Spanking? Discipline or abuse?

Shalala 2010/05/30 06:49:25
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So another question a member had posted about a mother's discipline made me think hmm I wonder if people that was extreme what do they think about spanking? SO what's your opinion is it abuse?
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  • Eric 2010/12/11 23:38:46
    I think...
    It's funny really isn't it... if a parent hits a child on the bum for doing something wrong it is considered discipline, yet, if a boss were to hit a worker in the same way it would be considered assault. Another scenario; let's say an eighty year old did something you disapproved of, would you hit him or her in the same way you would hit a defenceless child? Well, I suppose we do live in violent times, and violence begets violence, and so the cycle continues. Maybe one day people will stand back and look at themselves and look at their actions, but then again, maybe not. In New Zealand it is illegal to use violence as punishment on anyone of any age.
  • Eric Eric 2011/04/17 02:50:37
    If it is done to a defenceless child, it's okay. If it's done to a defenceless 80 year old, it's assault. If it's done to an employee, it's assault. What's the difference? Hitting another person without permission is assault. I have read nothing here to counter this, only that's it is okay to hit small defenceless children for whatever reason. If biblical reasoning were carried out to it's logical conclusion, then adulterers would be stoned to death. Oh, wait a minute, they are in some parts of the world. And it's all based on the, ohh what's it called? Ummm, the first bible thingy. The Qu'ran is the third bible, the Jesus' one is the second... Ohh yeah, that's right, the Old Testament. That has a lot about hurting and killing people for no good reason. This appears to be what a number of people use as a foundation for their lives. It answers a lot of questions as to why much of the human species is so messed up.
  • Abel Lewis 2010/11/13 20:43:02
    Abel Lewis
    Spanking is discipline to me. Bare bottom spanking is discipline to me too. Spanking is not child abuse to me.
  • noone_special 2010/06/14 16:42:57
    As long as it is given in a calm manner and doesn't go to the point of abuse then it is just punishment and a very effective one
  • Shalala 2010/05/31 19:54:50
    As long as the line that devides it from abuse isn't crossed some of these kids today could use a good spanking.
  • who? 2010/05/30 17:40:23
    I think...
    ...it's fun
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/05/30 16:31:39
    Chastisement from the Lord is disipline. to thoise whom He loves. No He's not a sadist or some other form of Kinky. He is attempting to direct our ways away from the sinful ways we pursue each and ever minute of our lives. Even Chrostians who work at it are dragged toward the flames only to have God drive us back and sometime rather painfully back.
  • YESE 2010/05/30 09:43:25
    I was spanked as a kid and yeah some people might take it too far but growing up i learned about respecta and responsibilities and iv grown into a good person. my parents disciplined me and i'm glad. honestly i was never spanked too much cuz i knew not to do things that would get me in trouble. and looking at the younger kids today i think they need some discipline.
  • wildernick 2010/05/30 06:59:58
    I think...
    it does depend on the act of having it used upon a child or adult... as for us Naughty Adults....it has to be about Pleasure :[...]
  • SpikeM ~In decay and abando... 2010/05/30 06:51:41
    SpikeM ~In decay and abandonment I trust~
    As long as the parents don't go to far with it and turn it to a beating

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