The 50 most beautiful things on Earth. What is the most beautiful thing on Earth in your eyes?

Dar 2010/11/02 17:16:04
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SLIDESHOW: The 50 most beautiful things on Earth

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Michaelangelo's David, an icon of sculptured perfection
  1. Nude


    Michaelangelo's David, an icon of sculptured perfection

  2. Island


    Bora Bora in French Polynesia the most beautiful island on Earth

  3. Diamond


    The Regent diamond, famed for the purity of its cut, colour and clarity

  4. Mountain


    The snow-capped mountain Alpamayo, a graceful pyramidal peak located in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca range

  5. Modern painting

    Modern painting

    Gustav Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

  6. Bird


    The Resplendent Quetzal is often called the most beautiful bird in the world

  7. Statue


    The divine Winged Victory stands in the Louvre

  8. Castle


    Neuschwanstein Castle, Disney's inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle

  9. Ancient Artifact

    Ancient Artifact

    Lascaux caves in south-western France - the Sistine chapel of prehistoric art

  10. Modern Building

    Modern Building

    The eccentric Sagrada Familia, still under construction, is due to be completed in 2026

  11. Shoes


    The curly-toed, golden-threaded shoes of a Nizam of Hyderabad

  12. Car


    In 2009, the Citroen DS designed by the Italian Flaminio Bertoni and released in 1955 to general astonishment

  13. Toilet


    Ann Agee's delft-tiled toilet: proof that you can find beauty in anything

  14. Beaches


    The Maldives enjoy one of the most beautiful clusters of beaches anywhere

  15. Bay


    Halong Bay: a seascape of some 1,600 steep-sided islets

  16. Painting


    No other piece of artwork has ever prompted such fevered admiration, speculation, imitation and dissemination as Da Vinci's enigmatic Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda

  17. Woman


    The Colonna Venus represents an ancient ideal of feminine grace and beauty

  18. Man


    Greek hero Ganymede - considered the most attractive among mortals and, as such, abducted by Zeus to be his male lover

  19. Sunset


    Manila Bay in the Philippines, unforgettable

  20. River


    Caños Cristales is buried deep in the Sierra de la Macarena in central Colombia

  21. Bridge


    The beautifully lit and elegantly tiled Khaju Bridge in Iran

  22. Monastery


    Paro Taktsang monastery nestles on a remote cliffside in Bhutan

  23. Ceiling


    Michaelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

  24. Desert


    Wadi Rum desert in southwest Jordan is a hauntingly beautiful maze of monolithic rockscapes

  25. Tree


    Japan's annual hanami - cherry blossom

  26. Historic Building

    Historic Building

    The Taj Mahal: 'A teardrop that sparkled spotlessly bright on the face of eternity'

  27. Hike


    New Zealand's Milford Track winds for 53.5km through the heart of the South Island's dramatic fjord country

  28. Mask


    King Tutankhamen's golden mask weighing in at over 10kg of solid gold, it is inlaid with lapis lazuli, quartz, obsidian, turquoise and other semi-precious stones

  29. Bar


    Stunning rooftop terrace Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree hotel, in Bangkok, which has stunning views of the Grand Palace and the Chao Phraya River

  30. Subway System

    Subway System

    The ornately designed Kievskaya Metro in Moscow decked out with the huge chandeliers, vaulted plaster-moulded ceilings, arches and hand-painted frescoes of a state ballroom

  31. Designer Object

    Designer Object

    Voted the World's Most Beautiful Object in the inaugural Pulchra design competition of 2009, the Gyrofocus rotating, suspended fireplace was designed in 1968

  32. Fish


    The captivating colours of the Mandarin dragonet, a small saltwater fish

  33. Dive Site

    Dive Site

    The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest reef system, and unrivalled in subaquatic splendour

  34. Cemetery


    View of Highgate cemetery in north London

  35. Book


    The Book of Kells is a lavishly illuminated Latin manuscript from the 8th century, and one of Ireland's foremost national treasures

  36. Necklace


    Worth a whopping US$14m (£9m), the Heart of the Kingdom ruby is generally acknowledged to be the most magnificent jewel of its kind in the world

  37. Fountain


    The fountains of the Bellagio hotel: the showiest water display in the world

  38. View


    The Grand Canyon, is our obvious choice for the globe's most gorgeous view.

