Should Texting While Walking Be Banned?

Living 2011/02/20 11:00:00
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You're already in big trouble if you text and drive, and pretty soon, you might not be allowed to text and walk.

New York State Sen. Carl Kruger wants to ban pedestrians from using cell phones, iPods, BlackBerries and other mobile devices when they are crossing the street, according to The Stir.

Last December, a 21-year-old man listening to music on a Manhattan street corner was crushed by a Mack truck after he failed to hear the vehicle's backup signal.

"You can’t be fully aware of your surroundings if you’re fiddling with a Blackberry, dialing a phone number, playing Super Mario Brothers on a Game Boy or listening to music on an iPod," Kruger said.

Under Kruger’s bill, anyone caught crossing the street while using an electronic device would be issued a criminal court summons with a penalty of $100.

Arkansas recently joined New York as the second state to consider such legislation, and it might be a good idea. Last month, a viral video of woman who fell into a water fountain proved that texting on the go is not quite as easy as walking and chewing gum. She's just lucky she didn't fall into a Mack truck.

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  • fer_reals 2011/02/21 04:20:00
    Yes, we should ban texting and walking. And then we should ban smoking cigarettes, lung cancer y'know. Ban fast food cause of obesity concerns. Then we should ban salt! Heart disease.
    After that we should ban alcohol, cause of alcoholism. Pain killers because of addiction, thinking because of independent thoughts.
    Book reading because of opinions and television because of diversity. The paintings and sculptures because of nudity.
    Wars because of death, famine because of starvation, and old age because of death.
    *please feel free to add to the list*

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  • MC-CierraMist 2012/04/15 19:01:30
    if you can text and drive or text and walk then when can you text? seriously people just need to be more aware of their surroundings. no matter what you ban, people are still going to up up in these situations,
  • Lizbot 2011/07/19 11:55:12
    How ridiculous. Anyone here read 1984 by George Orwell?
  • ry 2011/04/14 16:27:24
    I bought a phone so i could talk on the go. It's not fair if I get in trouble for it.
  • ThePurpleHaze 2011/03/20 01:44:53
    If you text and get yourself killed then your a fault.
    However when you drive you can kill other people.
  • Sara 2011/03/17 18:19:15
    because u never know wat lays in front of u and if u r busy tedxting u will just hurt ur self eg.trip!
  • Raelyn Sara 2011/04/19 15:13:22
    U should learn how to type!!!
  • Bloody Brey 2011/03/01 22:13:27
    Bloody Brey
    Just because I almost broke my nose a few times from running into walls and ppl that doesn't mean it should be illegal lol
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2011/02/25 23:31:11
    Jana~ una chica loca
    the truck should has watched out for ppl
  • Superman2 2011/02/25 01:47:56
    Because you might have an accident with bird flying by. lol. THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND FUNNY :D
  • Veritas 2011/02/23 14:38:01
    People just should watch where they are going if they are going to walk and text. It's a matter of personal responsibility, not governmental.
  • Carlbo 2011/02/23 14:29:24
    I don't do it as it's rude and dangerous in some cases. I want people to be able to do this and I will continue to walk into them. It's just like the person at a crowded place taking movies of his family and thinks everyone needs to get out of his way. Let the stupid continue.
  • chuck 2011/02/23 14:22:37
    next are they going to tell us how many squares to use when we wipe
  • Mystical♥Gleek 2011/02/23 14:17:14
    But you shouldn't walk and text.
  • PhilCooper 2011/02/23 13:00:28
    We need to get RID of 90%-95% of the laws currently on the books, not write more of them.
  • I "Heart" Logic 2011/02/23 12:12:57
    I "Heart" Logic
    I just think people should learn to be more aware of their surroundings. Its like banning mobile phone use in the cars, it hasnt stopped people from doing it so why would this actually be useful?
  • zomgitsyoulol 2011/02/23 11:58:23
    They're idiots, sorry but enough said.
  • KinnUzumaki 2011/02/23 10:42:02
    doesn't matter!
  • Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET 2011/02/23 06:05:24
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    But if your going to fall into a manhole don't be surprised if you end up on Youtube. Just like the lady who tripped in the mall while walking and texting. If you're not paying attention to where you are going and you embarrass yourself prepare for the world to laugh at you.
  • Kalayaan 001 2011/02/23 05:47:57
    Kalayaan 001
    No, people should be smarter and should pay attention to where they are going... if they value their safety and well-being, that is. Such action should be common sense, not national law.
  • Mark 2011/02/23 05:09:12
    Even when I text and walk, I look up every few seconds, and never, ever text and walk through any intersections. That's just dumb. Plus, if I'm texting, I'm not listening to music, because I know that I need my sense of hearing if my eyes are occupied for even that short amount of time.

