Teens Making Out: Is Public And Excessive Display Of Affection OK In Schools?

As the mother of a teen/high school student, I gotta say that public display of affection in school hallways kinda grosses me out. I am not usually IN the school building, preferring to wait in the car if she needs a ride home. But I've been inside the high school between classes enough to know that EWWW, just EW!

The other day I asked my teen what kinds of stories I should write for Sodahead, and she suggested I "just write about whatever's playing at Hot Topic and girls making out with their boyfriends."


Ok, well here we are. I have absolutely no idea what is playing at Hot Topic, though I will say it is totally cool when they have Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man shirts, which I happen to collect.

But the making out with the boyfriends? I mean, where? At SCHOOL?! Gah!

I am going to make the assumption that most schools in the nation have rules against extreme public displays of affection in their hallways. One school,
reported by the New York Times, even went so far as to ban HUGGING, which does seem a bit extreme. The Times reported "schools from Hillsdale, N.J., to Bend, Ore., wary in a litigious era about sexual harassment or improper touching — or citing hallway clogging and late arrivals to class — have banned hugging or imposed a three-second rule."

Some schools are imposing a "three-second hug rule"?! This idea sort of sounds, as the teens say,
ridonkulous. I mean, is there an administrator standing there with a stopwatch making sure no one gets into that 4th second, where everything really goes to hell in a hand basket? Ha!

In the Times article,
sociologist Amy L. Best of George Mason University reported that "the teenage embrace is more a reflection of the overall evolution of the American greeting, which has become less formal since the 1970s. Without question, the boundaries of touch have changed in American culture. We display bodies more readily, there are fewer rules governing body touch and a lot more permissible access to other people’s bodies.”

What do you think? Should teens be allowed to kiss in the school hallway, or does it just serve to make other kids jealous and/or uncomfortable? What about hugging? Is it appropriate or harmless in a school setting, or does it potentially lead to groping and sleazy behavior?

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/28/style/28hugs.htm...

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  • runningintriangles 2010/03/17 03:33:06
    You know, I'm okay with the hand-holding, the hugging, and even CHASTE kisses (ie. NOT eating each other's faces, thanks) in public... but going beyond that, generally (with few exceptions), is just ridiculous. For both teenagers and adults.

    Hugging is fab, and HARMLESS.

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  • LdyLeo 2010/03/17 03:47:14
    Hugging should be fine, but I think it's inappropriate to kiss fully in school. A kiss on the cheek would be fine or a peck on the lips too.

    Get a room!
  • Common Sense Conservative 2010/03/17 03:38:56
    Common Sense Conservative
    Absolutely not!!!!!
  • Angel baby 2010/03/17 03:38:52
    Angel baby
    I think hugging is fine and maybe a quick kiss but making out...well i'm like "i know your inlove just not in middle of the hallway!"
  • runningintriangles 2010/03/17 03:33:06
    You know, I'm okay with the hand-holding, the hugging, and even CHASTE kisses (ie. NOT eating each other's faces, thanks) in public... but going beyond that, generally (with few exceptions), is just ridiculous. For both teenagers and adults.

    Hugging is fab, and HARMLESS.
  • horse 2010/03/17 03:26:46
    good job keep it up
  • sierra 2010/03/17 03:07:02 (edited)
    there fine if they only kissing but the only thing that bothers me is that there is no one that is worth kissing in my school
  • ofbraindoiLack 2010/03/17 03:05:07
    Kissing, no. Hugging, yes.
  • zack 2010/03/17 02:58:36
  • Zed 2010/03/17 02:43:42
    Just stop complaining as long as they aren't having sex or showing certain things its fine.
  • jerrbear 2010/03/17 02:39:25
    Take it to a hotel room
  • Hales 2010/03/17 02:36:29 (edited)
    Young love, that's all. My school stats in the rule book that public PDA isn't allowed, but many kids do hold hands, hug and kiss. But it is gross when watching the couple by you making out while you were eating lunch.

    Hey, could be worse. One day when we were coming back the dentist, my mom and I were at a red light when an older couple (in their 50's perhaps) in front of us began to make out in the car!!!

    So, what do you think about teens making out in public now????????
  • duke nukem 2010/03/17 02:14:15
    duke nukem
    a school is supposed to be an INTELLECTUAL environment. most teens (i am 15 and i have alot of teenage friends) view school as a SOCIAL club where you get lunch and get to talk to your friends, oh and that small obligation known as "schoolwork".

    i dont think making out or raunchy clothing should be permitted at a school. i am a HUGE proponent of school uniforms.
  • xoldsalt duke nukem 2010/03/17 03:30:35
    I'm at least old enough to be your grandfather and I applaud your intellectual approach to HS. We had some of that back then, but it wasn't predominant. Most schools in our area HAVE gone to uniform or at least uniform attire. The misuse of the language by a lot of the entries above this is appalling and many of them are written by teens who still don't know proper American. (that's what I like to call our language since English as spoken by the British doesn't sound a lot like American) A hearty pat on the back to you young man.
  • duke nukem xoldsalt 2010/03/17 16:39:09
    duke nukem
    thank you sir.
  • Angel baby duke nukem 2010/03/17 03:41:14
    Angel baby
    I'm for school uniforms too, especially when there are kids wearing designers then a kid who cant ever seem to buy new clothes in the same class.
  • ZombieCinderella 2010/03/17 02:09:03 (edited)
    Hugging seems harmless, but making out does not belong in school. But I'm not a fan of PDA period. I don't like seeing people VERY affectionate out in public, and I'm sure they wouldn't want to see me making out with my boyfriend either. A peck is fine (which I'm obviously fine with as you can tell by my picture), and a hug, and even holding hands....beyond that....save it until you get home.
  • CindyLee 2010/03/17 02:06:22
    This would be just one of the reasons I pulled my kids out of public school.
  • giermarb 2010/03/17 02:02:17
    As long as they keep their clothes on, and the other's hand not under the clothes, and they get to class on time, I see nothing wrong with it. Rather have them hugging (even if both the same sex) than fighting. Jealously should be dismissed as a factor, as teens are often jealous about one thing or the other anyway, such as, better clothes, better looking, better grades, etc.
    Someone will always be jealous about something.
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/03/17 01:56:09
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid
    n school will allow that
  • Band Geek :) 2010/03/17 01:54:22
    Band Geek :)
    what i think is that you should be able to hug or hold hands or stuff like that but maybe not kissing. i mean i see kids at school kissing in the halls at school even tho its called pda and they can get in trouble but i dont think they should do that because then you hear oh they broke up like a week later

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