Studies Suggest Single People Die Younger: Do You Buy It?

Living 2011/08/19 22:22:17
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Sure, being single gives you a sense of freedom that marriage doesn't, but an analysis of more than 90 previous studies shows going it alone isn't all it's cracked up to be.

According to MSNBC, researchers looked at data for more than 500 million individuals and discovered single men have a 32 percent higher risk of dying than married men, and single women have a 23 percent higher risk. That means single men are likely to die 8 to 17 years earlier, and single women are likely to die 7 to 15 years earlier.

Of course, this is all based on generalized data. There are a billion other factors that play into life expectancy. However, these findings indicate the connection between your relationship status and your life expectancy are much more significant than previously thought.

David Roelfs, head author of the study, which was published in American Journal of Epidemiology, tried to explain the connection.

He wrote, "If you’re a couple, a spouse may be after you to eat better and go the doctor. Sometimes it’s just easier to be healthier and less of a risk taker when you’re married."

In other words, when you have someone to tell you not to eat fast food every day, chances are fast food won't kill you.
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  • bohemianwild 2011/11/19 22:58:13
    I think single peoples odds are as good as anyones!
  • FlyAway 2011/09/29 18:00:12
    In general, no.
  • Abel Lewis 2011/08/27 17:44:35
    Abel Lewis
    This is ridiculous.
  • BUD LITE 2011/08/23 15:16:25
    I have been married twice but have finally discovered that life can be much more pleasant when you don't have to be told everyday that you didn't do something right. Didn't get home from work on time, didn't do this didn't do that. Some women don' t ever really think about the trival things they bitch about compared to the value of the relationship they are destroying until it's too late. I'm sorry from them just goes so far. True love should overlook these things. Lets face it......men will never be perfect in the eyes of a women ! Then....it's cry, cry, cry because he left me. Women...put some intelligence behind this....think farther down the road before you make your little comments that you think you just can't contain. Yes...I'll live longer single !
  • sheila 2011/08/23 14:06:18
    Singles live more on the wild side.
  • Jonathan Wiederaenders 2011/08/23 12:45:18
    Jonathan Wiederaenders
    the physical and emotional support given by ones companion CAN lead to a longer and healthier life
  • twhiting9275 2011/08/23 12:15:01
    Give me a study that shows one thing, I'll give you one that shows the complete opposite
  • LoveIsRealNotFake 2011/08/23 11:30:15
    no it would be false unless scientifically proven
  • zcberry 2011/08/23 10:33:56
    LOL!!!! Hell nall!!!!!! Ima let yall have this one!!!!!
  • Cause Unknown 2011/08/23 05:47:06
    Cause Unknown
    Oh please, marriage kills people faster. Single and living forever.
  • truthman 2011/08/23 05:14:20
    If my EX still lived with me i would be in the crazy house or commit suicide. Since im single, out and about, dating or doing whatever the hell i want to i feel great ! On the other hand if i fell in the tub and busted my head and it knocked me out and i was bleeding i would need somebody to call 911. Thats the only reason i think it would make you live longer !
  • Chukroast 2011/08/23 05:07:39
    What's that old joke about going to the doctor and asking: "If I give up smoking and drinking and cavorting around with sexy women all night long, will I live to be 100?

    And the doctor says, "No, but it will seem like it."

    Hang in there single guys and gals. Who wants to live forever?
  • jeniijo!BN! 2011/08/23 03:09:07
    I have been married.. the man hardly worked.. and I sweated and stressed to have rent every month.. while he whined when I came home about being hungry.. I dated a sexy man.. for on and off for two years.. true.. he cooked for me.. but the man drained my bank account.. accused me of "signaling" other men.. whenever a car honked outside.. or a tree branch hit the side of the house.. or the furnace vent made any noise.. threatened me with knives.. threatened to behead my mom and my cats.. scared the HELL outta me.. I have come to the conclusion.. if I want to go in on life with a man.. he has a lot of proving to do to earn my trust.. for now.. I go on my own schedule.. I take care of me.. and worry about MY future.. things have been TONS better and laid back. I will live a lot longer than if I stayed with those abusive a$$holes.. because as the ex boyfriend stated.. I would've ended up an unsolved case in the Ruplican River..
  • ValleyOfTheDolls 2011/08/23 02:45:49
    That's so stupid!
    I mean some single people die earlier, some married or dating die earlier. I don't see how being single can affect how long you live. *shrugs*
    Some people are depressed and desperate and I can see them dying earlier but some people live a normal life and love being single.
    I can guarantee you that if I started dating someone I wouldn't live longer.
  • 16 2011/08/23 01:34:13
    I met a man in his late 70's at this antique shop. Had a full set of hair. Literally his hair was BEAUTIFUL! All his teeth and they were white. Good build to his body and guess what? He was never married and never had children.
  • TMan 16 2011/08/23 14:22:20
  • melina 2011/08/23 01:32:19
    No my grandpa's sister out lived him, has no kids, and never married. Her health is the same as his was. Maybe better.
  • JustinCharlesHernandez 2011/08/23 01:30:20
    That's dumb, I am single and I am going to live forever!
  • Kat 2011/08/23 01:22:36
    My grandmother was widowed at age 54, so she was single after that, she is now 98!
  • sally 2011/08/23 01:21:45
    People tend to let themselves go after they get married.

