Terrible first and last name combinations. Know any?

Jane Constant 2011/12/27 15:42:14
How thoughtless or clueless can some parents be!
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  • pgn 2013/01/28 06:01:21
    Too many drugs
  • pgn 2013/01/28 06:00:37
    An old friend of mine named her son john Jacob gingel heimer Schmidt
  • pgn 2013/01/28 05:56:55
    An old friend of mine named her son john Jacob gingel heimer Schmidt
  • pgn 2013/01/28 05:51:57
    Richard knobbs and Harold knobbs get it d!ck n harry they r brothers for real no joke!!! :-)
  • autumnfae 2011/12/31 23:18:09
    Richard Head... everyone called him Dick ... he said his parents did it on purpose because they wanted a laugh
  • Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    Probably the worst is Mike Hunt!
  • shinnis 2011/12/29 05:15:35
    Dick Withem......no kidding...its the name of a Chevrolet dealership near where I live. Dick Withem Chevrolet. I know I can't wait to buy a car from Dick. and we also have Junge (pronounced Junkie) Ford. And Birdnow (as in flipping the bird) Chevrolet.
  • A Lionheart 2011/12/29 05:06:09
    A Lionheart
    I worked with a man named Richard Head, angriest man I ever knew. and went absolutely apoplectic if you called him "Dick".
  • shinnis A Lionh... 2011/12/29 05:16:11
  • A Lionh... shinnis 2011/12/29 05:21:24
    A Lionheart
    Yes, for reals.
  • niviongo R ☮ P ☮ 12-20 2011/12/29 03:16:28
    niviongo R ☮ P ☮ 12-20
    Blushing Bush.
  • bricklyn 2011/12/28 18:23:42
    Crystal Ball. My sister-in-law named her daughter that.
  • A Lionh... bricklyn 2011/12/29 05:09:13
    A Lionheart
    I've seen a political commentator by that name.
  • Mark Mercer 2011/12/28 11:44:12
    Mark Mercer
    There are so many...the Breath brothers, Peter and Dick (not Richard). When a friend named Wanda, married a man named Ball, she changed her fist name too. Rusty Bolt, was kinda fun though.
  • voodoo doll 2011/12/28 10:38:24
    voodoo doll
    Ethan cox is a terrible name but it's my friends name.why do parents insist on humiliating you is beyond me
  • A Lionh... voodoo ... 2011/12/29 05:12:04
    A Lionheart
    I worked with a woman named Tanya Cox. And it was Tanya as in "Tanning".
  • Dawn Jacquelyn 2011/12/28 10:09:17
    Dawn Jacquelyn
    My biology teacher's name was Miss Titsworth - I'm not kidding!!
  • bricklyn Dawn Ja... 2011/12/28 18:24:40
    I was introduced to a man who's last name was Titman.
  • Ruadon 2011/12/28 07:05:38
    one Texas Governor, a Gov. Hogg, named his daughters Ima and Ura
  • kapsa321 2011/12/28 03:59:04
    Mike Hunt.
  • Jane Constant 2011/12/28 02:44:34
  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2011/12/28 02:36:57 (edited)
    Not given names, but funny: In grade school I knew three brothers who's last name is Bord, and their nick names everyone knew them by? Clip, Switch and Skate.
  • missfit 2011/12/28 00:27:29
    When I was in high-school one of the seniors was named Ruth Muth. I always wondered why her parents would name her a name that rhymed like that. And where I worked there was a female patient with the last name Slutz. There is no first name that would sound right with that.
  • JGF 2011/12/27 23:41:55
    Many years ago in the Dothan, Alabama, newspaper - "Mr. and Mrs. David Cox are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Fonda".
  • Martin McCabe 2011/12/27 23:39:59
    Martin McCabe
    Jesse James (Sandra's ex). Self aggrandizing name for biker scum. If his parents actually gave him that name, I'd happily blame them instead. Before I saw him in a movie, I thought Shia LeBeouf was an African 'heritage' girls name.
  • kerebail.ramakrishnachar 2011/12/27 22:38:48
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2011/12/27 21:58:50
    Mai Wang Ichi
  • Adam W 2011/12/27 21:44:04
    Adam W
    A person, running for mayor, in my town, is named Dick Pust, which I always thought seemed like a rather unfortunate name. Especially when it's plastered all over town.
  • keeper 2011/12/27 21:07:20
    Won Hung Low
  • Vision of Verve 2011/12/27 21:06:17
  • Lucid 2011/12/27 20:33:53
    I actually know of someone called Wayne Kerr.

    but there are also cool ones, my favourite one being Max Power. what a cool name but alot to live up to. to justify a name like that you'd have to be a Bond type of guy but in reality he's probably a dweeb
  • LittleMistersMom 2011/12/27 19:58:56
    A few gems I've ran across working in schools:
    Major Wood
    Bozo Dumptruck (first and middle names)
    Babygirl Smith (demanded to be referred to as Babygirl, no nicknames)
    and here comes the good one...
    Gator Siemens
  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/12/27 19:53:01
  • flrdsgns 2011/12/27 19:45:34
    When my daughter was born, I wanted to name her Avon Colleen. I figured it would give her a job when she got older lol, but my wife wouldn't go along with it :)
  • wildcat 2011/12/27 19:40:25
    Ima Hohg
  • LittleM... wildcat 2011/12/27 19:59:14
    I read an obituary for Ima Horr lol
  • wildcat LittleM... 2011/12/27 20:06:45
    Had a student named Eric Hunt, that was a tough one.
  • LittleM... wildcat 2011/12/27 20:10:44
    Hahaha, yep... Didn't list it since it was so common, but I went to college with Mike Hunt... he lived next door to my best friend.
  • Heat Her 2011/12/27 19:30:49
    Heat Her
    Dorkis Oweeni - not kidding I had to check this guys license
  • Jay Calderone 2011/12/27 19:28:38
    Jay Calderone
    Harry Butt

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