Tanning Addiction Kills 39-Year-Old Woman: Still Want to Hit the Tanning Bed?

Living 2011/06/23 19:12:11
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Donna Ballantyne, a 39-year-old Scottish mother of three, passed away this week from skin cancer caused by tanning beds, The Daily Mail reports.

She was diagnosed with melanoma nine years ago, and had been fighting the disease ever since.

Speaking two years ago, she said: 'If I could turn back time, I wouldn't have spent even one second of my life on a sunbed.

'I am convinced that if I had never been near a sunbed I would not have been left fighting for my life after skin cancer spread around my body.'

Ballantyne had been using UV tanning beds twice a week since she was 16.

At the time of her death, she had 19 tumors.

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  • Kris 2014/04/17 12:53:38
    No sun for me, thanks!
    Over exposure to UV rays causes cancer? Surely they are exaggerating, no? Those crazy doctors are always trying to scare us. Or so I thought… My desire to be tan outweighed the warning signs on all of the tanning beds I laid in every day, for years. I worshiped the sun. I chased that golden glow- to break through the tanning plateau. Now I’m a 28 year old mother to a two year old daughter. And every morning I wake up and remember that I have melanoma. I love sleeping because for a few hours, I forget I have CANCER. Deadly cancer. Cancer that could metastasize to my lungs and brain. As a funeral director, I’ve held services for people who died from melanoma. And now I could die – for a tan. I’ve seen, first hand, people die from melanoma, caused by over exposure to UV. I have seen my thigh skinned, to remove all traces of cancer. I saw that diamond shaped patch of skin floating in a jar. After an oncologist removed my lymph nodes, I woke up vomiting; a bad reaction to my anesthesia. I couldn’t walk as my groin and thigh healed. I currently have a crater on my spine from my latest dysplatic nevi being carved from my back. Sick to my stomach as I waited for the biopsy results. Every day I think about tanning killing me. If you have the luxury of pretending that’s not real, then ignorance really is bliss.
  • John H 2012/06/16 14:34:06
    John H
    yes, I've been tanning indoors for 34 years. I avoid burning. It helps to give a base tan before a sunny vacation. Most importantly, sunbeds mimick outdoor sun. You get 10,000 IUs of vitamin D per session. Whenever you read about the benefits of vitamin D remember that indoor sunbeds give you this much needed vitamin.
    If you are black you are significantly more likely to get many diseases linked to low vitamin D. It's sad that Donna passed but it's outrageous that her doctors did not catch this earlier. Skin cancer is the most preventable cancer b/c you can usually see it and treat it. I would rather get skin cancer than an internal cancer.
  • Kris John H 2014/04/17 13:00:22
    Skin cancer is in fact one of the the most preventable; preventable by protecting yourself from over exposure to UV rays. And it's not Donna's doctor's fault, some melanoma begins internally, or hidden from plain sight. And as far as Vitamin D, I take a Vitamin D supplement everyday, instead of roasting in the sun. And besides the fact that I have CANCER, I'm a healthy individual. No one says you need to have Vitamin D or you directly develop cancer; there's no causal linear relationship. Where there is a strong co-linear relationship is between indoor tanning and melanoma. I'm living proof. And melanoma metastasizes to become an internal cancer. A very deadly, difficult to treat, invasive cancer. That's why it's so lethal. That's why I fear I will die from this disease. Please rethink your lifestyle choices. I wish I had that luxury.
  • Dragon 2011/07/02 17:28:52
    No, I only natural tan
    I dont need a tanning bed. Im mexican bitches!
  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2011/06/29 19:41:53
    No sun for me, thanks!
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    I work out in the sun, so, "no thanks." I have one of those farmers tans. Face, neck and arms are dark, and the rest of me is white as snow. lol
  • Live Free Or Die 2011/06/29 15:59:35
    No sun for me, thanks!
    Live Free Or Die
    No tanning booths or lying out for me.
  • rightside 2011/06/27 19:28:42
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I'm not afraid of the sun, but I do use sun screen most of the time.
    Sun worshippers need to see what they'll look like in 40 years. Bridget Bardot stayed too long in the sun.
    screen sun worshippers 40 years bridget bardot stayed sun bridget bardot older screen sun worshippers 40 years bridget bardot stayed sun bridget bardot older
  • kitkatgoesRAWR 2011/06/26 20:24:01
    No, I only natural tan
    Tanning beds make you an off color, and give you cancer must I say more ew, a reasonable amount of real sun is good enough for me.
  • ELLIE 2011/06/25 12:56:36
    No, I only natural tan
    Never been on a sun bed and will only tan naturally.
  • Xerxes 2011/06/24 22:08:37
    No, I only natural tan
    don't like the fake bake look,
  • Tab Bear[: 2011/06/24 21:41:45
    Tab Bear[:
    I don't do it very often, but I did go yesterday.
  • Luna Wren 2011/06/24 20:54:15
    No, I only natural tan
    Luna Wren
    I'm naturally tan.
  • ♥Rawr♥ 2011/06/24 19:47:10
    No, I only natural tan
    i dont like spending my money on tan since it doesnt last that long
  • nobody 2011/06/24 18:59:59
    No sun for me, thanks!
    i get headaches with the sun i dont do sunbathing
  • Devin Pederson 2011/06/24 18:00:15
    No, I only natural tan
    Devin Pederson
    Sunlight tans me. If I wanted to be tan, I could go out in the sun and get my tan for free.
  • Half-Ginger 2011/06/24 16:30:36
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I never wanted to in the first place. Tans are overrated.
  • FluffyCupcakespanker~PWCM~JLA 2011/06/24 15:25:54
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I like to glow in the dark
  • LittleMistersMom 2011/06/24 14:39:25
    I've only started tanning since we started planning our wedding, and I'll quit after the big day. But honestly, it's just as dangerous as being out in the sun. My grandpa had melanoma and never spent a second in a tanning bed. I come from a long line of farmers....trying to cover those tan lines for my dress!
  • Alicia 2011/06/24 14:22:22
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I think tanning is weird... ugly, actually!
  • ebfloyd06 2011/06/24 14:14:42
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I do not tan, just burn on top of burn. I avoid the sun, if I don't I end up with second degree burns
  • Feisty 2011/06/24 14:03:30
    No sun for me, thanks!
    My body doesn't tan so it would be an exercise in futility anyway.
  • synful90 2011/06/24 13:42:35
    No sun for me, thanks!
    there is no such thing as a healthy tan. if you're that desperate they do have spray on tans now that look pretty good lol. melanoma is always a hard cancer to get rid of and having to fight that over a tan just is dumb. i hope people take note from this tragedy. besides who wants to look like this?! melanoma cancer rid fight tan dumb hope people tragedy funny tans
  • Devin P... synful90 2011/06/24 18:01:33
    Devin Pederson
    Apparently she does. :P
  • synful90 Devin P... 2011/06/24 19:26:10
    yeah the orange racoon look is all the rage these days lol
  • Tuna 2011/06/24 13:31:13
    No, I only natural tan
    We found out from that swine flu pandemic (tee-hee) that you MUST have the strands of vitamin D that only come from the Sun's rays; anytime man tries to substitute for Mother Nature's laws, the outcome is not good. vitamin suns rays anytime substitute mother natures laws outcome sunshine
  • Aingean 2011/06/24 13:20:36
    No, I only natural tan
    I have never and will never use a tanning bed. If I am going to be out side working and I get a tan then fine, but I am not going to go out of my way to get way to much sun.
  • Bett17 2011/06/24 13:05:47 (edited)
    No, I only natural tan
    I'd much prefer to be pasty than a creepy tangoed clown.

