St. Patrick's Day Countdown: Do You Have the Luck of the Irish?

The Big Question 2011/03/12 15:33:47
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  • Tigger Too 2011/03/12 19:18:42
    Tigger Too
    I have a little black cloud over my head that follows me around, so NO, I don't have the luck of the Irish. Hey, I'm a fatalist. What more can I say? {Come to think of it, the Irish people are fatalistic, too, aren't they?}
  • Nancy A Tigger Too 2011/03/12 22:31:24
    Nancy A
    Tigger! I'm not a cat today but we've met on Yahoo Buzz. The expression 'Luck of the Irish' is a tongue in cheek expression relating to the British oppression of the Irish. So it sounds like you DO have the luck of the Irish!
  • Tigger Too Nancy A 2011/03/13 00:57:02
    Tigger Too
    We probably DID meet on Yahoo! Buzz. I have up with that site. All the stories were about sports [which I love] or crappy entertainment articles about people like that little wienie Justin Bieber [whom I do NOT love]. Oh-oh. I think I just felt a drop of rain from that black cloud hanging over my head! Erin go bragh! I'm sending you a friend request!
  • Nancy A Tigger Too 2011/03/13 01:19:22
    Nancy A
    Yeah, I don't buzz much anymore either. I've seen Randall here but not Ronin Kannuchi. Ronin tends to get kicked out a lot so that may be why.
  • Tigger Too Nancy A 2011/03/13 11:25:34
    Tigger Too
    I think it must take pretty much to be kicked off of SodaHead. OMG, have you ever read rick j's posts? They make my head hurt! And yes, Ronin tends to get a little verbose at times, plus he offends a lot of people.
  • Nancy A Tigger Too 2011/03/13 16:42:20
    Nancy A
    Ronin's a trip for sure, but I get a kick out of him. I like folks with spirit, even when I disagree with them. Ronin loves to fence and so do I. Can't say I remember rick j. If he's unreasonable or too combative I've probably avoided him.
  • Nancy A 2011/03/12 19:08:33
    Nancy A
    Keep in mind that 'luck of the Irish' is a tongue in cheek expression relating to the oppression of the Irish under British rule.
  • Hamm0ckjames 2011/03/12 18:15:44
    If it weren't for Bad luck, I'd have no luck at all,,,,,,,
  • mrdog 2011/03/12 17:42:31
    Yes...I've always been lucky.... and the harder I work it seems more luck comes my way...

  • apachehellfire65 2011/03/12 17:21:08
    i was born with the luck of the irish! born luck irish irish luck born luck irish irish luck
  • Marissa 2011/03/12 15:55:33
    This is the kind of stuff that happens to me...

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