Study Reveals That Men Don't Think About Sex Non-Stop: Believable or Baloney?

Living 2011/12/04 23:54:04
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Have you ever heard the old adage that men think about sex every seven seconds? Well, according to a new study, men do think about sex, but not nearly as much as we thought. Well, at least not most men.

Terri Fisher, a psychology professor at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus, teamed up with two students in her human sexuality class, Zachary Moore and Mary-Jo Pittenger. Together they conducted a study in which 163 college students (72 men and 91 women) tracked their thoughts about sex, food, and sleep over the course of a week.

On average, men reported thinking about sex 19 times per day. That number translated into only a little over once each waking hour, a far cry from the every seven seconds statistic. Additionally, that number only barely beat out the average 18 thoughts per day about food and the 11 thoughts per day about sleep.

On average, women reported thinking about sex 10 times per day, about food 15 times per day, and about sleep 8 times a day.

“Males did think more about sex but they also thought more about food and sleep,” said Fisher. “It’s not clear whether they’re just more focused on need-related states than females or whether they simply recall thoughts more often or are more willing to report them.”

Also interesting is the significant variation found among the male subjects. One reported thinking about sex only once in a day, while another reported thinking about sex 388 times.

What do you think about these new findings? Are they believable or baloney?

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  • Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦ 2011/12/05 00:39:34 (edited)
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    I can't imagine men would be able to function if they were thinking about sex on a constant basis.

    Can I and do I believe that they think about it often? That they're more likely to see some sort of innuendo, lewd reference, or sexual relevance to something normally innocuous? Sure. But to suggest they think about sex non-stop or every seven seconds is absurd and misandric. How would they get anything done? How would they be remotely productive?

    A sexually-related thought once every waking hour on average sounds about right, to me. For the average man. As for the average woman, I'm afraid I surpass them on that. I think about sex three or four more times than I ever think about food, although depending on how tired I am, it's probably on par with my level of sleep. But I very rarely think about food, strangely enough. I probably think about sex more than the average man, on some days.

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  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2011/12/29 22:26:50
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    Well, we think about sports, too. Especially those with women. lol
  • Vegas Dude 2011/12/20 13:13:04
    Vegas Dude
    I consider myself an average male. And, no I don't think about sex all the time. I don't know where these myths come from, but to tell the truth, I have a very active life. I don't think about sex not because I have sex with my wife pretty much whenever the urge strikes, or because I won't have sex during her period. It's mainly because I'm too busy doing other things that occupy my mind. I collect and use vintage computers, love anything Star Trek, work a full time job etc.

    I find those few men who do constantly mention sex, and mouth off like they get theirs 7 times a day, are usually the ones no woman would have sex with in the first place. You know th type, 35 lives at home with Mommy, plays video games every waking hour and can't have a concersation with a real person because you can't abreviate laughing out loud while talking to someone in person. .

    I would say that these studies bias the people taking them. If you were told to tick mark a piece of paper every time you thought about sex, the number would surely go up. I would say that I think about sex 5 or 6 times a day, and I'm being lloose with my count. It could be something as simple as thinking that my neighbors dress shows a bit of skin, or That girl looks hot, etc.

    Damn, I could go on forever. Let's just say, I think all of these polls create their own bias.
  • TrailOfTears 2011/12/08 02:57:45
    Most of my friends are guys and they often say whats on their minds. Trust me, there usually thinking it.
  • Bronar 2011/12/06 16:53:46
    It's ingrained in our brains, survival of the species type stuff. As for the number of times a day. If I am at work and busy the primary thoughts going through my brain are about the task at hand. Now, if I am spending the day on a beach, surrounded by a gaggle of shapely bodies that's a whole different count.
  • Anna Syn 2011/12/06 16:12:13
    Anna Syn
    If they were talking about men under the age of 25 than I would call the bull sh!t flag on this.
  • AMo45 2011/12/06 15:23:02 (edited)
    I think it's somewhere in the back our minds all of the time.It's just what provocation brings it to the forefront that differs between men and woman sex
  • Stonecipher 2011/12/06 15:21:56
    UGH! You just made my BF stop!
  • someopi... Stoneci... 2012/01/04 21:30:35
    are u happy about that
  • sockpuppet 2011/12/06 14:24:25
    How do you qualify (and quantify) something like 'thoughts about sex?'
    And who thinks about sleep? Sounds pretty weird to me.
  • david shiel 2011/12/06 13:08:10
    david shiel
    who knows
  • bettyboop 2011/12/06 12:43:35
    Not every male is a sex addict!
  • Vegas Dude bettyboop 2011/12/20 13:17:16 (edited)
    Vegas Dude
    Thank you. Even though my wife and I are nudists, we don't think about sex all the time either. For us, simple nudity is about being comfortable enough with you own body and in the company of your SO, that nudity does not equal sex. That also doesn't mean we don't have a heathy sex life, it's just not a big deal to be nude.
  • bettyboop Vegas Dude 2011/12/20 17:32:00
    My husband is a closet nudist. He sleeps that way, swims in the backyard pool and in the summer sits in his recliner nude. I am more modest, but his nudity does not bother me. I even get a little chuckle when he bends over, seeing a man bent over from the backside is not a turn on to me hahaha.
  • Big Battles 2011/12/06 12:35:44
    Big Battles
    I dont, currently I think about how to survive life, and how not to go suicidal...

    so no, not entirely true (though sex jokes are funny at the occasional time.)
  • KingdomNow 2011/12/06 11:06:32
    All I know is when I am pumping gas and I think about sex, when I'm about to top off I pull the nozzle out and spray gasoline all over the trunk of my car.
  • Tasbyha 2011/12/06 10:11:38
    maybe! but not sure :P
  • Little Fawn 2011/12/06 07:24:39
    Little Fawn
  • American Nate 2011/12/06 05:40:56
    American Nate
    Lies, I never think about sex besides the 69 times I do in a minute. oh wait.

