Spring Is in the Air: What's Your Favorite Season?

Paige_Luv 2011/03/03 01:16:38
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SLIDESHOW: Is Spring Your Favorite Season?

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And there's just something about cold winter nights that some people love. Winter wonderland, maybe?
  1. Spring


    I think my favorite part about spring are the pretty colors. So bright, beautiful and soothing!

  2. Spring


    Another good thing about spring is being able to lay out in the park and just take in the world. Not too hot...not too cold. Spring is perfect!

  3. Fall


    Don't get me wrong...I also love fall. My favorite part about this season is the leaves changing color and falling...absolutely breathtaking.

  4. Fall


    And also playing with the leaves (and crunching them) is always fun :)

  5. Summer


    Best part about summer? Obviously a trip to the beach...or the nearest pool if you're not near a coast.

  6. Summer


    And who doesn't like laying out?

  7. Winter


    Playing in the snow is definitely a plus!

  8. Winter


    And there's just something about cold winter nights that some people love. Winter wonderland, maybe?

Spring Is in the Air: What's Your Favorite Season?
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Spring is by far my favorite holiday. I absolutely love all the bright colors and flowers...and there's an amazing breeze out...

Anyways, seeing as the first day of spring this year is coming up (March 20th for those of you who don't know), I thought I'd ask you all what your favorite season is.
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  • Wayne TH G 333 2012/03/14 15:16:49
    Wayne TH G 333
    The rest of the year it's too cold here!
  • iStone 2011/03/03 14:31:15
    I pretty much despise everything about Spring. The smell of the flowers, the annoying birds everywhere waking me up, the sneezing & coughing (& I have no allergies, just minimalistic sinus passages). Spring is my least favorite season, followed closely by Summer. My favorite season is Autumn. The symphony of color twirling, whirling, dancing its way to the ground in a ballet of natural beauty. It's fascinating how this part of the cycle of life simply takes my breath away & brings tears to my eyes. So lovely. Winter has its own beauty, with the bare, snow-covered or frost-covered trees glistening in early morning sunlight.
  • Fall
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    I was born in November. My favorite time of year!
  • Hlmy 2011/03/03 02:52:28
    Spring = fantastic weather + fantastic colors + fantastic smiles of people
    u feel that the world is smiling everywhere
  • XAnnaX 2011/03/03 01:35:15
    it's not to cold, not to hot, just right. and you get spring break from school! so yeah, spring.
  • AdriHead 2011/03/03 01:32:11
    although fall is a close second.
  • Merlin 2011/03/03 01:23:38
    I love warm weather!

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