Teacher Undresses In 4th Grade Classroom, what are your thoughts?

ang 2007/11/21 18:42:28
What happened to just Math, English and Science?
Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
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A substitute teacher reportedly began undressing in front of students at a local elementary school Wednesday. Several students ran out of the class to alert a nearby counselor. The Principal from Bruce Elementary Dr. Ramon Johnson tells Fox 24 News the unidentified 4th grade substitute teacher was non-responsive to direct questions and was removed immediately following the incident.

“We instituted a code red which is a lockdown procedure, had the students go to the nearest classroom, lock the doors down and cover the windows to minimize the destruction during the course of the classroom day”.

Social workers were back at the school as a precaution. Dr. Johnson says that teacher will not return to the school.

(please note that the woman in the pic is not the teacher this new report is speaking of)
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  • Cacheman 2007/11/21 18:51:20
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    sweeeet.....she was probably like 70 tho

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  • Unmistakably Liz 2007/12/04 19:31:02
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    Unmistakably Liz
    Wow.... those kids must have been homos if they ran to the conselor immediately. atleast wait til she is finished to rat on her.
  • <3 Americanista <3 2007/12/03 02:26:12
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    <3 Americanista <3
    If I had this teacher at school I would have passed with flying colors! Weren't they exaggerated, the school probably scared the kids more than the teacher undressing in class, shit kids this days see more stuff than I even saw when I was in 4th grade!!!! As long as their parents are educating them and being open with them, then the kids will be okay. =p
  • Gramma Lil 2007/12/02 02:56:36
    Gramma Lil
    She must have not taken her bipolar meds that morning!!
  • overneathe 2007/12/01 18:14:32
    I need proof. Anyone has a video of the crime? :>
  • Peter 2007/11/30 03:49:10
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    They were there but they were 60-70 yrs old & the thought NEVER crossed your mind.
  • Philipo 2007/11/29 19:27:10

    Teachers scare me :(
  • The Product of Insane Divinity 2007/11/28 03:17:49
    The Product of Insane Divinity
    Was she under the influence of something? Did she mix the wrong meds?

    To be non-responsive after stripping.....something's not right about that.
  • RIC HARD 2007/11/28 01:11:23
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    If the ugly old bag I had for a teacher in 4th grade would have started undressing I would have ran outta there too!
  • Veeka 2007/11/27 18:18:13
    I really think she is carzy or she must wanted to go.
  • Foo Master Angie 2007/11/27 17:27:33
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    Foo Master Angie
    I don't really understand the "lockdown" and the need for the school shrink. Regardless of how far she derobed. Was she on crack? Did this happen in my town? Because my kindegarten teacher was arrested for selling and blowing lines with students (not kindegarten students...HS students)
  • borderq... Foo Mas... 2007/12/13 00:56:22
    yeah sound like crack case to me and pretty soon if people dont watch out, there is another potential crack head trying to be a president, his name is barrack obama who may still be using cocaine
  • Foo Mas... borderq... 2007/12/13 01:00:38
    Foo Master Angie
    For the love of Christ...SHUT UP!
  • borderq... Foo Mas... 2007/12/14 13:44:48
    excuse me, but who the hell are you telling to "shut up," when what this country needs is to begin facing the reality of what can happen when teachers are undressing before their students and presidential candidates think that by admitting to "a little blow" this is a good thing when we have better choices from which to choose from.
  • Foo Mas... borderq... 2007/12/14 14:27:29
    Foo Master Angie
    In case you were unsure, I was telling you to shut up. The two are completely unrelated incidents. Go spread your Hillary love somewhere elese. No one cares.
  • borderq... Foo Mas... 2007/12/14 15:59:07
    its people like you who caused the destruction the United States today, deniers of the truth and people who refuse to face reality but your time is coming and get used to it because it will be President Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Foo Mas... borderq... 2007/12/14 16:06:53
    Foo Master Angie
    DUDE - this poll is about a teacher undressing in a classroom...how the HELL did you manage to bring that crazy bitch into this???? Seriously....you're off your rocker
  • ang Foo Mas... 2007/12/14 16:09:48
  • ang Foo Mas... 2007/12/14 16:09:03
    little- don't mind Borderqueen. This person is really good at getting under people's skin for no reason at all but to just do it. I'm still kind of unsure what Clinton has to do with this poll...and when it comes down to who said what about drugs...lets not forget that Bill Clinton (the president that BQ adores mind you) "smoked it but didnt' inhale" which is the biggest line of crap i've ever heard...
  • Foo Mas... ang 2007/12/14 16:12:18
    Foo Master Angie
    I'm sitting here in utter amazement that she sought me out, on this poll, and starting talking about Obama....I'm not even voting for Obama! LOL I just don't like Hillary...but waht the hell does that have to do with a teacher undressing in a classroom!!! WOW! It's inconceivable!
  • ang Foo Mas... 2007/12/14 16:22:43
    yep! my point as well!
  • borderq... Foo Mas... 2008/01/21 20:50:43
    no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you,,,... the hell up dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you,,,,,,,... the hell up.
  • Foo Mas... borderq... 2008/01/21 21:03:35
    Foo Master Angie
    Good comeback....a month later...
  • borderq... Foo Mas... 2008/01/21 20:50:47
    no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you,,,... the hell up dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you,,,,,,,... the hell up.
  • MATTGUNNS borderq... 2008/01/21 21:45:10
  • borderq... MATTGUNNS 2008/01/27 14:37:55
    who are you talking too? your grandmother?
  • MATTGUNNS borderq... 2008/01/27 19:27:52
  • borderq... MATTGUNNS 2008/01/29 19:41:02
    dont got time for dudes like you
  • MATTGUNNS borderq... 2008/01/29 21:25:31
  • *Sherry* 2007/11/27 17:06:12
    WTF? That's all I got to say :o
  • KGW 2007/11/27 17:03:18
  • marsred 2007/11/27 16:49:26
    What happened to just Math, English and Science?
    Some very unhealthy people have positions of authority and trust in our classrooms.
  • Sir Jim 2007/11/27 11:44:51
    Sir Jim
    Burn her as a witch. Make the burning a prime time event. Get a close up as she screams and her flesh boils off her body.
  • jljohn 2007/11/27 06:36:48 (edited)
    Hmmm...must have been comtemplating sex with a minor...now there is a refreshing idea..right in front of the class...not luring them secretly in to her sick world.
  • Bloody Dead Girl 2007/11/27 02:38:33
    What happened to just Math, English and Science?
    Bloody Dead Girl
  • DanzigsChild 2007/11/27 02:28:33
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    hahahaha those kids will kick themselves when they hit high school
  • Alec 2007/11/27 01:01:18
    Where were these teachers when i was in school??????
    Im still in school and still waiting ;-)
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2007/11/26 22:42:40
  • Candy 2007/11/26 19:39:35
    If she looked anything like my 4th grade teacher, I think I would have jumped out the window.
  • oy 2007/11/26 19:07:19
    Sound like something was going on with her... but what?? Is there more to the story?
  • ang oy 2007/11/27 14:17:39
    this is all they have reported so far. Sadly our local news is known to bring you a story and not tell you anymore later on down the road...and if they do, they bury it like 20 pages deep in sectioin c of the newspaper.....

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