Spring Fashion Forecast: Which Trend Will You Skip?

Living 2011/09/20 11:00:00
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Fall Fashion Week just wrapped up in New York City, so now we know what we'll be wearing next spring: a candy-colored leather print dress.

According to Yahoo! Shine, as the weather turns warmer in 2012, we'll all be strutting our stuff in what they call a "sherbet-inspired palette." Which looks like a cross between bad '80s fashion and Easter egg dye:

We'll also be digging the color yellow, "in every possible shade from pale pastel to electric neon," according to Shine. Yellow is one of those colors that a lot of people hate -- and one that doesn't look good on everyone -- so make sure you dress with the lights on, fashion victims!

Leather is also making a comeback, in tops, jackets, bags, skirts and dresses, but the weirdest look of all is the head-to-toe print trend, in which you wear patterns on top and on bottom -- and they don't really have to match. Good luck pulling that one off!

As for us, we'll probably stick to our usual spring look: skinny-ish jeans, flats and a trench coat. How about you? Or is it way too soon to think about winter fashion, let alone spring?
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  • helen.shao 2011/09/22 16:17:54
    I don't like much Leather, I am in CA.
  • kmay 2011/09/22 13:06:01 (edited)
    Head-to-toe prints

    Few look good in yellow.
  • Gregaj7 2011/09/22 05:59:15
    Head-to-toe prints
    ALL of them!!
  • mark 2011/09/22 04:16:38
    Head-to-toe prints
    Probably all
  • Tamara McMillan 2011/09/22 04:13:04
    Head-to-toe prints
    Tamara McMillan
    I do not like prints generally, and definately NEVER would I wear it head to toe! YULK!
  • Nicklover 2011/09/22 04:03:47
    The color yellow
    Probably not going to be doing any of those. I'm pretty good at making sure I look nice and put together without help from the amazing but impratical designs from fashion designers
  • Merna 2011/09/22 02:27:31
    I don't think PETA would be thrilled to know that her members are wearing leather.
  • MissJo 2011/09/22 01:27:21
    I don't follow fashion trends though.
  • Dances With Danger 2011/09/22 00:41:49
    Head-to-toe prints
    Dances With Danger
    Honestly, I'll be skipping all of them except for leather, which I wear regularly already.
  • Rosalie 2011/09/21 23:38:07
    Head-to-toe prints
    Sorry,no prints here...
  • S123 2011/09/21 22:28:01
    I'm vegan.
  • RAWR S123 2011/09/21 23:58:28
    yoy can wear fake leather
  • S123 RAWR 2011/09/22 15:47:32
    I know, I just mean if it's real leather, I don't know if fake leather is trendy too.
  • mandac424 2011/09/21 21:45:36
    The color yellow
    i'm not a fashion person but even I know yellow does NOT work well with my skin tone! i'll stick to wearing what i want
  • Lady Yui 2011/09/21 21:41:57
    The color yellow
    Lady Yui
    /2 WTB "All of the above" option, PST.
  • Claire Bird 2011/09/21 20:21:11
    Head-to-toe prints
    Claire Bird
    Argh! My eyes!
    I guess I wear yellow and sherbet colors sometimes, but to tell the truth I like darker ones more.
    Leather's okay, I don't wear much though.
  • El Prez 2011/09/21 17:56:58
    Head-to-toe prints
    El Prez
    Another catigory needed. All of them!!!! These fashion gurus are only there to keep changing the styles so the sheep will follow and spendmore money. Women need to express their "freedom" to say NO! Make your own style!!!
  • moviebuff 2011/09/21 16:18:26
    Head-to-toe prints
    Heck no. Not down with clown chic.
  • LittleMistersMom 2011/09/21 15:56:24
    Head-to-toe prints
    I'll rock the rest of these, but I do prints in moderation...

    ill rock rest prints moderation head to toe prints
    Reminds me of an outfit my mom made me in the 80's
  • Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of P... 2011/09/21 14:59:57
    Sherbet colors
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET

    I would rock leather ;-*)
  • SundayStoleYourCookieDough 2011/09/21 13:47:08
    Head-to-toe prints
    ...Most of my clothes are yellow. >> I JUST LOVE THE COLOUR
  • LuridLolita 2011/09/21 12:38:50
    The color yellow
    I don't even think I have one yellow thing in my wardrobe.
  • BonnieDeutsch 2011/09/21 08:54:30
    Head-to-toe prints
    My color pallet is off the charts but as my grandmother said" it's lovely to be a flower dear,but please not the whole garden !"
    Creams, gold , white at one end and the other is red, navy and black(but of course).
    Pastels fit in there as well.
    Can't wear burgundy, taupe or purple. Have tried, much to my wallets displeasure, as I only wore each one once. Perhaps they will end up on Ebay ?
    P.S. I like yellow from the color of butter to the color of sunburst !
  • Nattie 2011/09/21 08:47:35
    I have leather boots I will not give up for the world and really they need an all of the above button. But really most of the people who make the "fashion" choices are idiots so why are we listening to them instead of just wear whatever the hell we want?
  • Ruby Dear - The Grifter of ... 2011/09/21 07:12:51
    Sherbet colors
    Ruby Dear - The Grifter of PHAET
    I wear prints a lot, sometimes head to toe.
    I like yellow.
    I like leather.
  • coach k 2011/09/21 06:42:21
    Head-to-toe prints
    coach k
    that would not look good on me
  • david shiel 2011/09/21 06:28:35
    david shiel
    I don't like leather.
  • Balladeer-PWCM-POTL 2011/09/21 06:14:49
    Head-to-toe prints
    When you are a cross of..

    The Big Bossman
    cross bossman WWF big bossman

    and Lt. Columbo

    cross bossman lt columbo Lt Columbo

    Fashion is DEFINATELY a non issue
  • Shesshoumaru 2011/09/21 05:08:31
    I'll skip the head to toe prints too, but being a vegetarian, I'd personally rather see leather and other animal skins permanently removed from the fashion world all together. Leather in spring just seems impractical anyway.
  • Student 2011/09/21 05:04:02
    Head-to-toe prints
    Different prints. prints head to toe different prints
  • melody_K Student 2011/09/21 14:44:09
    That is just AWFUL.
  • Student melody_K 2011/09/22 10:57:24
    lol lol thank you monkey
  • Nuke 2011/09/21 04:46:01
    Head-to-toe prints
    How about it all? Fashion is a joke, I buy what I like and the fashion industry is completely clueless...
  • blackrings70 2011/09/21 03:55:31
    Head-to-toe prints
    Had to pick something and.....
  • Sam LeFay 2011/09/21 01:25:04 (edited)
    Head-to-toe prints
    Sam LeFay
    Sharehead to toe print
    Erm. Yeah. Skipping this one.

    Sherbet palette actually sounds workable. Leave it alone. And leather is so hot it hurts.
  • Jessyelena Williams 2011/09/21 00:36:25
    Head-to-toe prints
    Jessyelena Williams
    What Fool would Wear Head To Toe Prints?
  • sally 2011/09/21 00:00:13
    Head-to-toe prints
    I'll be wearing my usual
    ill wearing wool dress with leggings and boots
    something like that, minus the cleavage.
  • Jessyel... sally 2011/09/21 00:37:49
    Jessyelena Williams
    That's Cool!
  • Predators Eyez 2011/09/20 22:52:55
    Head-to-toe prints
    Predators Eyez
    That would be too much.
  • Haley Smith 2011/09/20 22:37:43
    Head-to-toe prints
    Haley Smith

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