  39. Army


    Some of Qin Shi Huang's defenders in the afterlife ,the terracotta warriors and horses of China were one of the most staggering archaeological finds of the 20th century

  40. Waterfall


    Iguazu Falls lies between Argentina and Brazil

  41. Ancient Ruin

    Ancient Ruin

    Machu Picchu is one of the best known archaeological sites in the world for a reason: it is simply spectacular. Built at the height of the Inca empire, in the 15th century, and rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911

  42. Lake


    Atitlán, the deepest lake in Central America, the lake fills a vast volcanic caldera, formed an estimated 84,000 years ago.

  43. Garden


    The glorious gardens at Giverny in eastern Normandy are a piece of living art, created by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet in order for him to paint them

  44. Clock


    The intricate Rathaus-Glockenspiel on the facade of the Munich New Town Hall

  45. Palace


    A finely carved Moorish column in the Alhambra in Granada, Spain

  46. Road


    The Arc de Triomphe is illuminated at one end of the Champs-Elysées, Paris

  47. Place of Worship

    Place of Worship

    Iran's glorious Emam Mosque. Found in the city of Esfahan, it is smothered inside and out with the metropolis's trademark blue and yellow mosaic tiles, and its luminous colour alters with the changing light

  48. Library


    Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Built in the Manuelin Portuguese style in 1837, it's home to more than 350,000 works, many dating back to the 16th century

  49. City


    The unmistakeable skyline, the stylish inhabitants, the architecture, the art, the romance, nothing can compare to Paris

  50. Puppet


    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." Miss Piggy

The 50 most beautiful things on Earth. What is the most beautiful thing on Earth in your eyes?

What do you think made the list? Find out what the most sublime sights and objects are on earth, from the most beautiful mountain to the most stunning sunset

Machu Picchu(iStock)


Machu Picchu: The most beautiful ruins on earth

What painting could conceivably be called the world's loveliest? Which mountain, gem, city... or woman or man? We've certainly set ourselves a tantalising challenge: to whittle down the innumerable things to see on your travels to the 50 most beautiful.

We concede we may be being a little presumptuous. MSN Travel might employ writers who have seen, if not it all, then most of it, and we might have called upon generations of surveys, polls, art historians, wordsmiths and overly opinionated know-it-alls to compile our list. But, even so, who are we to play God when it comes to locating the loveliest things of all?

Read More: http://travel.ca.msn.com/international/photogaller...

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  • Sly Fox 2010/11/04 00:48:51
  • Mudhole Brown 2010/11/03 22:04:22
    Mudhole Brown
    My children...
    my wife (had to be said)
    Kate Beckinsale :)
  • Dar Mudhole... 2010/11/03 23:28:19
    LoL! Honorable mention of wife...I agree on Kate, she's awesome! ~)
  • raj 2010/11/03 15:09:48 (edited)
    1. My parents

