Study Says Blondes Make Good Girlfriends, Brunettes Make Better Wives: Do you agree?

SAM 2008/10/30 18:29:06
I agree because...
I disagree because...
I am not sure.
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Well, what do you now? A new study has found that men believe blondes are better as girlfriends, but brunettes are the best for settling down with. In a survey, Almost one in five say blondes are sexier than other girls, with just under half saying they had more outgoing personalities. But when it comes to marriage, more than 50% of men say they rather get married with a brunette because they are more sensible and dependable. The study was done by Hairdresser Andrew Collinge.
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  • RandomHero 2008/11/02 09:50:07
    I am not sure.
    It's all psychological.
    "Blondes have more fun, brunettes remember the next morning"

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  • McKennaNichols 2011/03/14 19:18:24
    I agree because...
    Blondes seem more wild and outgoing and that is what guys want, but only temporarily until the fun gets old. They cannot be tamed. When men want to settle down, they do it with a brunette because things can be more laid back with a more sophisticated fun. Blondes are dumb and do things in spur of the moment. Brunettes think before they act.
  • michelle 2009/04/13 01:48:35
    I agree because...
    Why do blondes always mention their hair color like it makes them hot? More like insecure.
  • JDLogan 2009/03/02 04:11:09
    I disagree because...
    ... I don't think hair color has that much to do with happiness in a long term relationship.

    From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I prefer brunettes, or redheads.
  • Esme Cullen 2008/12/21 21:41:58
    I disagree because...
    Esme Cullen
    brunettes are good girlfriends And wives!! hehhehehhehe
  • Leopluradon [Not-So... 2008/12/19 06:19:44
    I am not sure.
    Leopluradon         [Not-So-Sweet16♥]
    I dunno, but redheads have better personalities!

  • BRi Ch3Ri 2008/11/10 02:33:41
    I agree because...
    BRi Ch3Ri
    y3s uZz brUN3ttZz MAk3 B3TT3R WiV3Zz
  • Sid 2008/11/10 02:29:48
    I disagree because...
    99% of all blondes i know aren't really blondes. the perceptions in that survey are based off of mainly brunettes that dye their hair VS brunettes that don't dye their hair.
  • Stormcrew 2008/11/10 02:10:48
    I disagree because...
    I like em all.....but only married once .....so I can't compare.......however.....the woman I married is a brunette........so maybe.

    disagree em married compare woman married brunette
  • Lexi Stormcrew 2008/11/10 02:17:27
  • Stormcrew Lexi 2008/11/10 02:26:31
    lol.....your funny........what no rave for me....? I should down rave you for making fun of my gardening tools.

    lol funny rave rave fun gardening tools
  • Lexi Stormcrew 2008/11/10 02:29:12
  • Lexi Stormcrew 2008/11/10 02:31:08
  • Stormcrew Lexi 2008/11/10 02:32:30
    if think the hoe is proud........you should meet my rakes. ...

    hoe proud meet rakes
  • Ronin 2008/11/10 00:57:37
    I agree because...
    After thinking carefully about this, you know, I have to say I agree. Mainly because I find I am VERY attracted to Blonde's. Don't ask me why, I just am. But it is totally sexual. I don't see a blonde and think Brain Surgeon. I see a blonde and I think "Wine, dinner, nudity!"

    My wife is brunette, and she is very attractive and very intelligent. I'm sorry, but dumb women do nothing for me aside from the physical. Bring a blonde home to the family, no way in hell! Blonde as a friend, yes. Blonde as a wife, no way!

