Should Washington Push the Female Condom?

Living 2010/07/29 23:18:28
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You probably don't know anybody who uses one, but Washington, D.C., is on a mission to get women to use the female condom.

Washington has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the U.S., according to The Associated Press. A 2009 study found about three percent of the city's population over the age of 12 has HIV or AIDS.

Health officials say a female condom is as effective as male condoms in preventing pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases — and because a female condom covers more area, it may provide broader protection. It can also be inserted up to eight hours before intercourse. And it allows a woman to take charge of the protection issue.

Community groups are handing out 500,000 of the female condoms all over the city. City officials also have a website and posters on 460 buses.

"We're hoping that this will just be part of [women's] arsenal," Dr. Nnemdi Kamanu Elias of the district's Department of Health, who is overseeing the part of the department that deals with HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, told the Associated Press. "It's something they themselves can initiate and they themselves have control over.

Should Washington Push the Female Condom?

Read More: http://health.yahoo.net/news/s/ap/us_female_condoms

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  • youarenotlistening 2010/07/30 17:41:22
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    Dont know what it is , yet. Anything that empowers women to take charge of their sex lives /body and health , is a good thing.

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  • XRenX 2010/08/02 21:35:05
    No, they should push abstinence.
    let's see if anyone has sense enough to care about consequences.
  • J 2010/07/30 20:54:37
    No, they should push abstinence.
    Since when has a condom PREVENTED HIV? The is a mountain of difference between preventing and decreasing risks.
  • Shanny 2010/07/30 19:56:59
    No, they should push abstinence.
    I think that it is wrong that they are advertiseing female condoms thats just wrong and gross cuz some little kid might see a pic of one of them and ask there mommy what that is
  • Ric O'Shea® 2010/07/30 19:42:53
  • thatonegaychick 2010/07/30 19:41:49
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    people arent going to stop having sex.

    it feels too good.
  • Axl Snaks 2010/07/30 19:29:53 (edited)
  • salamengkero 2010/07/30 19:13:59
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    It would help the dumb girls who fall for the line(s) :

    "Condoms are too tight on me."
    " I am actually allergic to latex."
    Or any number of things a guy will say because he can't be bothered to stop and put a condom on himself.
  • nephalos666 2010/07/30 18:15:15 (edited)
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    Meh. If you DO use it, it's like taking a shower with a raincoat on, but if you DON'T use it....well then, you ain't getting safely laid.

    My advice: check the damn turf before you go playing on the field. And that's to both the men AND the women.
  • thatone... nephalo... 2010/07/30 19:42:30
    lmao XD
  • nephalo... thatone... 2010/07/31 02:09:57
  • ColorMeRaven 2010/07/30 18:04:33
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    We all know no one is going to stick with abstience so they should just poush the condoms. Its better than being umprotected.
  • cake 2010/07/30 17:52:41
    No, they should push abstinence.
    it sounds like a good idea? haha i guess but if a chick has a regular condom isn't the protection still inher hands? its all about decisions and communication and if you're not brave/smart enough to talk abot it DON'T HAVE SEX
  • nephalo... cake 2010/07/30 18:13:47 (edited)
    don't have sex.....

    My, that's an interesting profile picture you have there, Cake, with an EXTREMELY interesting name you've tagged it with. Interesting choice of user name as well.
  • thatone... cake 2010/07/30 19:44:09
    what if "it was the heaaaaattt off the momeeennntt"
  • Coleen 2010/07/30 17:43:50
    No, they should push abstinence.
    No. That's disgusting. Putting more responsibility onto the woman. If it's that much of a threat to have sex with him or you don't know then just don't do it! geez. I think anything you insert is going to come with an unnecessary risk.
  • youarenotlistening 2010/07/30 17:41:22
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    Dont know what it is , yet. Anything that empowers women to take charge of their sex lives /body and health , is a good thing.
  • chamchamgal 2010/07/30 15:02:53
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    push birth control!!
  • kmay 2010/07/30 14:47:11
    No, they should push abstinence.
    Not in the Feds purview per the constitution!
  • Sugarbear 2010/07/30 14:36:27
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    Hell, why not? I can't imagine that they might have any thing more important to be thinking about?
  • Sista Nunya 2010/07/30 14:10:14
  • words to live by 2010/07/30 14:04:43
    No, they should push abstinence.
    words to live by
    Give me a break! A woman has for years had to worry about birth control. Most men expect the woman to be prepared with a birth control method. Let the dang man wear the rubber. Better yet, if you are not married, you shouldn't be having sex.....
  • maggzmarshh 2010/07/30 13:55:55
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    sure they can push it. but hasnt the female condom been around for years now?
    personally if i had to chooce the male or female to wear the condom the male would be easier.
    for the female its alot more work and effort to put the condom inside and such.

