Student Makes Graduation Dress Out of Homework

Kyle 2012/06/05 23:13:04
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By Carl Azuz, CNN, Reporting

(CNN) — Combining her efforts from the school year with some serious,
sartorial creativity, Kara Koskowich wove together a garment that truly
made the grade.

The 17-year-old Canadian student graduated in a dress made from her homework.

There was literally no chance of her running into anybody else with
the exact same dress. Most graduates never want to look at homework
again; Koskowich found a way to look good in it.

She cut, sewed, glued, and eventually tailored a graduation gown out
of the assignments that helped her graduate. It took about 75 pieces of
paper. She said the math work she did made for the best look.

And though she started the project in March, she cut it pretty close
to deadline, finishing the dress the night before she graduated. “I did
most of it the last week because I’m that kind of person. I
procrastinate,” Koskowich said.

She wasn’t the only student to skip store-bought couture. Her friend
Dorothy Graham substituted plastic shopping bags for silk and fashioned
her own dress. According to Graham, “It was actually funny because
everyone was wearing these elegant dresses, and we’re in dresses that
cost nothing, and we were the most popular people there.”

It shows you don’t need a designer label (or any label at all, really) to win acclaim while accepting a diploma. And if Koskowich never wears the dress again? Well, it was only homework, after all.

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