Should Teens Start School Later In The Day?

Living 2010/07/07 20:04:57
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Should sleepy teens be given an extra half-hour of shut-eye every morning?

According to the Associated Press, a new study found that starting school at 8:30 a.m. rather than 8 a.m. led to more alertness in class, better moods, less tardiness, and healthier breakfasts.

Teens tend to be in their deepest sleep around dawn. Interrupting that sleep can leave them out of sorts, especially since they also tend to have trouble dozing off before 11 p.m, the AP reports.

But with adults hurrying to get to work on time, most districts oppose later class times.

Maybe we're weird, but we had much more energy in high school than we do now. We don't feel that sorry for these kids!

Should Teens Start School Later In The Day?

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  • Cold Warrior 2010/07/07 21:58:54
    Cold Warrior
    Stop texting, face booking, ipoding, PS, Xbox and whatever waste of time and go to bed early enough. Take some freakin responsibility.

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  • xcide13 Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 01:05:34
    Why in the hell would anyone go to bed at 8:00pm to make it to school at 8:00am? And you can't use that 'the sun is still shining at 8:45' crap either. Go to bed at 10-11pm and get up between 6-7. That's eight hours of sleep...all any teen needs.
  • Rawr..f... xcide13 2010/07/08 16:29:38
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    no. school starts at about 6:55.
  • xcide13 Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 20:56:18
    So go to bed at 9:30-10pm and get up between 5:30-6am...what's the problem?
  • Rawr..f... xcide13 2010/07/08 21:38:14
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    that I still don't get to sleep enough and it takes me a long time to get ready in the morning.
  • xcide13 Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 22:09:43
    If it takes you that long to get ready then you must be willing to sacrifice sleep for vanity...and that would be a personal problem; not one that should alter the school's schedule to accomodate your lack of priorities.
  • Rawr..f... xcide13 2010/07/08 22:12:32
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    ok. say what you want this is sodahead. but, to tell you the truth most girls do, we feel this need to, atleast me and the rest of the girls at my school do.
  • xcide13 Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 22:17:12
    I realize this and chalk it up to the increasingly preposterous image that is pushed upon young girls by the media, cosmetic companies, and clothing manufacturers. But i also understand that young girls have a predisposition towards the extreme desire for acceptance. Sooo get used to being tired all the time...i'm sure that they have a concealer or something for the bags under your eyes.
  • Rawr..f... xcide13 2010/07/08 22:38:11
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    easier said than done. that's it I'm not replying. You get the last word cause arging about this is stupid. I know what I can handle and you don't know me and my body so you can just deal with the fact I'm not gonna argue anymore.
  • panda i... Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 04:47:33
    panda in bandanna
    im sleep deprived so i agree with you. its easy for someone to say to go to sleep early
  • Rawr..f... panda i... 2010/07/08 16:30:09
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    I know. I have insomnia too:l
  • Gun665 Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 13:55:27
  • Rawr..f... Gun665 2010/07/08 16:30:50
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    yeah it is. When did I say ten I'm pretty sure I didn't say that..??
  • Gun665 Rawr..f... 2010/07/08 22:24:51
  • Rawr..f... Gun665 2010/07/08 22:38:44
    Rawr..fear me!!plz??
    ok. sorry my bad.
  • sam Cold Wa... 2010/07/07 23:29:38
  • Vaius Cold Wa... 2010/07/07 23:51:08 (edited)
    Go to bed early? Hah! Why would I want to go to sleep at 11 P.M.?
  • xcide13 Vaius 2010/07/08 01:07:48
    When you're 16 it doesn't really matter what you want. Your parents should tell you what you need.
  • Vaius xcide13 2010/07/08 01:12:36 (edited)
    They let me go to bed whenever I want now, it's summer. As long as I don't put the volume on the computer too loud. I only go to sleep when I get so tired I can't keep my eyes open. And that's only because I don't drink energy drinks, and I can't get my main source of caffeine (soda, namely Mt. Dew).
  • xcide13 Vaius 2010/07/08 01:20:23
    Thanks for the diatribe but i was speaking of periods in which you were attending school. Isn't that what the entire post is about.
  • Vaius xcide13 2010/07/08 04:26:11
    Oh, well, during school, yeah, I go to bed at 10. That's reasonable, right? I wake up at 5.
  • xcide13 Vaius 2010/07/08 13:39:04
    I hear ya. When i was in high school i worked until 10pm and had to get up around 5am. What some of those who commented on this post seem to want is to start school at 9-9:30am because they don't want to go to bed until midnight.
  • Soldier... Cold Wa... 2010/07/08 01:10:29
    Took the words right out of my mouth..err...keyboard(?).
  • carrot ... Cold Wa... 2010/07/08 12:23:25
  • Cold Wa... carrot ... 2010/07/10 20:58:11
    Cold Warrior
    WOO-HOO! (Tonight I'm stayin' up late and watchin' the history channel! I know what your thinkin', a guy my age? Really pushin' the envelope!)
  • KKP Cold Wa... 2010/07/08 15:54:29
    WAIT?!? Going to bed early works? HOLY CRAP! HOLD THE PRESSES!

