Study Says Most Want To Marry A Doctor: Do you?

Peter Griffin 2008/12/18 20:26:51
I want to marry a Doctor
I married a Doctor
I married someone else in another field...
I don't want to marry a Doctor
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A survey shows that doctors are the most admired and most trusted marriage partners. By contrast, actors and musicians, along with journalists and advertisers, were among professionals that people trusted the least, and were also least likely to choose a partner from, according to a survey by Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group plc. The survey polled about 5,500 respondents in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Malaysia, South Africa and the United States. Most showed that the desirable profession of their partner is someone who's a doctor, overpaid, and they would love to marry. Sixteen percent nominated doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as their preferred marriage partners, higher than any other profession. A 10% also admired those in the science and technology field, 14% admired those in the education field. Educators and doctors were also voted the most trusted by an overwhelming 86 and 87 percent. Only one percent picked retail professionals as partner-material, and those in media and marketing, as well as entertainers, did little better at two and three percent.
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  • prplehaiz 2008/12/20 17:32:11
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I work in the medical field and know for a fact that most of the doctors in the ER, OR and other specialties are promiscuous and flirt with the nurses with whom they work. Not to mention the fact that from the moment they start medical school, they are working pratically 24/7. It takes so long before they are able to really ahve a life outside of school and then it takes even longer to pay off the bills and get to a point where they money they make is actually profit and not going to loans. It is a hard profession and though it has glamorous titles it harder to deal with than what one might think.
    Maybe I would marry a cosemetic surgeon because then I could get work done for free. :O

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  • teralynsi 2014/04/15 01:09:11
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I actually want to marry one I clicked on the opposite one on accident.
  • etchel 2011/05/30 01:25:02
    I want to marry a Doctor
    My girlfriend's goal is to be a doctor and I plan to enter the US Airforce..
    but because of the feedbacks.. I'm starting to get afraid if this relationship will go smooth once she became one. Did I chose the right person? T.T
  • drmagnet 2011/05/09 22:53:58 (edited)
    I want to marry a Doctor
    not bragging, but I've been dating doctors all my life ever since in college. I was madly in love with a dr once, we had out of town vacations together, dined out together with friends,... but his ego-manic was what drifted us apart... I guess I am a dr-magnet. I dated them, broke up with them, thought I said "No more doc" to myself, but I ended up dating doc again. I am hesitant to step in a doctor's office thet has a young doc. Somehow the instant attraction is inevitable. My older sister who is a doc has friends attracted to me. Then I tried to run away. Sometimes seeing how hectic a doc's life can make it a hard on you, but it all takes mutual understanding and respect. I am no nurse nor healthcare provider. I am in engineering/research, who is sweet and caring, and takes good care of myself. Take note of this inconsistency, they may communicate with their patients/nurses/staff more than to you. So dating the "convenience" becomes their possible habit. They can take things in life for granted if they are spoiled by the family (my brother is an example). In spite of these facts, I am attracted to ones who are mature, down-to-earth, whom I can admire and respect, and he does the same towards me. At times I think I can't avoid them; or destined to marry them. So I guess I would want to...
  • graceanatomy 2010/09/16 09:16:20 (edited)
    I married a Doctor
    I'm madly in love with mine. We met in high school, starting dating sophomore year in college, and now here are, years later and still pushing strong. I like my husband not because he is a doctor, but because he was such a sweet boy in high school and now a wonderful and caring man. By the way, while he did biology in undergrad, I pursue a Bachelors in Nursing. I had to teach him a lot of stuff his first year of Medical School. Funny now that he is the one teaching me new things. lol

