Some Questions To NOT Ask A Gay Guy: Ever Wondered?

Astro-Boy 2011/03/28 17:15:44
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-So are you the girl or the guy in your relationship?

This is offensive. Period. If I'm a guy and he's a guy...we're both guys.

-If gay guys like dudes, then why do drag queens imitate girls?

Drag queens are like gay clowns. They’re just fun. Don’t analyze it. Get over it.

-I have a gay friend, you should meet, you’d totally fall in love.

Really? So just because 2 people are gay they will like each other?No...not true at all. Just because two people are straight does thatmean they'll be together? No...same with us.

-Were you sexually abused as a child?

Believe it or not, people don’t turn gay because they were abused as children. We’re born gay. Yup...it's true!

-Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find a girl to date one of these days.

People, people, people, I’m not gay because of a lack of girls! I’m gay because I like dudes. In fact I have been propositioned by girls many many times!

-You’ve probably never been with a girl, how do you know you don’t like them?

I never ate shit, but I know I wouldn’t like it. Have you ever ate shit? If not how do you know you wouldn't like it?

-You’re gay?? Oh, that’s such a waste.


-Oh, you sleep with men. Does that mean you want to be a woman?

No...I like what I got. I like being with other men and being a man.

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  • This is W³ 2012/03/26 05:08:21
    This is W³
    I have a question that I'd like to ask a gay guy: If LGBT people do not like to be discriminated against, how come they have a problem with Muslims and Islamic nations, going so far as to saying that they are scumbags and thugs who are barbaric and backwards?
  • Astro-Boy This is W³ 2012/03/26 05:11:23
    Generalizations are something I as a Gay Man don't partake in. That's your answer to your wrongfully worded question, but I got the gist of what you were aiming for in your religiously based comment.
  • This is W³ Astro-Boy 2012/03/26 05:59:03
    This is W³
    I know a gay man who espouses those exact feelings. It's wrongly worded because it is wrong to be that way. He wishes Islamic regimes to go down for their butchering of LGBT people, particularly in Iran. He also supports the illegal spying of Amercian Muslims in the Northeast USA by the NYPD, saying it makes him feel "safe" from those Muslims and that they should learn to play by our rules.
  • Astro-Boy This is W³ 2012/03/27 06:14:03
    Well then, ask him cause I can't answer for someone who isn't me.
  • This is W³ Astro-Boy 2012/03/27 06:17:52
    This is W³
    I already have. He said that these nations murder and massacre gays for being gay and that these regimes need to be overthrown. Do you know if there is any truth to these allegations?
  • Scott ヶ... This is W³ 2012/03/27 10:40:08
  • This is W³ Scott ヶ... 2012/03/27 12:35:26
    This is W³
    Thank you very much for the links. I wonder if the gay community of Iraq enjoyed more tolerance from the Iraqi population during the Saddam Hussein era.
  • JDLogan 2011/05/28 17:50:17
    I will never understand the human proclivity for being rude to those that are different.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2011/05/28 02:52:38
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    These are some interesting statements. Why do people think it is okay to ask these things?

    As for this one "You’re gay?? Oh, that’s such a waste.", I would have gone with something along the lines of "Why? You're too ugly for me either way"
  • crewzer1 2011/04/24 15:19:39
    Say's it all...
  • Jamie 2011/04/10 21:50:36
    Well said! I approve
  • La 2011/04/08 15:52:48
    -I have a gay friend, you should meet, you’d totally fall in love.