    2. My child

    3. Real friends

    4. The earth

    5. The God

    6. My teacher

    7. My Well wishers

    8. Flowers

    9. Animals.

    10.etc ........................ 50 etc.( No Place here to express all of them )
  • Dar raj 2010/11/03 15:21:46
    Well done! `)
  • raj Dar 2010/11/06 11:21:06
    forget to add yourself also
  • Matt 2010/11/03 14:32:02
    yay for New Zealand
    yay zealand yay zealand yay zealand
    miss universe new zealand 2010
    yay zealand universe zealand 2010
    not just a pretty face - also awarded a distinction with Honours for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology...
  • Dar Matt 2010/11/03 15:08:36
    She is beautiful! And is New Zealand...on the top of my list, countries I would love to visit! Thanks for sharing these awesome pics!
  • Michelle 2010/11/03 09:44:27
  • Dar Michelle 2010/11/03 10:00:32
    Awesomely Beautiful! ~)
  • Michelle Dar 2010/11/03 10:15:46
    0.0 yeah
  • Michelle 2010/11/03 09:37:18
  • ASPEN 2010/11/03 07:25:25
  • Dar ASPEN 2010/11/03 07:47:34
    Beautiful! And tranquil...awesome! ~)
  • ASPEN Dar 2010/11/03 08:11:47
    Thank you
  • magic_is_might BN-0 2010/11/03 06:04:25
  • Dar magic_i... 2010/11/03 06:08:06
    Beautiful!!!! ~)
  • spidermonkey™POTL~PWCM~JLA☮Paul

    Everytime I see one I feel a sudden peace and good luck..........I feel like they watch over me.... everytime feel sudden peace luck feel watch
  • Dar spiderm... 2010/11/03 05:39:45
    Beautiful! ~)
  • spiderm... Dar 2010/11/03 11:02:28
    Thank you.......
  • citizen-cain 2010/11/03 02:31:48
    There are many, but I chose someplace that I especially like which is not very well known. Can someone identify it? chose someplace identify
  • Dar citizen... 2010/11/03 05:41:54
    Beautiful! I can't figure out where it is...do tell!
  • :D@!$Y 2010/11/03 02:26:46 (edited)
    OMG im Peruvian and i was so shocked that u put that pic cause every1 thinks im Mexican wen im really not so thanx that really made my day !!! OMG I JUST CANT GET OVER IT !!! :D oooh and im talking about the Machu Picchu pic !!!
  • Dar :D@!$Y 2010/11/03 05:42:42
    Machu Picchu is one place I would love to visit...beautiful and meaningful!
  • :D@!$Y Dar 2010/11/04 03:39:08
    omg itz so nice their and wen i went their my grandma had a house in each city cause at the time she was rich but now she died so no1 knows who she left her houses to but anyways she gave me a horse and i got 2 see a lot of places on the horse and it was my first time riding a horse so i have good memories but the weather is nice !!! <3 :D
  • RacingKites 2010/11/03 02:17:37

    and my boyfriend. :)
  • Moe435 ~ PWCM 2010/11/03 02:08:46
    Moe435  ~ PWCM
    Hey Dar! At the moment, this is probably the most astonishing scene:

    hey dar astonishing scene
  • Dar Moe435 ... 2010/11/03 05:43:23
    LoL! That is a thing of beauty! ~) Smarty Pants!
  • blissful 2010/11/02 21:31:00
    Opening my eyes to a beautiful Sunrise and the beauty of seeing the Sunset before nightfall. The beauty of the Stars in the Moonlit sky during the night hours. Hearing the thankful cheerps of Birds in the early Morning-Light. Etc...
  • Dar blissful 2010/11/02 21:45:29
    Beautiful! ~)
  • Sista Nunya 2010/11/02 20:21:52
  • Dar Sista N... 2010/11/02 20:31:34
    Children and grandchildren...precious!
  • Son of Furious 2010/11/02 20:01:46
    Son of Furious
    Nicely dressed women, Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," Alaska and Virginia.
  • Dar Son of ... 2010/11/02 20:03:22
    Fine choices all. ~)
  • Son of ... Dar 2010/11/02 20:05:22
    Son of Furious
  • Vipor_GG 2010/11/02 19:43:10
    My wife!
  • Dar Vipor_GG 2010/11/02 19:43:44
    Awwwwe! Awesome for you...and for her! ~)
  • bad-day 2010/11/02 19:42:28
    The sky.
  • Dar bad-day 2010/11/02 19:44:20
    I agree...

  • Rabi Lee Can 2010/11/02 19:38:44
    Rabi Lee Can
    Me! x)

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