    maybe they should have more FREE condoms availiable..
  • Sista N... maggzma... 2010/07/30 14:14:51
  • maggzma... Sista N... 2010/07/30 14:27:12
    hmm im not sure i dont follow american politics
  • Franklin 2010/07/30 13:34:27
    No, they should push abstinence.
    ..No they should stop pretending they can legislate any dam thing ! Every single one of the liberal programs have made the issues they where intended to address WORSE ! ...what is the goal of Sex education ? 100% teen pregnancy ? 100% welfare parents / single parent homes ? ...
  • Vieuphoria 2010/07/30 13:25:28
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    Not only should it push this, it should push proper sex eduction. We dont want young mothers, but nor do we want a generation of people scared, or ill informed on sex. People will have sex, it doesnt make them bad people.... So why not push all contriception and sex ed?
  • Franklin Vieuphoria 2010/07/30 13:32:34
    Report card time : statistically speeching “sex education” not only does not work it actually has a negative effect on all of the issues it was supposed to fix...more Sex Ed= more STD s under age pregnancy , single parent homes LOL
    Like all “liberal “ ideas it looks good on paper but in reality is actually bad for us as a nation and MORE $$$ will only make things worse...
  • Vieuphoria Franklin 2010/07/30 13:35:38
    Any proof here?
  • Franklin Vieuphoria 2010/07/30 13:59:36
    ...not on this PC ..if you remind me I will find the states I pulled a few years ago on pregnancy rates-abortion-STD's etc in a “then and now” format to show the rapid decline in those states after Sex Education started 30 years ago....for now , you tell me are we better of than we where 30 years ago on any of the issues with sex ????
  • Vieuphoria Franklin 2010/07/30 14:05:00
    Correlation does not equate to Causation. Plus stats are easily manipulated. But do drop by again and show me these rates etc, and where they hav come from etc.

    But eduction is far better than not knowing a thing.
  • Jack 2010/07/30 13:20:21 (edited)
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    You can argue all you like that abstinence is the way to go, but unfortunately, if that's your opinion, it only guarantees that you won't be having sex. You can't make that decision for the whole nation. Make safe sex available for people of all classes and the spread of STD's can at least be limited.
  • James 2010/07/30 12:42:08
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    If it will really help....
  • cutter's falls 2010/07/30 11:55:35
  • thatone... cutter'... 2010/07/30 19:46:36
    we dont need everyone getting sick or making more people (on accident). im guessing this does help in a way.
  • cutter'... thatone... 2010/07/30 19:53:09
  • thatone... cutter'... 2010/07/30 19:57:58 (edited)
    why do we keep so many prisoners alive? if they've committed a very serious crime why dont we just sentence them to death instead of life in prison? and if we know that they are gang members, why do we let them back out? they're just going to go back to where they left off when they were sent to prison.
  • cutter'... thatone... 2010/07/30 20:07:58
  • thatone... cutter'... 2010/07/30 20:20:29
    yeah. but it has to end somewhere you know? thats millions of dollars spent on keeping them alive. even the ones that dont deserve to live. im not saying put all of them to death, im just saying that the rapists and murders should be on death row.
  • Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2010/07/30 08:59:25
    Yes, it will help fight HIV.
    Vive le Canada Libre!!!
    Whatever helps to combat HIV/AIDS.
  • true am... Vive le... 2010/07/30 10:57:53
    true american
    Would it not be best to atleast have one partner to combat the diease?

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