calico 2009/05/10 03:42:07
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ok say a few months ago after derrick broke up with me, i got on a bridge and i was so ready to jump, i felt like nothing could be worse, but i didnt cause a car came and i thought more about it. Well say now...i want to get back up on that bridge and i want to jump, i want to end the pain and i want to stop loving him all to gether. What do i do? cause i know deep down i dont want to kill myself but i do want the pain to go away, and i want to change the fact i love him. HELP please!
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  • Misery 2009/07/30 21:55:50
    What I always tell myself is thats the easy way out.
    If i kill myself now I would be a coward. Don't kill yourself for a guy that dumped you.

    Your letting him win...Show him how strong you are, that you can still keep on going even after him.

    Since he didn't work out, now you know there is someone out there thats going to love you and be there for you and cherish you more than you may ever know.

    And don't worry you'll feel the Same way twords him.

    Also if you need help to deal with this situation that your going through just message me, ok. I'll try to help you as much as I can.

    I didn't tottaly want to end my life's adventure then either.
  • calico Misery 2010/02/04 19:43:17
    Thanks :D
  • rokrgrl 2009/06/10 22:57:56
    ok first of all
    this is a very common occurance and i agree breakups hurt (believe me when a best friend and your boyfriend decide to sneak out together it hurts) ... but romance, relationships ... change ... a part of learning who is right for you
  • it's kriss bitch!! 2009/05/10 03:50:42
    ok first of all
    it's kriss bitch!!
    Don't kill yourself. You know what I believe? I believe that people who kill themselves end up in a place and it just really nothing,and people who kill themselves are there. But your problems don't go away. As soon as you take care of one,another will come to you. It's like you want to die,but you are already dead. Now I know I'm going to get thumbs down. But everybody in entitled to their own opinion. Anyways,maybe you should go see a therapist! Don't take it the bad way,but you can talk to someone who understands and can try to talk to you about it,Try to make you feel better. And best of all,they don't tell anybody. It's like telling a best friend.

    But WTF are you thinking...lol!!
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/10 03:55:39
    idk, its like i want all the pain to go away but i dont want to kill myself. but at the same time, i really dont see a point to stickign around anymore. i have no purpous here anymore. yet at the same time i dotn want to die. and exactly i feel dead already.
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/10 03:59:22
    it's kriss bitch!!
    Why do you think you are here? Everybody has a purpose here. You just have to find out what it is. Don't give up. But do you think yourself is going to make that pain go away? Maybe your bf wasn't your true love. But if you kill yourself,then your true love won't have anybody. ;)
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/10 04:08:11
    I honestly think that i was here to feel love, to experience how wonderful life could be, to love him. and that yes i'm not the only one for him But he was the only oen for me. and i beleive with all the broken peices of my heart that he was and is my soulmate. that i will NEVER be as happy as i was with him. i'm afraid to let myself fall for anyone elts. he is my one and only forever and i will never be able to let myself get close to anyone ever again liek i did with him, he was the only guy i ever let get close to me and now i wish i could have had longer time, i could have prepared myself, and mainly paused time where it was and never let him go, i'm miserable without him!
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/10 04:12:56
    it's kriss bitch!!
    well maybe you should win him backk:)
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/10 04:20:57
    i cant. he wont even talk to me and doesnt want to be friends
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/10 14:49:14
    it's kriss bitch!!
    Wow. Why did he break up with you!!???

    wow break
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/10 22:54:37
    he said he didnt feel the same anymore. (when the week before he was telling me he loved me) then he said its to akward to be my friend when he only gave me a day to decided it wouldnt work as friends ehter...he never even tried!
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/11 00:12:04
    it's kriss bitch!!

    Well I know you really loved him. And you might think he was your true love. But really,I think you need to get over him.

    I know it's going be very hard. But that's is the main key! You have to. If you don't,then you will find no happiness at all. I know your heart is broken,but your heard can repair it's self if you let it too. Good Luck with that! I know it'll be hard. And it might seem impossible. But you have too. At least try. You can't end your life before it's even started.

    key dontthen happiness heart brokenbut heard repair luck impossible life
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/11 00:29:50
    yeah i know. I just don't know how to! he's everywhere to remind me on how much he hurt me always around! but yet not there for me....
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/11 03:02:36
    it's kriss bitch!!
    hmm well are you saying he is on sodahead??

    hmm sodahead

  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/13 03:02:32
    lol no...well he might idunno anything about his life anymore...but he's always on myspace the same time as me and at school i see him everytime i turn the damn corner and i see him out side of school when i'm in keene.
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/13 11:05:47
    it's kriss bitch!!
    OK well your just going to have to get over him. That's the only answer to this prob.
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/14 21:07:40
    GUESSS WHAT!?!?!?!?!
    We talked and we joked around and i think we might actualy end up slowly becoming friends again.
    and i am i'm working on moving on. All i know is i want him to be happy and i really do hope he finds a great girl who will treat him right!
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/14 21:32:49
    it's kriss bitch!!
    well that's great!!!;)
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/16 04:40:12
    yeah i think we're gonna be friends again :D
  • it's kr... calico 2009/05/16 11:24:30
    it's kriss bitch!!
  • calico it's kr... 2009/05/18 20:47:10
    yeah me and him are going to be friends!!! =D this has made me sooo happy! he's back in my life and we've been talking in person and he says its fine if i talk to him in PERSON!!! I'm soo joyed about it i just hope i don't screw anything up!
  • MindReader it's kr... 2009/05/18 03:12:38
    Why should you get a thumbs down, when that is a really accurate description of where the suicides go. Sort of a never-neverland inbetween this level and summerland or astral or whatever. No place to write home about.
  • calico MindReader 2009/05/18 20:45:22

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