Thank you for your concerns!

Just a note too all my friends here on SH to thank them for their concerns, best wishes concerning my heart attack last Friday (May 21). A huge Thank you to The Rock for apprising you of the circumstance. I so appreciate him and all my friends.

I got out the hospital in St. Louis last Wednesday; but have felt too weak to do any typing, so, here I am now.

The prognosis is so-so. But, a new element is now present in the form of Atrial Fib, They now have me on Coumiden, plavix and aspirin for the rest of my life, I guess. But as long as I feel like I do today, I'm not complaining.

Keep me in your prayers and Thanks again for all your concerns.

I love you all!
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2009/05/22 00:00:30

Age. Fac ut gaudem

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