    I've used this before, but it was because I knew both of them well and I had an instinct that they'd like each other. Lo and behold, they dated for 9 months :)
  • BreeMoore 2011/04/07 16:01:58
    I like this. People can be extremely rude and ignorant when faced with something they disagree with. It's simply unkind and rude to ask someone these. Great post.
  • Princess 2011/04/04 13:16:47
    I wouldn't ask this questions they are offensive and if I think they are offensive I wouldn't ask them.
  • Ryanhunter 2011/04/01 01:32:40
    LoL! "You’re gay?? Oh, that’s such a waste." is not even a question and should be taken as a compliment. Hahaha... =P
    Plus, Some people might view this as "Must-ask questions to a gay guy just for some cheap thrills." Cause it would be funny asking these questions. xD
  • Tom 2011/03/31 13:30:32
    Yeah, but the best wedding vow line is still "You may now kiss the one who receives"
  • venus 2011/03/31 10:22:32
    yes totally true a lot of people tends to ask the stupidest question and their only answer they should be a punch in the face .
  • The Terrific Whatzit BN-0 2011/03/31 10:10:33
    The Terrific Whatzit BN-0
    I ask my gay friend Antoine "So are you the girl or the guy in your relationship?" all the time. He laughs his ass off, then asks me the same. We've ragged on each other like that for years. We've been friends for years though. Definitely wouldn't ask that if I didn't know him so well.
  • drauna 2011/03/31 09:15:02
    gay is natural...if i were a gay, i will live as it is..thats normal
  • LiL WeAv 2011/03/30 23:26:52
  • Woman of many faces~ijm 2011/03/30 22:43:15
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    Thanks for info.

  • OzSurfer 2011/03/30 19:38:04
    Wow do people really ask these kind of questions?
  • Astro-Boy OzSurfer 2011/03/30 22:40:50
    Yes...and I for one, thought to answer them. Just so everyone could get some idea that it's not cool. But again, I'm being jumped on. For what? Answering the questions.
  • OzSurfer Astro-Boy 2011/03/31 00:08:41
    Well you have my support that's for sure, I'm just a bit astounded that people are that confused.
  • Astro-Boy OzSurfer 2011/03/31 00:09:23
    Thanks dude. Some people, they're just haters no matter what.
  • issy 2011/03/30 14:00:10 (edited)
    i have no comment..........ew
  • Horrid Helen 2011/03/30 11:58:33
    Horrid Helen
    LOL. Good topic. I have a young friend, well, maybe not young by your standards, but he's 36 yrs old, is gay, and is practically a virgin. Unfortunately all the guys that have attracted his attention are straight!

    Bit like me fancying my chances with Johnnie Depp!
  • ShyCuteArtist 2011/03/30 05:33:37
    I hate it when people hurt others just by mere impoliteness and I dare say ignorance. WAKE UP WORLD!!!!
  • Wynter Crimson 2011/03/30 04:27:46
    Wynter Crimson
    mmm. what can ya do.
  • {<3( mAiLlEs BeBe)<3} 2011/03/30 04:22:37
    {<3( mAiLlEs BeBe)<3}
    i hate that when someone finds out your gay n the first thing they ask is 'whos the guy and whos the girl in the relationship". like some guy asked me n my girl whos who n we just looked at him n were all theres no dick involved so no ones the guy in the relationship.... i hate when they ask that
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2011/03/30 03:28:04
    How about questions not to ask anyone? What makes you think anyone cares why your gay? Whatever anyone chooses to do in the privacy of their home, is their business. I don't want to know about your sex life, nor do I care to discuss mine. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy your life. Your only a victim in your own mind!
  • Edible_toad 2011/03/30 02:54:43
    Nice post Astro. :D
  • wolfshadow 2011/03/30 02:34:25
  • Recruit 2011/03/30 02:34:16
  • TessIsabella 2011/03/30 02:20:00
    You sir, are a legend.
    Lets be friends, BEST FRIENDS.
  • Maleficent 2011/03/30 01:47:07
    yeah people shouldn't really ask you questions like that because first off it isn't any of their business.
  • Doctor Sherlock Daae 2011/03/30 01:33:54
    Doctor Sherlock Daae
    Why do gays always get the short end of the stick? we are all equal. just because we hav a different sexual preference, doesn't make us lil aliens. we are who we are. if u got a prob, shove it up ur @$$
  • Eneri 2011/03/30 01:28:04
    Are the terms seme and uke quite as offensive?
  • Michael 2011/03/30 01:24:46
    Actually the "born gay" thing is debatable. Many consider it to be something that develops in adolescence. Plus if it genetic then you are not "born" gay you are conceived gay.

    And I've also heard that often times people are just going through a stage and eventually straighten out.
  • Astro-Boy Michael 2011/03/30 01:32:33
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