    I agree with you entirely.
  • I am me 2010/07/07 21:56:16
    I am me
    And then just wait until they start college where a core class for their degree ONLY starts at 8 am every semester (including in the Summer)... or when they get a job and they have to get to work by 8... :-/

    Good job teaching them to be responsible by catering to their wants... :-/ I'm sorry but maybe if they went to bed 30 minutes earlier they might not be so tired.
  • jeni 2010/07/07 21:55:19
    They are at an age where they are transitioning from children to adults and unfortunately adults rarely get to hit that snooze button.
  • Ves~Sai... jeni 2010/07/07 22:18:29
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    If they are smart adults they set the alarm earlier so they can hit the snooze button a few times before waking up on time. ;)
  • jeni Ves~Sai... 2010/07/07 22:45:54
    lol I can't hit the snooze button otherwise I will keep hitting it lol
  • Ves~Sai... jeni 2010/07/07 22:48:58
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Haha, I suppose thats also an option, see I can't keep hitting it because apparently I say "OK I'M F*CKING UP, damn clock" lol
  • jeni Ves~Sai... 2010/07/08 22:47:52
    lol i did, once.. When i was starting a new job, had the alarm clock by my side so I would wake up and apparently I not only hit the snooze button but i yanked the clock out of the wall lol
  • Ves~Sai... jeni 2010/07/09 03:33:40
    Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET
    Haha, wow that poor clock.
  • jeni Ves~Sai... 2010/07/09 03:35:28
    lol yah, poor me i was late to work that first day, which is the most important day haha no one seemed to notice luckily enough! lol
  • Peter Quan 2010/07/07 21:54:02
    Peter Quan
    When I had school it started at 7:40 but I always woke up at 5:00 to get there early, Its a good habit to wake up early because I'll be in Boot Camp pretty soon. Oorah
  • cutter'... Peter Quan 2010/07/07 22:45:53 (edited)
  • Peter Quan cutter'... 2010/07/07 22:48:22
    Peter Quan
    Thanks Semper-fi
    I know the basics of boot camp since my brother just became a Marine, he has given me an idea of boot camp.
  • sam cutter'... 2010/07/07 23:31:44
    Semper-fi.. semper-fi
  • Grrr Peter Quan 2010/07/08 05:57:26
    are you ready to take on the gas room during the training? and good luck i hope you do well, what camp are you going to?
  • Peter Quan Grrr 2010/07/08 16:11:24
    Peter Quan
    No one is every ready for the gas chamber, Thanks, I'll be heading down to Parris Island, South Carolina like my brother.
  • Grrr Peter Quan 2010/07/08 18:33:14
    awsome and true lolz no one is i hope you do well, my dad thinks that the training got a bit softer than he was in it, he was in camp pendelton in 1980 i think

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