Study Finds Twitter, Email More Addictive Than Alcohol, Cigarettes: Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Living 2012/02/06 18:14:14
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Did you feel an uncontrollable urge to get on the Internet this morning, whether it was to log on to SodaHead, tweet or just to check your email? According to researchers from Chicago University's Booth Business School, the desire to tweet or check your email may be harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol, The Guardian reports.

People may feel stronger urges for sleep and sex, but they're more likely to give into their media cravings. "Desires for media may be comparatively harder to resist because of their high availability and also because it feels like it does not 'cost much' to engage in these activities, even though one wants to resist," lead researcher Wilhelm Hofmann told The Guardian.

"With cigarettes and alcohol there are more costs -- long-term as well as monetary -- and the opportunity may not always be the right one. So, even though giving in to media desires is certainly less consequential, the frequent use may still 'steal' a lot of people's time,'" he continued.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph reports that 60 percent of British children between ages 12 and 16 said they would be "sad" without a web connection, while 48 percent said they would be lonely. In other words, the "addiction" starts young. Do you think you're hooked on the Internet?
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  • thє вlu... jayshaw... 2012/02/07 01:50:19
  • PJAU thє вlu... 2012/02/07 02:06:16
    Only if you use a crappy resolution.
  • Omni PJAU 2012/02/07 04:22:02
  • jayshaw... thє вlu... 2012/02/07 21:19:47
    (sigh) Don't remind me.
  • mklprc 2012/02/07 01:18:24
    Yes, I'm hooked
    I used to vegetate in front of the TV. Now, thanks to the Net, I can still do that while tweeting, checking email and hitting my favorite websites.
  • Wizard mklprc 2012/02/07 05:32:14
    If not surfing on the desktop...I am surfing on my smart phone or laptop...
    We watch TV in the background or I can listen to talk radio on iHeartRadio on my smart phone.
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2012/02/07 01:17:36
    Yes, I'm hooked
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Totally hooked.
  • mark 2012/02/07 01:00:25
    No, I'm in control
    I occasionally check my email. Last email check was Friday when I deleted over 300 emails. I've never tweeted and know nothing about tweeting except for this...

    tweety bird
  • TTT 2012/02/07 00:44:40
    No, I'm in control
    I am in control of my life. I do things simply because i want to. :)
  • RawrRawrNinjaCupCake<3 2012/02/07 00:38:01
    Yes, I'm hooked
    I can barely go a day without the internet XD
    I just like to be connected to the world around me!
    internet addiction
  • JT For Political Reform 2012/02/07 00:12:16
    Yes, I'm hooked
    JT For Political Reform
    I hate to admit it, but I'm hooked.
  • Jay Calderone 2012/02/06 23:50:22
    Yes, I'm hooked
    Jay Calderone
    Yeahh..... mainly just to check deviantART though
  • RawrRaw... Jay Cal... 2012/02/07 00:44:00
  • Jay Cal... RawrRaw... 2012/02/09 23:59:56
    Jay Calderone
    Is that your deviant art account? I'll watch you c:
  • RawrRaw... Jay Cal... 2012/02/10 00:12:32
    Yes thats my deviant art account c:
  • Jay Cal... RawrRaw... 2012/02/11 18:28:05
    Jay Calderone
    Cool name c: i like your art
  • RawrRaw... Jay Cal... 2012/02/13 00:50:43
    Thankya c:
  • Jay Cal... RawrRaw... 2012/02/13 04:46:58
    Jay Calderone
    you're welcome c:
  • De-Dee Jay Cal... 2012/02/07 13:55:00
    haven't been on there forever! thanks, you just brought back an old addiction :P
  • Jay Cal... De-Dee 2012/02/10 00:00:09
    Jay Calderone
    You're welcome XD
  • sockpuppet 2012/02/06 23:28:03
    Yes, I'm hooked
    Certainly! But it's a well-chosen addiction, like reading and socializing. It's a very beneficial thing-- and amazing to consider the potential we haven't even explored yet.
  • Wanderer 2012/02/06 23:26:58
    Yes, I'm hooked
    Most certainly hooked,have the bait firmly set reel me in...
  • Ben 2012/02/06 23:16:37
    No, I'm in control
  • Jimbo 2012/02/06 23:12:29
    Yes, I'm hooked
    I had the internet when I went through a divorce. It helped me find a new wife. The internet was there when my car broke down, when my kids got sick, when I wanted to play a game, needed a good laugh or 10 minutes ago when I helped my brother find a new TV.

    The internet is always there for us.

    Kind of sad isn't it?
  • Shanny 2012/02/06 23:05:57
    Yes, I'm hooked
    So true!
  • Jalex 2012/02/06 22:40:01
    Yes, I'm hooked
    I think pretty much since the second year of my having the internet, I haven't read more than 4 novels inside of 12 months.
  • caroleagreanias 2012/02/06 22:36:20
    Yes, I'm hooked
    yes!! so much obsessed with it!
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2012/02/06 22:34:09
    Yes, I'm hooked
  • kerebail.ramakrishnachar 2012/02/06 22:27:07
    Yes, I'm hooked
    It does not 'cost much' to engage in these activities.
  • venus 2012/02/06 22:18:16 (edited)
    Yes, I'm hooked
    sooner or later we need to use the laptop i don't care what you do even if your a party animal or not , we just NEEDED to use the internet and teleology in our everyday , it became a necessity in our everyday life , we use the internet in our jobs and for our personal entertainment.
  • Pocahontas 2012/02/06 22:11:04
    No, I'm in control
    I can stop. Any time. Aha.
  • Piper 2012/02/06 22:10:32
    No, I'm in control
  • Ben Piper 2012/02/06 23:20:00
  • triniti Ben 2012/02/07 02:09:08
    I dis agree that's one bad computer it needs to get a life it serves us
  • SourDiesel 2012/02/06 22:02:08
    No, I'm in control
    I highly doubt this study. There have been people who have stolen cigarettes from stores to get their fix. I have never heard anyone breaking into an internet cafe to get their facebook fix.
  • 2226693 2012/02/06 21:55:13
  • émilie✿ 2012/02/06 21:37:15
    Yes, I'm hooked
    Sadly, yes. -.-
  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/02/06 21:31:08
    Yes, I'm hooked
    ☆ QueenAline
    can't remember what I did with my time before internet.!
  • Death On Two Legs 2012/02/06 21:24:59
    Yes, I'm hooked
    Death On Two Legs
    There's nothing else to do.
  • Smokey 2012/02/06 21:12:40
    No, I'm in control
    No, I'm only addicted to:


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