  • Catalana 2011/12/06 03:54:23
    Of course not. Some think about it all the time. I think with age both sexes can think about it about the same amount of time.
  • Cathy 2011/12/06 02:54:18
    I believe that men have other things to think about beside sex all the time. What about going to play or watch football, basketball, fishing, bowling,golfing, and etc.
  • shadow76 2011/12/06 02:40:34
    Only 95% of the time instead of 100%
  • Joey 2011/12/06 02:07:12
    In the week I am spending most of my time doing school work. Writing about different sicknesses does not make one think about sex. On the weekend I am wanting football or playing rugby. And in the latter while in a scum with other dudes sex is the last time on my mind .
  • Splinter76 2011/12/06 01:15:36
    Does it come up a lot? Sure. But not non-stop. Not even most of the time, really.
  • Student 2011/12/06 00:55:56
    Insanity. Who does that non-stop?
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/12/06 00:46:05
  • TasselLady 2011/12/05 23:33:41
    I imagine they HAVE to think of other things once in a while, or they'd be walking around with a bulge. But then there are some guys who think with their little brain, so for them I wouldn't be surprised.
  • Darnel 2011/12/05 23:17:06
    It's the female fantasy of choice that it is all men think about all the time,.. or even most of the time,.. ignoring our level of technology,.... which is a direct outgrowth of what men think about most.
  • jc 2011/12/05 23:08:43
    I usually use an hour per day to think about guns ammo trucks and tools!
  • Anna E 2011/12/05 23:05:25
    Anna E
    Men also think about food, toys, and sleep.
  • Jay Theyme 2011/12/05 22:53:22
    Jay Theyme
    Why would anyone have made up something about 'men think of sex every 7 seconds' and yes I've heard that as much as "we only use something like 1% of our brain" and other obviously wrong 'factoid myths'.

    Half the population is men. They already know they don't think of sex every 7 seconds. How would rockets get built, tires changed or our taxes completed?

    Were there women out there who actually believed this is what we did every 7 seconds. And for how long?

    On average? whats 7 of 60? something near 10% of the time we are thinking about sex? I dunno.. that may not be far off depending on what 'thinking about it' encompasses and if it includes doing it.

    If you are walking to campus and see a pretty girl and insta-thought 'hmm hot girl' and carry on is that 'once per hour'.

    This study is surely far more realistic.
  • J P Jay Theyme 2011/12/05 23:43:39
    J P
    "Were there women out there who actually believed this is what we did every 7 seconds. And for how long? "

    Of course. This has been the standard for decades, purely feminist driven of course. I heard this all of my life.
  • Jay Theyme J P 2011/12/06 00:07:51
    Jay Theyme
    But that is really a cruel lie. Imagine how some gullible or unwitting young woman must have viewed life if she believed that?

    This study is more realistic but it also falls somewhere in the category of 'stuff science discovers we all knew'.
    Uh yes, in the most 'basic' sense we think about sleeping in (wish it) think of how i need to wake up, think of breakfast, driving, work, lunch, sleepy, work, sexy wife, bills, sports, eating, sleepy, paying bills, watch sports, think of bed, think of sexy wife, think of sleep.

    But I'd like to think its more sophisticated but aren't eating, sleeping and procreating pretty much humanities basic needs and tasks in life?
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/12/05 22:44:03
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    Of course we -boobs- don't think about -legs- sex all the time. We have other -cute butt- things to do.
  • WankerBait 2011/12/05 22:38:51
    until a beautiful woman (or handsome man for the gays) comes into view, then, well you know ...
  • Nibz 2011/12/05 22:30:35
    it might be true that they don't think about it all the time, but this study is such an unreliable source
  • YeahISaidIt 2011/12/05 22:22:49
    My boyfriend of almost 2 years is so about getting things done (school-wise). He just turned 26 and I'll be 21 soon but I manage to tire HIM out. I'm the one who's asking about sex and demanding it while he's more concerned about what he needs to do throughout the day. So I say it's believable. There's just too many other things to worry about nowadays.
  • Zion21 2011/12/05 22:10:47
    Of course it's believable! How else would we get things done?

  • retrograve Zion21 2011/12/05 22:59:02
    Maybe you guys really are good multi-taskers? :)
  • Mandy 2011/12/05 21:43:11
    I've always been more randy than my husband. Believe it or not, there are guys who have other things on their minds.
  • amcsquizzy 2011/12/05 21:29:48
    i also think about food and xbox :D

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