So my ex boyfriend wont leave me alone...what should i do?

Kiara~And~ Joseph 2011/11/03 18:51:38
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  • Jeff the killer 2011/11/15 15:02:11
  • SEXY 2011/11/07 16:41:58
  • Brian 2011/11/04 13:37:25
    Get a Restraining order against him, Take gun course, geta
    concealed gun permit, buy a gun. then tell this guy to go pound sand.
  • Kennedy1st 2011/11/03 22:52:31
    T is called stalking....get a TRO agaist him....
  • masatone 2011/11/03 20:52:27
    restraining order, and ignore him.
  • TMan 2011/11/03 20:38:38
  • Horse Racer 2011/11/03 20:22:22
  • Shae 2011/11/03 19:05:59
    Be indifferent.
    It bothers people more when you have no feelings for them then when you are mad at them.
  • Kiara~A... Shae 2011/11/03 19:06:56
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    okay thanks=)
  • Shae Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:17:15
    No problem.... but seriously hold strong with it. It works.
    When he comes up to you and if like, "Hey babe, can we talk? I really miss you."
    Say: "I really wish I could, but I got to run to (any reason to leave). Maybe some other time."
    Then keep busy so you guys don't have alone time together.

    Or if he's like, "I really miss you, I want to get back with you but I'm confused."
    Say something arbitrary like, "Yeah, well life's long. Who knows what will happen." Then go talk to someone else.

    Or if all that fails you can give him the Jenna Marbles face. (if you don't know what it is, you tube Jenna Marbles how to get out of talking to people you don't want to talk to). Its hilarious.
  • Sister Jean 2011/11/03 18:57:45
    Sister Jean
    thank God
  • Kiara~A... Sister ... 2011/11/03 18:59:51
  • Sister ... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:03:43
    Sister Jean
    most complain they don't get enufffff attention complain enufffff attention
  • Kiara~A... Sister ... 2011/11/03 19:05:24
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    i dont want his attention, i want him to leave me alone, he lefted me for a girl that was supoose to be my friend.
  • Sister ... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:06:41
    Sister Jean
    I have a feeling your loving every minute of it
  • Kiara~A... Sister ... 2011/11/03 19:08:12
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
  • Sister ... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:09:41
    Sister Jean
    call 911
  • *Maggie-jane-sloan* 2011/11/03 18:56:54
    Well considering i know whats going on he better leave you alone or i will hurt him :)
  • Kiara~A... *Maggie... 2011/11/03 19:00:08
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    haha i love you Maggie<3
  • *Maggie... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:02:58
    i love you too honey
  • Kiara~A... *Maggie... 2011/11/03 19:05:41
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    you have no choice! muahahaha lol jk
  • *Maggie... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:07:51
    ;( lol j/k i wanna marry you on here lol
  • Kiara~A... *Maggie... 2011/11/03 19:09:29
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    fine! were married XD
  • *Maggie... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:10:41
    how do u marry on here?
  • *The Gentle Giant* 2011/11/03 18:54:45
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Find a new boyfriend that can kick his ass, or just.......wait y?
  • Kiara~A... *The Ge... 2011/11/03 18:58:12
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    He keeps trying to tell me hes sorry and that he still loves me, and that he wished he wouldnt have done what he did and that he cant help the way he feels about her, but last night he was like "its not the same." hes just getting really werid.
  • *The Ge... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:00:22
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Being a guy he has mixed feelings and he needs to sort them out or he'll wind up with nothing.
    So what are you going to do?
  • Kiara~A... *The Ge... 2011/11/03 19:04:12
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    He picked her over me 2 times already, and im sure if i give him another chance it will happen again, so i wont do that again. Im just going to move on like i was planning to, and i asked him to leave me alone, and he wont, he keeps wanting to talk this out and we already did lastnight when he broke up with me and got stright with her, and she was supoose to be my friend.
  • *The Ge... Kiara~A... 2011/11/03 19:08:08
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Well you'll do what you know is right.
  • Kiara~A... *The Ge... 2011/11/03 19:11:15
    Kiara~And~ Joseph
    okay, thanks=)
  • Princess Buttercup 2011/11/03 18:53:14 (edited)
    Princess Buttercup
    tell the soon to be sorry s.o.b to make like a tree.

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