Should you ignore or help a homeless person asking for change?

PalPULAR 2011/01/06 22:40:59
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You'll find a homeless person almost everywhere now these days begging for change. Should a person ignore the homeless or help them by giving them their change?

Homeless man w/golden radio voice - watch video

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  • eyeballz 2011/01/07 02:29:27
    I tried to help a homeless man on a street corner once, he came over to me and said
    ( Man I'm Starving can you help me out with a couple bucks ), I said back to him ( There is a restaurant right there , I will take you in and buy you a meal ) he replied back ( I'm not hungry right now).
  • Alicia-Jonni 2011/01/07 00:46:16
    I don't know. Some people may really need help, but the ones that don't overcome why I don't help them. Today, being homeless can be like having a job. Some of these people might be rich wanting to make a good 200 dollars. Some of these people just use it to buy drugs, and alcohol. I want to help someone that really needs it not some fool.
  • SaraLouShrodes 2011/01/07 00:08:32
    It's really hard for me not to want to help but there are many people that aren't really homeless so I don't feel like I should reward someone for lying. It makes it bad for people that really do need the help.
  • Raptor Jesus 2011/01/06 23:50:27
  • $$iccug$$ 2011/01/06 22:59:19
    depends what mood im in
  • The Sane One 2011/01/06 22:47:29
    The Sane One
    Those that are begging for change are very rarely homeless themselves-- they are POSING as homeless.

    I AM homeless, yet won't be asking for spare change-- I'd much rather work for the money.

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