dont like knitted sweaters!!!!
  • jess12 jess12 2010/12/20 23:55:11
    but i think that they r the best cuz the person who gave it to u probably took sum time on it for u and they wood hope that u liked it! i really just dont like sweaters at all
  • glenda harvey 2010/12/20 23:29:24
    The "Standard"
    glenda harvey
    My daughter had a Christmas party where everyone was supposed to wear qn ugly Christmas sweater.
  • Olivia glenda ... 2010/12/21 04:12:52
    ha so did i lol
  • Zozo 2010/12/20 23:05:04
  • june Zozo 2010/12/20 23:50:27
    yahh,, your absolutely right...
  • Zozo june 2010/12/20 23:55:18
  • Emmy 2010/12/20 22:41:33
    The Ugly Holiday Sweater Vest
    Sweatervest. Minus the man. That was a little ... damaging. :L But sweatervests FTW :P
  • the wizz 2010/12/20 22:40:18
    The Ugly Holiday Crop Top
    the wizz
    For me, any sweater or shirt that shows a hotties belly is just fine with me !!!!
  • JK 2010/12/20 22:22:35
    The Ugly Holiday Sweater Vest
    I think that it was the old guy in the vest that set it off. Had it been a '10' I might have voted different.
  • David 2010/12/20 21:14:27
    The Homemade Ugly Holiday Sweater
    Home made ugly is always the best kind.
  • lily 2010/12/20 20:53:54
    The "Literal"
    i love the christmas tree one. the way they shaped the sweateri s creative, even if it is weird, too
  • Sheri Heffner 2010/12/20 20:52:49
    None of the above
    Sheri Heffner
    I have something these don't even cover. I have a homemade dress that a Great Aunt made for me when I was six-years-old. The hideous thing was pale pink, too short, uneven white sleeves. I had to wear the ugly thing for a picture we still have. To top it off, I was wearing ugly red knee socks and ugly red shoes. BLECK The Great Aunt had no talent at clothes making, I liiked like an orphan.
  • Mechelle Sheri H... 2010/12/21 13:43:56
    But... the Great Aunt must have truly loved you to try.
  • Sheri H... Mechelle 2010/12/25 21:28:24
    Sheri Heffner
    Yes she loved me, I can barely remember her. My Dad said she did as best as she could. She was married to an alcoholic and had to keep her four children fed and clothed by working in the 1940s and 50s since all he did was drink away his money.I believe she was only around 61 when she died.
  • TorchwoodTrinity 2010/12/20 20:15:36
    All of the above
  • bear 2010/12/20 19:49:31
    The Ugly Hanukkah Sweater
    I voted for the Ugly Hannukah Sweater because it is nice to know we are not alone in seriously, buttt ugly knitwear.
  • Sandra 2010/12/20 19:25:20
    The Electric Ugly Holiday Sweater
    I think that electric Holiday sweater is sooooo tacky It is soooo ungly.
  • Brenda 2010/12/20 19:18:13
    All of the above
  • Sweet-N-Sour 2010/12/20 19:15:38
    None of the above
    Would not be caught dead in any of them and would tortuously haunt the sick bastard who would dare to bury me in one! (or any other Holiday themed clothing for that matter!)
  • Sandra Sweet-N... 2010/12/20 19:27:52
    I agree i would not be caught dead in any of them either. Aman!!!!
  • Wabbleyuw 2010/12/20 18:58:30
    The "Ugly Plushie"
    Dang. I wanted to say the crop top! Lmao XD
  • lorrie 2010/12/20 18:51:18
    The Homemade Ugly Holiday Sweater
    I was trying out my knitting skills and was trying to make a sweater for my daughter, but one arm came out too long and some of the knitting is coming out so I just wear it around the house hahaha.

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