Sweethearts Candy Tweeted for Valentine's Day

Sweethearts, the ubiquitous Valentine’s Day candies, are being upgraded for the 21st century. The little pastel hearts will feature new sayings this year, including “Tweet Me” – confirming officially that with Twitter, nothing is sacred.

According to a press release, “Sweethearts will feature new fruity flavors and bright colors, printed with modern sayings chosen by America …. [via] an online consumer contest that asked Americans what they wanted to see on their Sweethearts. Favorite sayings that made their debut in years past, such as ‘Fax Me’ and ‘Email Me,’ will now be replaced with phrases for new technologies including ‘Tweet Me’ and ‘Text Me.’”

And, in a schmaltzy-yet-genius marketing move, the company has also teamed up with Apple and Twitter to provide consumers the opportunity to send a “digital box of Sweethearts.” Here’s how it works:

Without a doubt, Twitter is changing the world, for the better (think Haitian earthquake survivors) and for the worse (think clueless mother who tweeted her son’s death). And in the interest of full disclosure, although initially skeptical of it, I do consider myself a fan, for the reasons explained here. However, I’m just not sure Americans are ready to have Twitter encroach upon their Valentine’s Day experience.

Take the history of the candy, for example:

Sweethearts have been a Valentine's Day tradition since President Abraham Lincoln was in office. In fact, the concept of conversation motto hearts dates back to the 1800s when printed sayings on colored paper were placed in "Cockles," small crisp candies formed in the shape of a scalloped shell. In 1866, Daniel Chase … invented the process which allows the sayings to be printed directly on the candy. Some of the original phrases include "Be Mine," "Be Good," "Be True," "Kiss Me" and "Sweet Talk."

Compared to its genteel ancestors, the phrase “Tweet Me” sounds like an obscene gesture. I know America voted for it and all, but I’m calling an audible. This Valentine’s Day, go ahead and eat your Sweethearts if you can (I can’t stomach the things, personally). But boycott “Tweet Me,” and maybe throw in “Text Me” for good measure. Some things in this life are still sacred, and chalky candies offering a romantic crutch to the socially awkward among us should be no exception.
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  • DanSuciu 2010/08/06 16:53:10
  • MelyClaire 2010/02/15 23:14:48 (edited)
    Haha I actually found that kinda funny! But well, I think times are changing and we have to change with them. What I don't like at all, is that again, the internet is changing and "modernizing" something as sweet and simple as a Sweetheart! And I think "Tweet Me" is something more like a mock, or a joke, and I think its really meant not to be taken seriously :S But well, at least we're sure Apple won't create an app, for that :)

    ...oh wait simple sweetheart tweet mock joke meant apple creat app wait
  • spacesocks 2010/02/11 00:45:31
    lmao. candy isnt sacred. who cares?
  • natalie 2010/02/09 02:15:59
    cool i want those!!
  • gary ® 2010/01/31 20:39:18
    gary ®
    who sez ya need candy for valentine's?
  • jimiwhitten 2010/01/31 19:51:55
    When they start making chocolate ones - I will care.
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2010/01/31 19:42:34
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    sweethearts are nasty except for the twilight kind they dont taste the same
  • XxX Maximum Max XxX 2010/01/29 22:15:38
  • Ladnar 2010/01/29 18:31:13
  • LudaHoodsZ 2010/01/29 18:08:58
  • Joleen 2010/01/29 04:27:35
    I think that's a cute idea but I don't know anyone who actually pays attention to what they say. It's kind of hard to read them when you pour a heap directly into your mouth every time like we do at our house.

    cute pays attention read pour heap mouth house
  • Iggy Raindrops 2010/01/29 03:11:23
    Iggy Raindrops
    This. This makes me very very very very sad. I'm going to go shot myself now. Because really it does not seem there is a point anymore.
  • Star 2010/01/29 00:45:31
    Nice Marketing...
  • Tabby 2010/01/29 00:03:43
  • 409 2010/01/28 23:27:44
    I'll be honest, anyone who asks me to "tweet them" isn't getting a second glance.
  • loversAddiction 2010/01/28 21:16:17
    thats dumb... i want something more romantic than that!
  • Deleted account 2010/01/28 20:59:43
    Deleted account
    Hey-they taste delish and you can customize them!
  • Rainbowen 2010/01/28 20:49:25
    Much less lame than getting a sweetheart that says "Fax Me." Just sayin'.
  • Mišŝ Mμffiŋź ▲✭In Kradam I trust✭▲
    LOL I find it pretty funny, actually ;P
  • Painted. Red 2010/01/28 18:21:50
    Painted. Red
    That's just so strange. I'm not against new phrases, but maybe they should have picked phrases that aren't so geared toward technology.

    Nowadays, people could have a whole relationship and not see the person face to face at all. Texting? Whatever happened to calling them up on the phone, it's much faster, and if you can't say it outloud, you obviously shouldn't say it at all. Tweeting? I don't even know how to figure that site out, and I'm supposed to be of that Twitter, texting, Facebook generation.

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