    My mom used to have abs but lost them after two years of being married and now she's barely average, my dad used to be thin and now he's not that thin.
  • vivian 2011/08/23 00:39:29
    i don't buy it
  • Tpem 2011/08/23 00:17:29
    I hope not!
  • Invidia 2011/08/23 00:07:43
    Seriously? They have a new study like this every week, in a few days no one will care that they'll die young if they're single and everyone will be freaking out over soup causing blindness or something as ridiculous as that.
  • baller 2011/08/22 23:48:58
  • LeAnn 2011/08/22 23:00:34
    Ha! Nothing against marriage, because I'm sure one day I will be married, but I would imagine that single people don't have the stress that marriage or any relationship can bring. Plus, I've noticed that people NOT in relationships tend to take better care of themselves because they are hoping to attract someone to be in a relationship.
  • Vaius 2011/08/22 22:29:47
    Correspondance does not indicate correlation.
  • Sonny 2011/08/22 22:07:05
    I still have to consider it though, my 22 year old friend was killed for a laptop 3 days ago and he didn't even get to chance to have his first real girlfriend yet. I don't believe people die younger but what happened to my friend kinda does. considering the fact that he was single before he died.
  • mzemma 2011/08/22 22:06:41
    I said "No", that's just so lawyers and Hallmark can make lots of money. Most married people I know are miserable and feel trapped, because one or the other is the domineering partner, and then there's the in-laws, then comes the screaming kids... mostly I feel young people are socially pressured into getting married by their miserably unhappy parents who are unhappy and think you deserve to be unhappy too. Bottom line, you can't be yourself in a marriage.. or even in a relationship... when was the last time YOU GOT TO DO SOMETHING YOU WANTED TO DO? In a relationship, we are always given up our freedom our time, our money, our brains.. for what sex? Sex that gets stale after awhile anyway, or you argue, then that turns you off... and then women have to fake it! Think about it! We marry under social pressure...
  • paradic... mzemma 2013/06/15 18:58:44
    paradice333 .
    You are 100% right on my friend.
  • wtw 2011/08/22 21:56:07
    I know what it was like as a guy being single for 10 years during my 40's. I know what it feels like to be married after those 10 years and I would say, yeah that seems right to me.
  • AdrianaE.Loera 2011/08/22 21:55:09 (edited)
    In some cases that might be true because spouses tend to look after one another to some degree. When the relationship is very good that certainly has a positive impact on their emotional state which is good for their overall health. That said, the researchers neglected to mention that many people who are married 'for life' eventually institutionalize their spouse. It's their immediate family that helps the most in the end and without this extended support system a single (childless) person is at a distinct disadvantage. Men also tend to live longer when married because they are used to being cared for by a woman and tend to let themselves go more in their absence. In the case of single women however, it's a lack of financial self-sufficiency and long-term planning.
  • kick2head 2011/08/22 21:35:33
    In my case after I met my wife I quit drinking, smoking, and eating junk food. I am also more aware that in order to have a good chance of seeing my children grow up I need to take less risks, be more patient, reduce stress, etc.

    One thing to also take into consideration is that if I have a heart attack, stroke, etc. I am very likely to have someone on hand to call 911 which might increase my chance of survival.

    I think the study shows a trend, but, it will not be the truth for everyone.
  • Murph 2011/08/22 21:19:52
    Yes, and they don't just suggest it, it's verifiable. Especially men. Married men outlive single men, and heterosexual men out live homosexual men.
  • moderated 2011/08/22 21:19:20
    no way! wives make our life twice better but also twice shorter! hahaha
  • WolfEyes 2011/08/22 21:18:19
    yes, but we have happier lives, with more money, no ball & chain or rugrats. *** DINKS **
  • l 2011/08/22 21:07:04
  • CHICKSRULE 2011/08/22 20:31:44
    This is a known fact. Studies have been done on this for years. You need companionship to live longer. It is good for the your soul and well being. Single people, and people who have never been married or have a significant other, die earlier, and have been found to be more depressed and lonely.
  • Vaius CHICKSRULE 2011/08/22 22:38:36
    "It is good for the your soul and well being."

  • Maximus 2011/08/22 20:12:57
    No, not true.
  • PDenoli 2011/08/22 20:06:46
    It just feels longer because they spend so much time alone by the phone.
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