Support Our Troops and Empower Afghan Women

jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/03/02 06:14:22
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Please click on the link below and buy a bracelet. Forward the information to your friends and ask them to buy a bracelet. They're only $15.00.

"Peace Cord™ is a bracelet hand woven by women in Afghanistan from military grade parachute cord and uniform buttons - the same materials our soldiers use and wear. Peace Cord™ is your tie to our troops.

Peace Cord™ is a partnership between ARZU STUDIO HOPE and Spirit of America, like-minded nonprofit organizations affecting positive change in communities across Afghanistan. Production of Peace Cord™ creates jobs for impoverished Afghan women, delivers access to education and healthcare, and provides funds to U.S. troops for humanitarian projects to supply necessities like shoes, food and school books to isolated Afghan communities.

Our objective is for 1,000,000 Americans to buy a Peace Cord™ to support our troops and empower Afghan women." www.peacecord.com
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  • Mr.Steve 2012/03/02 15:36:02
  • jubil8 ... Mr.Steve 2012/03/02 16:28:12
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Nothing, except they might feel it was charity. This is something you can display to show your support if you wish. Like a flag or bow.
    support our troops
  • Mr.Steve jubil8 ... 2012/03/02 16:30:00
  • jubil8 ... Mr.Steve 2012/03/02 18:13:32
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    True, but the point of this project is both.
  • Mr.Steve jubil8 ... 2012/03/02 18:36:03
  • Lady Wh... Mr.Steve 2012/03/02 21:49:13
    Lady Whitewolf
    the men steal it
  • Mr.Steve Lady Wh... 2012/03/03 11:05:02
  • fortycal_sig 2012/03/02 14:38:31
    Other (feel free to comment)
    I like the charity part, but if I were an Afghan woman, I would not be spending my time weaving bracelets from American paracord.
  • jubil8 ... fortyca... 2012/03/02 16:34:58
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Why not, fortycal? This is how these women earn a living and support their families -- a lot of them are widows, you know. The main product the organization (ARZU STUDIO HOPE) makes is rugs, but not all the women are skilled enough to weave rugs. Pretty much anyone can weave a bracelet. Some of our military have been to these villages and are supporting the work. You don't have to think it's important; I'm sorry if you don't.

    One of the requirements of the contract ARZU signs with a village is that ALL women and children go to school and become literate. This isn't just about charity, it's about empowerment for women in a country where the general condition of women is recognized as one of the worst in the world.
  • fortyca... jubil8 ... 2012/03/05 14:31:26
    Hey, Jubil8. Naturally, literacy and gender egalitarianism are values worth promoting. Other than this SH page, I'm not familiar at all with the effort in question. But speaking from this superficial pov, I'd have some concerns about some aspects of the approach adopted here. I'm afraid I don't have time to look at it more closely, but since you clearly care about this cause, I wish you well in promoting it.
  • jubil8 ... fortyca... 2012/03/06 22:32:16
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Thanks, fortycal. The project seems very worthwhile to me. I'd never heard of it either till last week.
  • BUCCANEER~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/03/02 09:21:50
    Other (feel free to comment)
    Thank you Jubil8,I wish you well a very good cause,I am involved in similar activities over here
  • jubil8 ... BUCCANE... 2012/03/02 16:37:01
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Thanks, BUCC. I listened to the founder (Connie Duckworth) yesterday, and she was most impressive. The project (ARZU STUDIO HOPE) isn't entirely self-supporting yet, but that's the goal. What these Afghan women are accomplishing is amazing.
  • BUCCANE... jubil8 ... 2012/03/02 16:37:53
    Well done Jubes!
  • jubil8 ... BUCCANE... 2012/03/02 18:14:54
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Thanks, Luv -- have a good week-end.
    animated thank you
  • BUCCANE... jubil8 ... 2012/03/02 18:18:49
  • jubil8 ... BUCCANE... 2012/03/02 18:20:14
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Now that looks comfy!
  • BUCCANE... jubil8 ... 2012/03/02 18:24:10
    You take it easy!!

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