    I wouldn't advice you to marry a doctor just for the title. If you do, then you are in for a very rude awakening. Whether you marry a doctor or not, you should marry a partner that shares your same lifestyles and values. Some doctors are so caught up in their title that they are complete jerks to women. So be very careful.
  • KC 2010/06/25 16:32:08
    I married a Doctor
    Worst decision I ever made was to marry a Doctor. Thought it would be fine for us to have two careers and raise a family. Truth is her career as a surgeon dominated everything we did. When we got engaged, where were lived, when we had kids, when we went on vacation. She even told me she couldn't have lunch with me once a week, "What? Was I supposed to schedule lunch with you and miss seeing patients?". Then to top it all off, she had an affair with the VP of a Orthopedic Instrumentation Company (now she is designing instruments for them), of course he's older and was married for 35 years to a good wife and mother who he left without a conversation. The divorce laws are completely unfair, she got my house which she put no money down on, I paid her medical school loans and flew back and forth between NYC and Colorado for six years to support her during her residency. Her "career' was THE WORST INVESTMENT EVER! Since I supported her so she could be a Mom and not work regular surgeon hours, her practice was worth almost nothing. She is a narcissistic, cold hearted perfectionist. Great if it's your doctor, terrible if you are married to them...thank god it's over!
  • sara KC 2010/07/26 02:33:56
    Sorry to hear that your wife left you. Unfortunately you invested more in the relationship than you could afford to lose. You should have married a hard working nurse. She would be a team player,
    someone who is concerned about how she can make you happy & they usually make excellent mothers. They may not make as much money but if they love & respect you
    you may be surprised what a wonderful life you can have that money can't buy
  • gracean... sara 2010/09/16 09:33:15
    Hard-working nurse here. lol. But already taken by a doctor. I do agree that we are team players to the core plus our tuition is cheaper and most times paid for before completing our degree. Good investment wives.
  • gracean... KC 2010/09/16 09:30:28
    I'm so sorry to hear the troubles you endured from your marriage. God will someday repay you for all your good work. I do not wish harm upon her, because she is still the mother of your children, but she will be judged fairly. One way or another.
  • Mobin Skar KC 2011/08/05 18:01:32
    Mobin Skar
    Sounds like it wasn't the career that bothered you as much as that bitch!! hahah, I want to be a doctor, but I can't believe someone would have such a selfish personality...She's not a role model.
  • C L KC 2011/12/05 07:20:40
    C L
    KC, I feel your pain. I married a doctor and he cheated on me with another doctor, also married. They obviously deserve each other, two cheating doctors. There's something distrurbing and wrong with the moral character of these two. We are now separated and I'm trying to draft a separation agreement that will grant me spousal support. I hope to be divorced very soon! I also supported him emotionally and financially during his residency and now I'm in medical school. I was hoping for his support, at the very least some moral support, but instead he had an affair and ruined my first year of med school. Would I marry a doctor again? I believe that the time commitment makes it difficult, esp because I will be a doctor as well. The trustworthy aspect of a relationship comes not from the profession, but from the individual, so the choice of marrying a doctor or not, for me, would be based on their individual character and personality, not by their profession.
  • AlexMinh 2010/06/22 03:44:16
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I can understand people want stability (especially financially), but there are of course positives and negatives to marrying a doctor. I am a doctor (just finished) and I have been very fortunate to go through school without a ton of loans (less than $30,000), but many are not as fortunate. I honestly do not desire marrying a doctor, but I would if I find a good man that happens to be a doctor. Doctors do get paid well, but with loans and the time they dedicate to school...they should! I was not driven by the paycheck, but I want to dedicate my time to people in need..so it depends a lot about what motivates the person...
  • WannaFallOutOfLove 2010/02/01 01:39:32 (edited)
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I never was interested in marrying a doctor. But now I'm in love with a surgeon! Help!
  • sara WannaFa... 2010/07/26 02:39:43
    You'll need it I've been a nurse for a long time and the surgeons I've met are egotistical
    narcissists who think they are God's gift to he world. A lot of them cheat on heir wives
    with nurses, of course, who think they're hitting pay dirt. I'd rethink your choice.
  • luuuuuuuuuuu 2009/12/11 16:41:36
    I want to marry a Doctor
  • Aleksan... luuuuuu... 2010/10/26 18:26:36
    ahhh... mee too!
  • soso 2009/05/11 10:48:50
    I want to marry a Doctor
    i really want to marry a doctor i ince have a short relationship with one og them i really dont know but now i dont i really dont even know if i love him or not . i dont kow . i want to ask what are the things that doctor love in a girl and what are the subjects they want a girl to to talk about with them ?
  • αℓεxα (: 2008/12/27 01:39:38
    I want to marry a Doctor
    αℓεxα (:
    I want to marry an Anethesiologist who could work at the same hospital as me because I want to be an ENT (Ear Nose Throat Doctor). That way I would always be there. =)
    Our salaries combined wouldn't be bad either:
    Anesthesiologist---->225,000 a year starting out
    E.N.T.------------------>350,000 a year in U.S.
    = 575,000 = Half A Million A Year!

