Thank you MCR

My Chemical Romace,

i've been listening to your songs for about 2 years now, i know a lot about ur band and i love to listen to you, not just hear but really listen to your music and understand it. i love the music, i love the meanings, i love everything about your music. just by reading the quote gerard way said (in the pic above ((he girls you're beautiful)) really made me think about myself. i've self harmed for about 1 year now. and i've been listening to your music for about 2 but the past like 1/2 year or so i've really looked into your other albums (i only had like three songs from welcome to the black parade) now i've got all 3 full albums. and i fully listened to the lyrics and what they meant and honestly you've saved my life, for like 5 years i've wanted to die and i thought that no one would care, but listening to songs like helena, the ghost of you, drowning lessons, ect. they've helped me realize that i do matter, that people do care about me. and My Chemical Romace, i thank you for saving my life. i am trying to stop self harm because i'm trying to find some one who cares...and i know many do and i would like to say now that i've survived self harm, and i've gotten over it! MCR you are a HUGE insperation to me thank you again so much for saving my life!

With lots of love and gratitude,
[my name] xXmakedamnsureiloveyouXx

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