Texas Senate OKs Concealed Handguns on College Campuses: Smart or Stupid?

Living 2011/05/11 15:42:20
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Just what we needed -- a bunch of college kids walking around with concealed handguns.

On Monday, the Texas Senate approved a bill that would allow individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry weapons in public college buildings and classrooms, Time magazine reports.

Supporters of the bill say carrying guns on campus is a self-defense measure, one that could allow students to retaliate and defend themselves in school shootings like those at Virginia Tech in 2007 and Northern Illinois University in 2008.

But critics, including University of Texas administrators, fear the law could lead to more campus crime and suicides.

If the bill clears the House, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to sign it into law. Would you call this a smart idea, or a very stupid one?

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  • BlueMax372 2011/05/11 16:08:25
    Typical of SH-sponsored articles, this one starts out stupid, with "...a bunch of college kids walking around with concealed handguns." The "college kids" would have to be at least 21 to obtain the concealed carry permit and to have been vetted and trained according to state statute. Can we say "knee-jerk reaction," everyone?

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  • Kinki 2011/06/01 17:45:25 (edited)
    As I'm a college student inTexas, I want a peaceful learning environment.
    Gun creates violent. We do not need gun to protect us. If we need, what about the campus police? What are they duty there for?
  • MichaelSites 2011/05/14 19:52:19
    Every time I see a sign stating that an area is a "gun free zone," I laugh. If a person intends to do harm to others, do you really think a sign is going to discourage him from carrying out his plans. (And yes, I did say Him. Ladies, you just aren't holding up your end of the stick when it comes to spree killings. )
  • Slade 2011/05/13 14:56:22
    If the student passes the required screens to attain his/her chl, so be it. At least in the midst of a confrontation, they will have the chance to do more than pray that their attacker won't harm them. I would be willing to bet that the next time there is an attack, if in Texas, it won't be called a massacre. Hows them apples. Oh, and one other small point, it is their right according to something called the constitution. Liberals should give it a read sometimes.
  • FUS RO DAH! 2011/05/12 19:51:09
    that is a problem waiting to happen
  • Woolite 2011/05/12 18:32:14
    What is the questioner so happy with the idea of the government "allowing" or not allowing such things? The Constitution enumerates, in the second amendment, the right... The Constitution does not "give" us rights. The government does not "give" us rights. We have unalienable rights. The Constitution is there to limit the power of the Federal Government not to tell us what We can or cannot do.
  • Andrea 2011/05/12 18:24:50
    If you are old enough to go to college, you are old enough to own a gun with proper documentation. Hell join the military and they will give you one for free.
  • TKramar Andrea 2011/05/12 21:33:25
    I was in the military, I rarely had a gun on me. In fact, I'm pretty sure boot camp was the only time I had a weapon during the entire time I was in.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/12 21:54:39
    hunter 44
    I was in the military and had more guns in the Arms room then the company did. What's your point?
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/12 22:26:08
    You're saying that they will give you a weapon for free, yet boot camp was the only time I, or many of my shipmates, ever had a weapon. Even the army doesn't sleep with them in their bunks.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/13 01:24:28
    hunter 44
    Navy, it figures. In case you didn't know, the SHIP WAS THE WEAPON.

    "You're saying that they will give you a weapon for free,"

    Wasn't me but they will definetly lend you one or two for a couple of years.
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/13 12:13:49
    The aircraft were the primary "weapon", us enlisted folks didn't get a crack at those.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/13 21:21:34
    hunter 44
    Primary doesn't change a thing does it. The ship is still primary over the aircraft.
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/14 11:14:30
    Only if you have gunner's mates.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/14 14:28:31
    hunter 44
    Now I see why you were in the Navy. I bet you didn't see daylight much.

    The aircraft will be sacrificed to save the ship.
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/14 19:06:09
    Worked on the flight deck. It's all about the planes.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/14 22:53:46
    hunter 44
    Resort to falsehoods much. More likely you worked under the flight deck. I suspect garbage grinder or something along those lines.
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/15 02:18:02
    I have no reason to lie. So I'm not. I worked with the flight deck camera.on the Coral Sea.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/15 14:12:28
    hunter 44
    "I have no reason to lie."

    Sure you do but a reason has never been needed for any human to do so and you are because you know that the aircraft are and always have been secindary to the ship however,like I posted before, the ship is still a weapon. So your arguement fails no matter what.

    Show us a single Navy tactic that involves the Carrier sacrificing the ship over the aircraft. Even the other ships in the battle group will take a hit for the Carrier.
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/15 23:17:23 (edited)
    the carrier's weapons are the planes! had you ever been on one, you would realize that.

    also, the carrier battlegroup is used to help protect the carrier--the weapons of OTHER ships, frigates, cruisers, destroyers, and submarines are ready to protect the carrier.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/16 23:24:01
    hunter 44
    "had you ever been on one, you would realize that."

