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MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2012/04/17 17:13:42
To all my friends, and acquaintances, Thank You each for the prayers, cards, Memorial donations (to the Morgan County/West Liberty Tornado relief fund), notes of sympathy, and condolence.

I'm still in shock, and the pain is indescribable. Pappy was my life, my brother in Christ, my husband, my best friend, my soul mate, my Army buddy,
the father of our children..... Nether of us were perfect, but we were perfect for each other.

Pappy died March 31 at 3:52 pm, he had promised our youngest daughter we would go out to eat with her and her husband, the first Saturday her husband had off. She was helping him into his wheel chair so she could get him in the truck. He had a massive stroke just as she got him to his feet, and was gone in a minute.
He had been sick for a long time and essentially bedridden since November of 2011, but wouldn't allow anyone to be told.

I am staying with my daughter for now, I can't go home, Pappy died on the front porch in front of the door. I will be hiring a moving team, and putting the house up for sale. My daughter still has dial up, so I don't know when I'll be back on.
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  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/20 02:06:02
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    I'm sorry to hear of your loss MAMMY. We will remember you in prayer.
  • Freedom Mom 2012/04/20 01:37:28 (edited)
    Freedom Mom
    I just read about this Mammy51, Iam so sorry, my thoughts and prayers are with you sweetheart, as well as with your family. I will always keep in in my prayers. Blessings to you sweetheart Hugs, Freedom Mom
  • SK-pro impeachment 2012/04/20 01:32:59
    SK-pro impeachment
    my condolences to and your family. May God comfort you in your time of grief. God bless you.
  • rightside 2012/04/19 22:47:43
    Mammy, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine life without my husband. My heart and my prayers are with you. I wish I could give you a big hug!
  • SodaDead 2012/04/19 22:16:05
  • betz 2012/04/19 08:19:08
    My love is being sent to you MAMMY. I wish your family the strength needed at this time. Turn to the Lord and ask him also for strength. You are in all of our thoughts and prayers. You must know that.
  • Just me ♥ 2012/04/18 02:23:00
    Just me ♥
    Im sorry to hear that. You and your family will be in my prayers.
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2012/04/17 22:10:01
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    MAMMY love, I feel so for you! PAPPY was a love, and he is missed so much! My prayers for you and the rest of the family, dear one. In the comfort of His arms
  • Mrs. maggot 2012/04/17 19:48:51
    Mrs. maggot
    Oh Mammy! I just want to reach through the computer screen and give you hugs...my heart goes out to you and your family. God bless you my friend, please stay in touch.

    BTW, you can still SH with dial up....we did it for years!
  • Biki~pwcm/potl~ 2012/04/17 19:33:05
    I'm so sorry to read this Mammy. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  • BUCCANEER~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/17 19:03:37
  • Gregaj7 2012/04/17 18:36:49
    Just read/heard. You have my condolences and prayer for the Comfort of The Holy Spirit.
  • Headhunter 13 2012/04/17 18:12:19
    Headhunter 13
    Mammy, Again my deepest and most sincere condolences
  • MAMMY51... Headhun... 2012/04/17 18:18:44
    Thank you Headhunter.
  • **StarzAbove** 2012/04/17 18:02:13
  • MAMMY51... **Starz... 2012/04/17 18:22:54
    Thank you StarzAbove.
  • **Starz... MAMMY51... 2012/04/17 18:24:45
  • uguess 2012/04/17 17:55:57 (edited)
    I'm sooooo sorry. I lost my wife several years ago and its devastating, there is not a day that goes by that i don't think of her. I pray that you understand he is in a better place now, no pain and no suffering. God bless Dear.

  • MAMMY51... uguess 2012/04/17 18:48:45
    I'm sorry for your loss, and yes devastated is part of what I feel.
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2012/04/17 17:32:56
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    Oh MAMMY......my heart is with you honey♥
    I'm so sorry girl;(
    I will keep you in my prayers MAMMY♥
  • MAMMY51... Barefoo... 2012/04/17 17:41:51
    Thank you Barefoot.
  • Barefoo... MAMMY51... 2012/04/17 17:56:42
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    Your more than welcome MAMMY♥ my sympathy with you
  • Bozette 2012/04/17 17:29:55
  • MAMMY51... Bozette 2012/04/17 17:42:24
    Thank you Bozette.
  • Bozette MAMMY51... 2012/04/17 19:08:28
    You're very welcome Mammy. I lost my husband three years ago this month...I know how hard it is. Hang in there, Mammy!
  • Bozette MAMMY51... 2012/04/17 19:14:43
    You're very welcome Mammy. I lost my husband three years ago this month...I know how hard it is. Hang in there, Mammy!

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