Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2012/08/26 14:57:48
Have you noticed, your Social Security check is now referred to as a "Federal Benefit Payment"?

The government is now referring to our Social Security checks as a “Federal Benefit Payment.”
This isn’t a benefit – its earned income!

Not only did we all contribute to Social Security but our employers did too.
It totaled 15% of our income before taxes. If you averaged $30K per year over your working life, that's close to $180,000 invested in Social Security.

If you calculate the future value of your monthly investment in social security ($375/month, including both your and your employer’s contributions) at a meager 1% interest rate compounded monthly,
after 40 years of working you'd have more than $1.3+ million dollars saved!
This is your personal investment.

Upon retirement, if you took out only 3% per year, you'd receive $39,318 per year, or $3,277 per month.
That’s almost three times more than today’s average Social Security benefit of $1,230 per month,
according to the Social Security Administration (Google it - it’s a fact).
And your retirement fund would last more than 33 years (until you're 98 if you retire at age 65)!

I can only imagine how much better most average-income people could live in retirement if our government had just invested our money in low-risk interest-earning accounts.
Instead, the folks in Washington pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madoff ever did. They took our money and used it elsewhere. They “forgot” that it was OUR money they were taking. They didn’t have a referendum to ask us if we wanted to lend the money to them. And they didn’t pay interest on the debt they assumed.

And recently, they’ve told us that the money won’t support us for very much longer. But is it our fault they misused our investments?
And now, to add insult to injury, they’re calling it a “benefit,” as if we never worked to earn every penny of it. Just because they “borrowed” the money, doesn't mean that our investments were a charity!
Let’s take a stand.
We have earned our right to Social Security and Medicare. Demand that our legislators bring some sense into our government – Find a way to keep Social Security and Medicare going, for the sake of that 92% of our population who need it.

Here’s a novel idea:
* Get out of the countries who don’t want us there. * Bring our soldiers home and invest some of the $700B+ in giving them new careers building roads and parks, teaching our children, creating new technologies, discovering cures for illness.

Then take the rest and begin to pay back Social Security, and call it what it is:
Our Earned Retirement Income.

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  • JohnT 2012/08/26 16:37:06
    When I pay into something for 50 years I don't care what you call it you better either send it monthly or just send it all back to me, and I will invest it.
    I love their new wording we pay into these programs and now they are a entitlement. Typical dumb ass government.