    LOL, more of the idiot I know you to be. I have been on a Carrier.

    Why protect the Carriers if the planes are more important. Because they are not. Still waiting on the tactic that involves the Carrier sinking to save the planes.
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/17 11:52:23 (edited)
    the planes...and the other ships in the battle group...are the ones that protect the carrier. It doesn't have primary offensive weapons. The CIWS or Phalanx is a defensive weapon controlled by computer, not by people.

    you've never been on a carrier--you've probably never even served.
  • hunter 44 TKramar 2011/05/17 22:42:20
    hunter 44
    "the planes...and the other ships in the battle group...are the ones that protect the carrier. "

    LOL, Duh! Now tell us why. The little fact you keep skipping over because you are not only an isiot but a fool.

    "you've probably never even served."

    ROTFLMBO!!! I believe that was asked of you since you by your own posts have served in every branch of the military.

    " It doesn't have primary offensive weapons."

    Sure it does. They are called aircraft.LOL, you are such a fool even for a garbage grinder!
  • TKramar hunter 44 2011/05/17 22:46:11
    I've never claimed to serve in any branch BUT the Navy. Find where I've said otherwise. The Navy, I know about. You don't.

    I've already said that the planes are the carrier's "weapon" and that us enlisted folks don't fly them.
  • Dr.CleoDactyl 2011/05/12 18:02:42
    hell no
    i f they dont have guns to hurt eachother, they wont need guns to fight back
  • Dr.Cleo... Dr.Cleo... 2011/05/12 18:03:07
    but then if you think about it, there are other weapons anyway
  • moviebuff 2011/05/12 17:46:45
    But then again this is texas right? Don't everybody have a gun out there? They probably take them things to church too.
  • hunter 44 moviebuff 2011/05/12 21:55:32
    hunter 44
    So what if they do?
  • moviebuff hunter 44 2011/05/13 16:16:20
  • rainbowsky 2011/05/12 17:32:13
    you'll see that on the news in a couple of days
  • Captain K.A. 2011/05/12 17:15:17
    Captain K.A.
    The first most obvious thing is not always the smartest. Think about it, if people had guns on campus people wouldn't shoot each other because there would also be police. I think the students carrying guns doesn't make them safer, but I do think that there is really no line to draw. People can walk in with guns anyways. I haven't made up my mind on the issue yet. Before you say that's stupid because there is only one right answer, then I have news for you. There is more than one way to do things, and it's not always yours.
  • Xed0 2011/05/12 16:54:09
    I was a High school Janitor, I carried on premises.
    My life is worth more than your distaste for firearms will ever be, as are the lives of the innocent.

    Back when i was in college, I also carried, no one knew, as no one had to know.
    If i am carrying I'm not vocal about it, it took my college 4 years to figure out i carried as i never talked about it, it was there in case i needed it and thats that.
  • rand 2011/05/12 16:45:11
    Once again the hypocrites reign supreme. Is this not just more "Nanny state"? Each school should have the right to decide for itself, and students can evaluate them on that basis if they wish. Don't these people realize that every new law adds cost to our government?
  • hunter 44 rand 2011/05/12 21:57:15
    hunter 44
    Actualy this Law does the opposite of what you posted. It let's the schools decide instead of the government deciding for them.
  • Gabhain 2011/05/12 16:37:13
    Another waste of time.
    waste waste of time
  • ALofRI 2011/05/12 16:05:48
    We'll know soon, wont we. I'd like to say, "I can't wait", if the results weren't so tragic!
  • abrowlspecialbrowl 2011/05/12 16:02:42
    they're adults, it makes no sense for their rights to be suspended th minute they drive to school.
  • Vicki Essex 2011/05/12 15:52:57
    Vicki Essex
    ive been debating on the case of a six year old taking his dads gun to school and shooting three kids that bullied him, iknow collage kids are a lot older but can you honestly say they are that much wiser? this approved bill is just going to mean more shootings at collage. are you sure your govenment dont want you all killing each other.?
  • Andrea Vicki E... 2011/05/12 18:26:13
    This is college where the students are adults, not children.
  • TKramar Andrea 2011/05/12 21:35:10
    This is college where the so called adults are immature. Some wise up by the time they're 30. Some don't wise up at all.
  • hunter 44 Vicki E... 2011/05/12 21:59:40
    hunter 44
    Yes, I'm sure the ban was keeping the colleges safe from those that would murder others and not want to break the Law on the ban. (roll eyes)
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