    It's funny. When I look at my friends, I actually can't even have a blonde female friend, as it's just too tempting. :-)
  • Taylor Ronin 2013/04/14 23:56:11
    I am a natural blonde and I think what you're saying is very stereo typical. I am still in high school and in several honor's classes and so far this year, I have gotten all A's (4.0) each trimester. I am also a very timid person that keeps to myself. Hair color does not determine personality.
  • Rose(The Threat Is Real) 2008/11/09 23:17:06
    I am not sure.
    Rose(The Threat Is Real)
    well I had a blonde girl flirting with me saying you can fool me I'm a blonde she was dumbing herself down it's not to attractive as she thought it was. Anyway i don't really believe in that stereotype nonsense it's depending on how the girl act's her hair color doesn't describe her
  • JT For Political Reform 2008/11/09 21:57:43
    I agree because...
    JT For Political Reform
    I agree, but...... and this should have been in the question, redheads make better lovers.
  • steph 2008/11/09 20:26:19
    I am not sure.
    i think it def depends on the girl.
  • gus 2008/11/09 19:33:31
    I disagree because...
    To each his own.
  • rachel(the original!) 2008/11/09 00:09:45
    I disagree because...
    rachel(the original!)
    that is one of the most idiotic things i have heard
  • JerseyDevil27 2008/11/07 00:59:32 (edited)
    I disagree because...
    Nah..I think it's crap. It depends on the personality, not the hair color! There's good and bad wives/girlfriends in women of all hair colors. Yes, a lot of blondes seem to be more confident and outgoing than women of other hair colors, but that has nothing to do with ability to be a good wife/girlfriend, and there are still plenty of confident and outgoing women with other hair colors besides blonde.
  • squirtpink 2008/11/06 21:27:44 (edited)
    I am not sure.
    i think that guys look for blondes when they want fun....or a one time thing....but i think it can also depend on the person. But i do believe that its mainly brunettes that gets married rather than blondes. but what about red heads or black heads....what about them?
  • MaxxaM 2008/11/06 05:19:14
    I am not sure.
    And i dont really care
  • Sennae 2008/11/06 02:53:01
    I agree because...
    Well the color of hair doesnt make a good or bad wife...but since I am brunette I vote for the brunettes
  • Joe 2008/11/06 02:30:31
    I am not sure.
    Well, brunettes tend to be more level, but blondes are more wild. I guess I prefer the smart type who understands what I say and what's going on than the type who just wants to have fun...
  • Smokey 2008/11/05 20:47:45
    I am not sure.
    What about Black women?
  • e.V.(♥Queen of Doom♥) 2008/11/05 05:12:13
    I disagree because...
    e.V.(♥Queen of Doom♥)
    If marital and committment probs could be solved with a bottle of hair dye and developer dontcha think it would have been done by now? ;)

    *geek hat on*
    Bah - this is not a study... the dude is a hairdresser not a scientist.. What it is is an uncontrolled opinion survey of what appear to be a bunch of brainwashed men! LOL! If this were true then countries that are mostly made up of blondes or mostly brunettes would have some wonky stuff happening in terms of divorce statistics and general happiness.

    And I see no mention of redheads.

    Can't be a real study if it leaves an entire class of factors unanalyzed.

    *geek hat off*
  • JerseyD... e.V.(♥Q... 2008/11/07 01:04:42
    LOL you're funny...I agree with you.
  • e.V.(♥Q... JerseyD... 2008/11/07 02:20:28
    e.V.(♥Queen of Doom♥)
    thanks :)
  • Annalee... e.V.(♥Q... 2010/04/26 22:37:19
    I bet you're a brunette :P
  • cmayo 2008/11/04 20:09:05
  • LeeVee 2008/11/04 19:44:24
    I am not sure.
    I dated primarily blondes. I almost married a blonde. But, when I finally did get married, I married a brunette. The ironic thing is I really like red heads. Fortunately, I'm married to the greatest woman in the world, and she's spent most of our marriage as a red head. Isn't life great!!!
  • Ally 2008/11/04 14:50:57
    I disagree because...
    It's all about personal preferences, loves. Asking which is better, is like trying to decide if you should cut your fingernails or toenails first haha.
    There's not much difference.

    Like me for example; I wouldn't care if my guy was a blonde / brunette. As long as he knows how to cook, treats me well and his family well, and is a comfortable person to be with, he can be a purplehead for all I care ;)
  • tierney 2008/11/04 06:59:49
    I am not sure.
    I am sure this is a bunch of shit. First off only 1 in 5 say blondes are sexier and this is to say they make better girlfriends but not wives? 1 in 5? Second, real blondes are probably just as dependable and sensible as anyone. Ones that feel the need to bleach their hair *for* a stereotype are a different story...
  • Distain for McStain 2008/11/04 00:20:46
    I disagree because...
    Distain for McStain
    How shallow is this question? Hair color determines marriage/relationship potentential - get real!!!
  • JC 2008/11/03 22:05:05
    I disagree because...
    both blondes n brunettes can make gud girlfriends n wives! it just depends on da person. ma girls a brunette n shes an awesome girlfriend! she'd make a great wife 2!
  • RANDOM 2008/11/03 21:46:45
    I disagree because...
    i can't really support this answer...
  • bobguy64 2008/11/03 21:46:12
    I am not sure.
    I've divorced one of each, so I'm ready for a redhead.
  • George 2008/11/03 21:42:35
    I agree because...
    How do you think how all those blond jokes got started
  • Kady 2008/11/03 21:23:29
    I disagree because...
    that is the gayest question ever. and it doesn't matter
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