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  • Joe The Economist 2012/08/28 16:03:39 (edited)
  • Rhonda Joe The... 2012/11/19 19:35:11
    Hi joe the economist, you must be on the government payroll, i mean dole. You are the person out of touch with hard working americans. Or you belive in the easter bunny...
  • Joe The... Rhonda 2012/11/19 19:48:26
  • Rhonda Rhonda 2012/11/19 20:05:08
    Joe the economit didn't like my post. He is so intellegent...yes...couldnt even post my comment about the Federal Reserve is a private institution. He is definitately a government talking head to convince us "stupid americans". Now prove what you have to say. You do not have to go to the internet to read about the Federal Reserve Joe!
  • Yo'Adri... Rhonda 2012/11/19 20:07:12
  • DuncanONeil 2012/08/27 01:17:51
    Sorry, but it is a benefit. For it to be an account that you have paid into it has to have your name attached. In my case after I applied they simply said I was going to get less then they promised because of who I worked for. Does that sound like how something you paid for is going to work?
  • sonofason 2012/08/26 18:05:48
  • Yo'Adri... sonofason 2012/08/27 01:06:32
    The new administration will be prepared to work it out.
  • sonofason Yo'Adri... 2012/08/27 01:07:57
  • sonofason Yo'Adri... 2012/08/27 01:10:30
  • Joe The... sonofason 2012/08/28 16:09:46
  • sonofason Joe The... 2012/08/28 21:13:13
  • Joe The... sonofason 2012/08/28 23:03:37
  • sonofason Joe The... 2012/08/28 23:10:10
  • Joe The... sonofason 2012/08/28 23:56:37
  • sonofason Joe The... 2012/08/29 00:04:16
  • Joe The... sonofason 2012/08/29 00:21:41
  • sonofason Joe The... 2012/08/29 00:30:56
  • Rhonda sonofason 2012/11/19 19:55:30
    Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a government agency? They loan America money with a large interest and are owned by the wealthiest of people around the world!! Sick...our governtment works for their own interests, not us, the minions that allow them to live better than us. It feels like a movie about midevil castles with the poor, living outside the castle walls, supported their king and lived like paupers.
  • Yo'Adri... Rhonda 2012/11/19 20:11:09
    AS I have said many many times......It's as FEDERAL
  • sonofason Rhonda 2012/11/19 22:34:44
  • sonofason Joe The... 2012/08/29 00:37:01
  • Yo'Adri... sonofason 2012/11/19 20:09:35
    Led by the Number ONE CHICAGO THUG of all time.!
  • Joe The... Yo'Adri... 2012/08/28 16:07:40
  • Yo'Adri... Yo'Adri... 2012/11/19 20:08:56
    It's ashame what POTUS inherited from the last 4 years.....OH NO.......that was HIM!!!!!!! It s all Obama s fault
  • Joe The... sonofason 2012/08/28 16:05:37
  • Rhonda sonofason 2012/11/19 19:32:08
    If only people weren't such sheep and so complacent they would wake up and join forces to force our corrupt, yes "corrupt" government to the will of the people not their elaborate life styles that MOST of us could never live like! !ny ideas to turn people around, we DO need to STOP paying taxes, not half the population, but at leaxt 75% of americans. The government would have to listen or lose their "out of real life" lives and live like MOST americans. Rhonda_619@yahoo.com. I believe the government is slowly dumbing us down and most people just can't fathom the fact that they are being fleeced. UGH
  • Joe The... Rhonda 2012/11/19 19:51:12
  • fisherman 2012/08/26 17:13:57
  • Joe The... fisherman 2012/08/28 16:15:34
  • fisherman Joe The... 2012/08/28 17:42:48
    do you just make this stuff up as you go along ...i paid into that monstrosity for well over thirty years and if drop dead right now who gets the money ? certainly not Mrs.Fish ! now multiply that by god knows how many workers that didnt live long enough to collect . what do have ...a boat load of money . so if the SS fund is insolvent or ever was you have to blame the jagoffs in charge of watching the " lockbox ". did you ever open a saving account and three years later you want to make a withdrawal and get told no , your acct was insolvent ? or you cant have your money until you reach an age that is five years past the normal life span of human beings . you wouldnt tolerate that from a bank and you sure as hell dont have to put up with it from the government ...but they are bigger than you and i and we can pound sand .
  • Joe The... fisherman 2012/08/28 22:49:59
  • fisherman Joe The... 2012/08/29 17:59:00
    still havnt answered the question matey , if you pay in all your working life , and i do the same and we both die two days before we are 65 ....WHERES THAT MONEY GONE ? in my family alone there was 3 members that paid in and died before they could collect . BTW aint planning on living till 80 .in the sixties i could pay my SS "obligation" by august or in a bad year september ...now in the fullness of time i would have to rob a bank to pay it up .
  • Joe The... fisherman 2012/08/29 20:25:43
  • fisherman Joe The... 2012/08/30 02:14:35
    well , you were starting to make your point until the last statement ...congress driving down the cost for everyone . what congress was that , the one on the planet vulcan ?
  • Joe The... fisherman 2012/08/30 14:01:48
  • JohnT 2012/08/26 16:37:06
    When I pay into something for 50 years I don't care what you call it you better either send it monthly or just send it all back to me, and I will invest it.
    I love their new wording we pay into these programs and now they are a entitlement. Typical dumb ass government.
  • Yo'Adri... JohnT 2012/08/26 19:28:43
  • frank 2012/08/26 16:18:40
    You pay into it all those years and now the government is going to call it a Benefit or an entitlement, well, your dam right you are entitled to it.
  • Ken 2012/08/26 16:13:22
    Insanity or common sense? It's time to make a common sense choice.

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