    Sure, by not banning texting while people are crossing the street, we'd get rid of some Darwin Award recipients, but we already try to keep those types alive as much as possible in the US, anyway.
  • twilighter98 2011/02/23 05:04:53
    yes and no. i am switzerland right now. yes becuz it is dangerous to wlk in the street wile txting. no becuz sum ppl r good at multi tasking, making it easier for them to see wher they r going and what they r txting at the same time. not evrybody cnt multi task and for the ones who do shouldnt hav to suffer just cuz sum ppl get injured or killed txting. i do feel sorry for those ppl but it is wat it is
  • Agent666 2011/02/23 04:57:35
    I think it should be banned... there was a report of a girl walking into a men's restroom while she was texting.... didn't even look up, until it was too late. An old man was finishing up at the urinal, and the little lady was sorely embarrassed..... poor kid.... should have had the phone put away, and aware of where she was heading... the women's room was on the other side.
  • mymojitogirl 2011/02/23 04:43:55 (edited)
    if she wants to text and fall in a manhole thats HER problem! We should ban walking and chewing gum instead!
  • miskitty54341 2011/02/23 04:41:06
    just be careful and you will be fine plus no would follow the rule and getting put in jail for txting O_O what do u think?
  • Tasha 2011/02/23 04:26:03
    They've already banned people texting while driving. People just need to watch where they are going. What's more important... a text message? or your life?
  • Britt 2011/02/23 03:39:11
    I understand texting and driving being banned but walking? If you're dumb enough to walk through an intersection texting on your phone and get hit by a car that's your own damn fault.
  • ~Brittany~GangstaPickles 2011/02/23 03:35:52
    No beacuse that would effin retarded. there is nothing wrong with walking and texting as long as you look up when you cross the street. lol i remember one time i walked into a tree when i was texting, but its all good: no one saw me. :D but still, theres no reason to ban it, no ones gonna listen,
  • SteveCrawford 2011/02/23 03:17:21
    OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD - no they shouldn't ban texting & walking, what gives them the right ( if she walks into a manhole cover, it'll really screw up her day - I doub't she'll be texting and walking again, at the very least she'll become more carefull if she continues to text and walk. What will they fine her for next ' snapping her gum ' ?
  • lurch 2011/02/23 02:32:23
    Put some trip wires up so these idiots will pay attention or be embarrassed when they fall.
  • Chardestar 2011/02/23 02:31:23
    heck no! thats ridiculous
  • CyrilMacKenzieRicketts 2011/02/23 02:27:04
    Frankly, it's your own fault if your peripherals are bad enough that you can't tell when traffic is near, and you don't take steps to avoid personal damage.
  • Beccy 2011/02/23 02:23:15
    I'd rather see someone texting well walking then driving. What are we going to ban next breathing?
  • WshngMchn 2011/02/23 02:13:47
    Neither should texting while driving. It's only dangerous if you're stupid. Like driving in general.
  • Curmudgeon 2011/02/23 01:48:23
    What is going to be banned next in New York? Breathing without a permit?
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2011/02/23 01:33:33
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    IMO, banning it would be stupid...then it might increase in larger numbers because people want to rebel against the system and such....but cell phones fine..but banning or getting a fine listening to your music...? no...i listen to my music full blast..but i always know whats around me at all times and am consciously aware also.
  • Michaela Basciano 2011/02/23 01:23:17
    Michaela Basciano
  • ShayShay 2011/02/23 00:39:31
    in my opinion i say no cause idk cause i said :)
  • ur XLNC-PWCM 2011/02/23 00:19:09
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    Darwin Awards should be bestowed...posthumously. Our society may mean well, trying to save people from their own stupid behavior, but nature has a way of culling the herd. If we stop protecting people from themselves....the gene-pool improves and the human-race as a species improves.
  • CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle 2011/02/22 23:49:04
    CHUCK - Liberal in Seattle
    Let the fools kill themselves! You can't stop it. Inspite of laws, fools continue texting while driving.

    fools kill inspite laws fools continue texting driving damn fools texting
  • danjac1263 CHUCK -... 2011/02/23 00:16:38
    I dont care if its only themselves that they threaten,
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