Stress Test: What area of your life causes you the most stress on a regular basis?

Danale 2007/05/17 05:45:56
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What area of your life causes you the most stress? Vote, and see if others are experiencing the same type of stress you are!
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  • Gwynodd 2008/09/11 22:55:18
    My Mate
    Living with someone can cause stress even if you do get along together.
  • ,,:://LaZyBear;. 2008/06/30 00:06:12
    My parents and siblings, actually thats about 80% of my stress.
  • Gerard's Little Vampire 2008/06/28 19:26:30
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    the insults on Gerard Way, the nonunderstanding... it sucks...
  • Jesse 2008/06/27 21:06:22 (edited)
    my dad and mom splt up and i hate my dad i go there every weekend
    and he always ruins my plans with my friends and my real mom
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/28 19:28:00
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    same here except its my mom.. she kicked me out while i was 800 miles away from home.... i had to ride a greyhound bus.... ill tell you one thing.. i wont be going to her funeral...
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/29 01:15:28
    do u know y u got kicked out?
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/29 17:14:47
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    no... she is really mental... literally and she wasnt taking her pills at the time... shes a pothead too so she mightve been high...
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/29 23:43:47
    o well then
    wats happening with ur dad
    can u go live with him?
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/29 23:44:38
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    lol i AM living with him...
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/29 23:46:34
    o alright gotcha
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/29 23:46:48
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    lol =]
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/29 23:50:29
    ya my dad is like a church addict and whenever we ask y we go to church he's like
    becus god wants us to
    ugh he makes me angry
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/29 23:53:25
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    lol i dont mind going to church just as long as i dont have to wear anything pink and frilly... ugh..
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/29 23:57:22
    o i know
    ok so he makes me wear like skirts and stuff cus im sorta a tom boy
    then they try and change my style cus
    he doesnt like it and he wont exceptmy look
    and all and it makes me pissed
    then he will tell us that we need to "talk"
    and we sit down for like 2 hours talking about the church and how we should dress
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/30 00:00:17
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    lol yeah im a major tomboy and Dad doesnt approve of the spikes and the liquid metal im into......
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/30 00:03:41
    o and im thinkin about getting a loop lip ring right
    but i would have oto hide it from my dad cus were not suppose to have any "body" peirceing but i might doi ti anyways
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/30 00:04:51
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    thats what im gonna do when im 18... =] im gonna get some gauges in my ears too...
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/30 01:58:03
    oo ya
    i was gonna do that to
    but not huge ones cus i guess its harder to get a job
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/30 02:02:04
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    not if you have long hair to cover them lol =]
  • Jesse Gerard'... 2008/06/30 04:23:15
    o well then
    no worries over here
  • Gerard'... Jesse 2008/06/30 17:56:53
    Gerard's Little Vampire
    lol same here
  • Roxie 2008/03/10 10:53:08
    My Job/Career
    My Job, my husband, my health.
  • Txxx 2008/02/25 16:19:48
    None of the above
    My Families stress, stress's me out. I should worry about allot of other things but I just don't. I am the type of person who’s compelled to worry about others…it causes me allot of unwanted stress. That and my mind.
  • KGW 2007/12/09 02:45:55
  • Paul 2007/11/24 17:50:49
    My Children
    You never stop being a parent, regardless of the age of your children. It's hard to let go, but it is essential to their health and well-being. However, knowing all that doesn't make it any easier.
  • Carla 2007/10/26 05:32:56
    None of the above
    What use is it to stress?..Everything Happens For A Reason...Take it or Leave it...Why Stress Over It!!! I'm not saying some things can't weigh on you but letting it become stress is a whole other thing. I don't stress I find solutions.
  • ShineFloyd [Ninja]™ Chi-Kung 2007/10/03 01:25:14
    My Job/Career
    ShineFloyd [Ninja]™ Chi-Kung
    I have my own restaurant and pizzeria,
    aaaahhhhhhh...... the delivery..........time.....
    my customers claim our foods so quickly....!!!!!!!
    telephone ... riiinnngggg.... riiinnggggg....riiiiinnnggggg...
    stop please,
    but ... telephone stop.... sales ...stop
    It's my life.....
  • Danale 2007/10/03 00:36:35
    All of the above
    I'm a worrier... Hey I'm a Jewish Mommy it's in my blood. There's not much that doesn't worry me but that's okay because that's just my way. My hubby said if I didn't worry about everything I wouldn't be me. :)
  • mslsa2u 2007/09/15 03:31:53
    My Job/Career
    I'm the manager at a store. You have to deal with rude customers, your employees and your boss. But I see it this way. It's a job, not a career.
  • MissPick 2007/09/10 08:02:26
    My Children
    My daughter married a man who we thought was a really great guy. He comes from a wonderful family and we just recently found out he has been arrested numerous times for some misdemeanor and felony drug charges as well as some petty crimes. We did a background check on him when someone informed us of his activity (which we at first believed was an absolute lie) and found that on many occasions, WE had paid fines for things that he had been arrested for while both he and my daughter said they needed the money for rent or food or things for their baby. When we confronted them both about this, they are no longer allowing us to see our grandchild. We've never asked to be re-paid for any of the money we gave them when they would ask to be helped out and always believed they were telling us the truth. Now we've been had and no longer have our daughter or our grandchild in our lives anymore. The sadness is unbearable and I don't understand why they are behaving like this to us after we helped them so many times.
  • mom23klannkids 2007/09/02 13:54:45
    None of the above
    Mostly finances. My job... having to work full time and not be with my kids.
  • Mercury2120 2007/06/28 10:26:23
    None of the above
    I used to stress over every aspect of my life, to a degree that caused health problems. Now, I have learned techniques to alleviate it ( like wine :) Seriously, It it pointless to stress. Do something about it, like yoga, excersise, change of job (or spouse, if necesary) and keep things simple. Life is too short to spend in a whirlwind of anxiety. If it is really bad, get a therapist..I did :)
  • Danale Mercury... 2007/06/28 20:08:04
    Good for you!
  • KGW Mercury... 2007/12/09 02:47:55
  • Roxie KGW 2008/03/10 10:56:48
    It sure can.
    Good luck!
  • Teedee 2007/06/12 13:29:21
    My Children
    But only because losing their sister last year has been sooo hard on us all.I use to stress over alot of things..now it's like....so friggin what. Family and friends can be a pain in my butt at times..but..at least they are around to be a pain in my butt.
  • ☺that's all she wrote... 2007/06/12 00:24:49
    None of the above
    ☺that's all she wrote...
  • JustJJ 2007/06/02 00:16:29
    My finances
    living on Social Securtiy SUCKS there isnt enough money to go around at the end of the month there is NO money and life consists of just going to grocery store or drs no fun things are affordable now and they say retirement is FUN ... NOT
  • aj 2007/06/01 03:54:50
    My Job/Career
    business owner..food business..i hate it hate it hateit..i will go back to retail mgmnt one day..as soon as i train someone to take my place..which is hard as they dont care..
  • meg 2007/05/30 04:05:45
    None of the above
    a fear that vegetables actually feel pain.

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