Study questions benefits of reducing sodium in diet?

~ The Rebel ~ 2011/11/10 18:10:35
Although cutting back on salt does lower blood pressure, new research finds that
it may also increase levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and other risk factors
for heart disease.

One European study recently found that lower sodium
excretion was associated with an increased risk of heart-related deaths and
higher sodium excretion was not linked with increased risks for blood pressure
or complications from heart disease in healthy people.

The study published this week reviewed data from 167
studies that compared high-sodium diets to low-sodium diets.

Less salt did lower blood pressure in whites, blacks and
Asians who had either normal blood pressure or high blood pressure.

But this came with significant increases in levels of
cholesterol, triglycerides, the enzyme renin (involved in regulating blood
pressure) and the hormones noradrenaline and adrenaline (which can affect blood
pressure and heart rate).

It's unclear at this point if these changes would
translate, over the long run, into more heart attacks or strokes.

But the findings do raise the issue that not all salt
consumers are created equal.

Read More: http://yourlife.usatoday.com/fitness-food/diet-nut...

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  • JanHopkins 2011/11/11 13:49:45
    For me, life is about enjoying what I can while I'm here. Please pass the chips.
  • sglmom 2011/11/11 07:07:58
    Sea Salts .. I use SEA SALT (not the processed stuff like ordinary Table Salt) for seasoning in my cooking ...

    (just saying .. stop worrying about the latest fad .. just choose wisely what you eat .. and what you season your food with!)
  • MichaelJ 2011/11/10 20:25:17 (edited)
    I find this constant worry about the latest fade cure, diet or miracle vitiman to be funnier than hell! People are stumbling from one thing to another, dropping huge amounts of money. I gotta tell them something they may not want to hear. NONE OF US ARE GETTING OUT OF THIS PLACE ALIVE! These poor bastards are doing themselves more harm than good just contantly worrying about that new study that just came out that will be completely disproven by the next new study. What a CROCK!
  • ~ The Rebel ~ 2011/11/10 18:11:42
    ~ The Rebel ~
    "In my opinion, people should generally not worry about their salt intake," said study author Dr. Niels Graudal, senior consultant in internal medicine and rheumatology at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark.


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