Thank You My Friends For All The Prayers.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers & friendships which you have all blessed me with. As you know I have been waiting for the results back from the many tests my Dr. has put me through. I received a "mixed bag" of answers.
First, my gall bladder, and my other 'innards' checked out fine. :) Even though I am already down to one kidney, the other is holding up fine. Liver too.
The "nodes" they found in my lungs are too small to make any determination about, and I will have to have more CT Scans every 3 months or so to keep on top of that.
The news that I really have to deal with right now is I have been told I have "emphysema". I was told that I can't reverse it, but can slow it. I am still learning about it, and have been given great advice & direction on how to start coping with this.
I do know that my relationship with, and my Faith in, the Good Lord is what will carry me through! The prayers from friends & loved one will also provide me with a great source of strength.
Again, I thank every one of you for having me in your thoughts & prayers. It has brought me strength & joy daily to know I have great people like Y'all around me. God Bless each & every one of you.

strength prayers strength joy daily people yall god bless campdavid
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  • Juliet Adlaon 2011/07/15 15:26:37
    Juliet Adlaon
    When we pray, GOD hears more than we say, He answers more than we ask, He gives more than we imagine, but... In his own time, in his own way! so keep faith!!!
  • Sweet Tea ~*~In God We Trus... 2009/04/23 13:13:22
  • Mindlesspartyhack 2009/04/15 03:59:35
    Hang in there.
    You know Who is really in charge.
  • thetruth 2009/04/15 01:30:34
    How you feeling my friend?

    feeling friend

    Blessings ...
  • tanya1f... thetruth 2010/08/24 18:23:15
    feeling bad
  • Evan A.K.A Shane Sawyer 2009/04/14 22:15:15
    Evan A.K.A Shane Sawyer
    Even though we have only known each other for about a year or so CD, I feel a real bond and connection with you in so many ways. We've been through some of the same things and I really do feel that I can relate to you bro. You have been, and will remain in my prayers. I too have many health problems . Including the incurable by mans standards. But nothing is impossible to God. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.” Psalm 34:19". God Bless you my good friend.

  • cntrygrl 2009/04/14 20:16:35 (edited)
    god bless you and i hope things get better
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2009/04/14 02:28:25
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Oh David, I will pray for you. I had no idea of you health problems. May God see you through this.

    david pray health problems god
  • Pebbles "in God We Trust" 2009/04/14 02:23:38
    Pebbles "in God We Trust"
    I am sending you positive thoughts and will keep you in my prayers. You have been a blessing to me in so many ways with all that you share on SH. You are a very special person to all here. God is with you always. sending positive prayers blessing ways share sh person god
  • suz 2009/04/13 22:22:20
    I am sorry to hear about the "emphysema". Not any easy problem to deal with. But 'great faith' will conquer all. and with the SH following that you have, you have an army of prayers coming your way. hear emphysema deal faith conquer sh army prayers
  • rabbit*patriot* 2009/04/13 16:59:31
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers CampDavid! Just keep trusting in him!! God Bless!
  • JDC~The Shootist~ 2009/04/13 16:23:32
    JDC~The Shootist~
    It has been my blessing and privilege to pray for you my Brother, I will continue keep you on my heart.
  • Betty "Jesus is Lord" 2009/04/13 15:31:29 (edited)
    Betty   "Jesus is Lord"
    CampDavid, you are such a blessing to me and others on this site. My mother had emphysema and my husband has a lung disease also. It can be a struggle but you can learn to manage it pretty well so will be at your best. The love you get on this site from your friends will help you. That's why I can't leave the site as I have thought about so many times. The good far out weighs the bad.

    As you know, your faith is the most important thing. Christ will never leave you alone. You remain in my prayers. leave site times weighs faith important christ leave remain prayers
  • Tay Tay loves music 2009/04/13 13:58:25
    Tay Tay loves music
    I will pray for you
  • Sweet Child 2009/04/13 03:55:12
    Sweet Child
    I will keep you in my prayers. My mother has e prayers mother mphysema.
  • MoonDance 2009/04/13 03:34:48
    I will continue to pray for you, David.
  • digitalDave 2009/04/13 03:16:56 (edited)
    CD you are a blessing and have the faith that will heal.
    Jesus light is in you, and His angels surround you.
    We continue to lift you and believe as touching in prayer for all of the blessings in life that belong to you! In Jesus' name.
  • Wilson 2009/04/13 03:09:58
    Good news, Camp. Our prayer for you still stands, His will manifest in you.
  • Faith,♥ Maranatha! 2009/04/13 02:44:12
    Faith,♥ Maranatha!
    God Bless you Campdavid! May God protect you and keep you in His Healing Hands! You are a very special and precious child of God and a special friend. Your kindness and humility seems to be your best assets.You have amazed me with your wisdom of Bible knowledge! You have blessed me so many times with your encouraging and uplifting words.Thank you, and I will continue to pray for you.
  • Civic Minded 2009/04/13 02:34:22
    Civic Minded
    It's our privilege to pray for you, David. We will surely continue to pray for your well-being. Stay true to your faith and the Lord will shine his face upon you.

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