    x o x o - Alexa
  • basketballchic513 2008/12/26 20:47:04
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    it would be nice...but then he'd be gone alot...and always be on call...wouldnt get to spend quality time together
  • Fabio 2008/12/26 07:33:18
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    i want to marry a hot nurse, and i can pretend to be a doctor... you figure the rest.
  • CourtneyM 2008/12/26 05:49:27
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    They are busy constantly and unless you're a nurse, it's difficult to find that time to be with them. And every one knows when you don't spend enough time together, there's a greater chance of infidelity. Especially with a person who is highly desired. Now I can appreciate doctors and I can like that they make a ton of money. But I'd rather be with a man who made a moderate amount and had time for me.
    If I ever fell in love with a doctor, God save me.
  • squashems 2008/12/26 05:40:51
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    A guy who can sing :) any profession with a degree would be fine with me.
  • karmadea 2008/12/26 04:55:13
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I want to marry a cook! haha
  • sundance 2008/12/25 20:17:38
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Dreaming of Dr. Mcdreamy huh?
    I have no desire to marry a doc. Sure they make good money and are (generally) very smart. However, the long hours and the constant stress that they suffer from would puts me off the idea.
  • CourtneyM sundance 2008/12/26 05:51:14
    McDreamy really is dreamy. :) But he's an actor so, he's not on the list.
  • Cloud Nine Fairy 2008/12/25 14:21:21
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Cloud Nine Fairy
    Some study, LOL!
  • BruceNM 2008/12/25 11:24:32
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I have seen several nurses that I would be more than happy to marry. My personal doctor is a woman and she's a pretty good doctor but I don't think I want to marry her.
  • americandreamdyn 2008/12/25 10:31:36 (edited)
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I want to marry a great family man. Doctors are married to their jobs! I'm not saying that doctors don't love their families, but they aren't home very much. I'd like to marry someone with a more flexible schedule.
    Of course that's just a piece of the pie. I want to marry someone who loves me and treats me good. I'm not looking for someone based on their job. It all comes down to a man's morals, values and personality.

    As far as doctors being more trust worthy, I don't think that having a certain job means your more trust worthy. A persons morals and personality is what determines if you can trust them, NOT their job.

    My mom has a Persian friend that's married to a surgeon and he is a great man, but he's always at the hospital. The wife is always out shopping and lunching with her friends. (It sounds nice, but also sad and lonely) They are both Persian, so I guess that works them. All her persian friends have successful husbands who are not around very much and the wives are used to being alone. (They were probably raised that way in their country. My mom was raised that way too, she's from Mexico)

    Also just because their a doctor doesn't mean they truly care about people. Many people go into that career for job security, prestige and or $.
  • Lizzy 2008/12/25 02:53:31
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Why. They would hardly be home. They would to busy playing Dr. with all the nurse's marry doctor home busy playing dr nurses
  • Zippy the Penguin 2008/12/24 20:45:50
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Zippy the Penguin
    F**K that! Doctors scare me. Almost anything else is more desirable.
  • Cassie 2008/12/24 20:37:09
    I want to marry a Doctor
    Jesse Spencer from House!

    marry doctor jesse spencer house
  • CourtneyM Cassie 2008/12/26 05:54:50
    Thankfully, he's an actor. Oddly enough, both his brothers are surgeons with a sister in medicine.
  • BAGITBABE 2008/12/24 20:11:36
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Doctors make me sick. I want to marry a writer.
  • CourtneyM BAGITBABE 2008/12/26 05:55:25
    Don't. Writing is a VERY difficult career and unless they become a success, they'll be moody, disappointed, and you'd have to spend all your time with them.
  • Sofia_LP4eva 2008/12/24 17:02:13
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    I am ok with blood and death and diseases, but I definately wouldn't want my husband to be a doctor. Must be those dirty jokes about doctors that I read...
  • Carol 2008/12/24 15:36:32 (edited)
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    i guess i would not mind but im not really into finding one.i dont need a guy with money i got my own. i would take a good honest blue collar guy over a doctor anyday.
  • Tu Madre 2008/12/24 07:13:07
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Tu Madre
    Yeah money is important but I'm not to say I want to marry certain people because of that. When choosing a proffesion, I'd love to marry chef or a person that gives massages.
  • Xinea 2008/12/24 02:58:26
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Well, my parents want me to marry a doctor... and I love my parents, but I don't think that counts.
  • Colleen 2008/12/24 01:00:32
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    if someone i fall in love with becomes a doctor or is a doctor,
    i'm not just gonna leave him for it.

    but i'm not gonna go looking for a doctor, just to marry one.
    for any of the reasons people look for them.
  • joe/edward 2008/12/23 22:21:46
    I married someone else in another field...
    married field
  • JIUstudent 2008/12/23 21:40:21
    I don't want to marry a Doctor
    Forget the studies, I want to marry a man that loves me and treats me like the queen that I am. If that happens to be a doctor, I'm cool with that, but profession isn't a big deal when it comes to love.

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