    pasty tangoed clown bad tan

  • (>*~*)>Zombiecat<(*-*<) 2011/06/24 12:51:10 (edited)
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I am pasty and proud

    pasty proud pretty goth pasty proud pretty goth
  • Hukaatir 2011/06/24 12:46:35
    No, I only natural tan
  • Freedom4 2011/06/24 12:45:35
    No, I only natural tan
    It was not the tanning beds that killed her, but her stupidity. Why do we always try blaming inanimate objects for the stupidity of Some. Ronald McDonalds does not make people fat either.
  • Brandon 2011/06/24 12:35:44
    You can die in your car, overdose on Red Bull, anything is good in proper moderation. die car overdose red bull proper moderation moderation
  • The heartless 2011/06/24 11:48:22 (edited)
    No sun for me, thanks!
    The heartless
    No thanks. I would rather be pale than fry my skin.

    pale fry skin tanning dangers
  • wewehello 2011/06/24 11:29:37
    I prefer to go to the beach.But i was thinking of a tanning bed but now im not that sure >.>
  • Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2011/06/24 11:09:50
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    "Ballantyne had been using UV tanning beds twice a week since she was 16."

    The problem isnt tanning beds. Its the fact that she is an idiot that over exposed herself to radiation.
  • Stacie 2011/06/24 10:53:47
    No sun for me, thanks!
    We have an in-ground pool, but it has plenty of shade and umbrellas around it. When when I am in direct sunlight I wear sunblock, as do my children. :)
  • Merna 2011/06/24 10:51:12
    No, I only natural tan
    For my skin tan=hideous rust like color.
    I'm not pale, and I think my skin is dark enough to count as "tan" without any artificial additions.
  • kc2dtp 2011/06/24 10:35:00 (edited)
    No sun for me, thanks!
    I burn easily. Had second degree burns several time when riding motorcycles with jacket off. Now the dermatologist is having a field day removing all those suspicious little black spots from my skin! jacket dermatologist haveing field removing suspicious black spots skin dermatologist checking forpre cancerous melanoma
  • California Jones 2011/06/24 10:16:57
    No, I only natural tan
    California Jones
    Never was obsessed enough to use a tanning bed.
  • Razzy Ratchets 2011/06/24 10:05:36
    No, I only natural tan
    Razzy Ratchets
    I prefer the no Shake n Bake oompa loompa look for me.
  • TerroRising~PWCM~JLA 2011/06/24 09:23:57
    No, I only natural tan
    And I've become more disciplined at using sunscreen. I will use a tanning bed 1 or 2 times a week during the long winter months up here though to help combat the S.A.D., but never for longer than 5 minutes and up to 10 later.

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