Shouldn't any valid religion that is derived from a real god be able to sell itself?

Curmudgeon 2012/06/23 01:52:44
Some people say that believing in their god(s) is natural and therefore their god(s) must be real. But how "natural" is religious belief really?

If by natural they mean belief in a god exists and is a standard component of a healthy human being, then one would think it would blossom on its own and require very little upkeep or encouragement. This not not what we see, however, as significant time and energy is needed to instruct a person on which god to believe in and how to properly worship that god.

This is why Hindu parents must instruct their children that many gods are real and Muslim parents must instruct their children that only one god is real. One would imagine that if belief were natural, placed in us by a god, then it should come a little more easily.

Consider how much money and labor the world's religions spend recruiting and maintaining their members. Many religious organizations employ tactics that to some nonbelievers, at least, seen transparently devious. Speaking for the gods, religious leaders promise elaborate rewards to followers such as financial success in this life and access to heaven.

As why should something natural need the threat of hell or unfortunate reincarnation be needed at all? If belief in a god is natural,. then why is there a need for prophets and preachers to continually push the lure of of pleasure and fear of punishment?

If Jesus is really a god and Christianity is both true and natural, then why the need for missionaries, Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms, Gospel rock concerts, 24 hour Christian Tv channels?

And finally, if belief is as natural as many believers tell me it is, why are their so many nonbelievers today?

To close, the fact that there is no agreement among the world's believers and never has been, tell us that the popularity of belief offers no help to the claims of a particular god's existence.

Compelling and contradictory claims for thousands of gods by billions of people throughout history only says on thing in my mind; we are capable in believing in just about anything.

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