Should Teens Have Part-Time Jobs?

Living 2011/02/07 21:00:00
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Many successful Americans started their careers by flipping burgers in high school. But can teens handle the pressures of working part-time?

A new study of middle-class high school students found that those who worked more than 20 hours a week had reduced school engagement, lower expectations for further education and an increase in illegal activities including stealing, carrying a weapon and using alcohol and drugs, HealthDay reports.

These negative behaviors continued even after the teens reduced their work hours or stopped working.

"Although working during high school is unlikely to turn law-abiding teenagers into felons or cause students to flunk out of school, the extent of the adverse effects we found is not trivial, and even a small decline in school engagement or increase in problem behavior may be of concern to many parents," study leader Kathryn C. Monahan, a research scientist at the University of Washington, said in a news release.

This doesn't mean that Junior needs to rely on his allowance until high school graduation. Teens who worked fewer than 20 hours a week experienced negligible academic, psychological or behavioral effects, according to the study.

Monahan recommends that parents limit the amount of time their kids spend working, but this is easier said than done: In some families, it is essential that children of working age contribute to household expenses.

However, when possible, a high school student should probably be spending more time hitting the books -- and less time making french fries.

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  • katie_nara 2011/02/17 19:11:55
    think bout it...when a teenage get a job he feels independed that he gets hold of his life and he is happier also he doesn have to ask his / her parents for money cause the money from the job will be enough at some point..its not like he has to pay a rent or smt but it can help alot...i dont see the reason why not teens have a simple job...
  • MorganRae 2011/02/16 19:44:53
    yes of course. i've had a job since i was 13/14. They need to understand the value and the dignity of work. Also the value of money. Most kids have no idea of the value of money. they think that they 'deserve" $40 from their moms paycheck just for taking out the garbage. Yeah right.

    in the end i say yes because it will help them get real and grow up.
  • Amber 2011/02/12 05:10:14
    Bc it would help them learn to make their own money and give them some work
  • anna prince 2011/02/11 19:23:27
    anna prince
    If they can maintain their grades while working that's great!! They can pay for some of their own stuff and take some financial stress of their family or if the financial situation of the family is not so good they can contribute to the household. It teaches them some responsibility and if they have to work, maybe they wont have time to go out and make bad decisions.
  • ChrisAH 2011/02/08 21:53:51
    Education is more expensive than ever and teens should help save up some of the funds needed for college. Limit it to no more than16 hours a week.
  • TasselLady 2011/02/08 21:32:38
    If they want to do so yes. And, many do so because of necessity. They're parents may not have the means to give them all they need, and sometimes a part-time job helps a little bit.
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2011/02/08 21:17:04
    They really don't need it. Unless they had a baby or something. They need to finish education first then worry about working later. Their parents already provide what they need: a place to stay and food to eat. What else do they need? They can also get money by doing household work.
  • Mystical♥Gleek 2011/02/08 21:11:13
    Education first, then you can get a job when you go to college unless you need a job to raise a child. Helping out around the home and neighborhood is a good job for teens. No need to go to fast food or grocery stores. Don't get a job unless it's absolutely necessary! Parents can pay you allowance for helping out.
  • Tasha 2011/02/08 20:54:09
    Sure! Why not? Teenagers need jobs too. That is, if they are willing to do the work.
  • Join the Death Eaters... We... 2011/02/08 20:48:17
    Join the Death Eaters... We Have Draco!!!
    My mom always said that I could have a job once my education was out of the way.
  • lrb 2011/02/08 20:24:56
    It's great character building. My mom bought me a motorcycle when I was 15 after much begging and little hope of it ever happening. She gave me 1 year to pay it off or sell it. I got a job that summer and worked fulltime all summer as a plumbers helper. I paid the bike off early. Probably the most physically demanding job I every had. I dug lots of ditches. But it was a great experience and I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

    I think that kids shouldn't work too many hours during school, definitely not more than 20 unless absolutely necessary. But even during school, part time work can teach great lessons. Plus you don't really learn the value of things until you have to work and pay for them yourself.

    Too many kids today are just flat out lazy and have huge entitlement issues. They need to learn the value of work before they are thrown out into the cold hard world.
  • Larson Whipsnade 2011/02/08 20:20:13 (edited)
    Larson Whipsnade
    EVERYBODY over the age of 15 should have at least a part-time job, to train them for what is going to be expected of them once they leave the nest. If they can't handle work by the time they are 18, woe unto them. The time to learn a work ethic is NOT when your parents kick you out of the house. There are already too many bums out there who never even tried to get a job.
  • harasnicole 2011/02/08 20:15:16
    If they want to learn the value of a dollar. Or learn what it's like to be independent.
  • Lesleya 2011/02/08 19:54:31
    Work never hurt anyone. Teens have to learn that work is a part of life, and the only way to develop a good work ethic is to WORK! The one thing I have an issue with though is how many teens are working as much as an adult would. That I do not agree with. Teens should not work any more than 20 hours per week. They should be able to work, enjoy their relaxation time and devote enough hours to their school work without stressing out over it. 20 week work enjoy relaxation devote school work stressing teenager working
  • sweetserinity13 2011/02/08 19:44:29
    when I was in high school I worked in a bookstore and I loved it, now my senior year was more difficult because I was juggling high school, college and two jobs and I wouldn't advise it for someone who stresses easily (which is why it only lasted a few weeks). But I loved earning my own money and not having to ask my parents for money.
  • georgia gal 2011/02/08 19:25:17
    georgia gal
    A part time job dosen't interfer with a teens education and working is an education of it's own. If you work at a fast food you learn to do it all and you also understand the meaning of higher education means a higher paycheck!! Most teens excell at both if that is what they want to do. Summer jobs are great for a teen but unfortunately those jobs are few and far between and most are allotted to low income families. So back to flipping burgers and moping floors ...
  • BJ 2011/02/08 19:24:49
    As long as it doesn't interfere w/school I think they should, that is if they want a car, gas & insurance for it, $ for dates & clothes, etc etc *My kids are gunna love me aren't they?! : )
  • I Wish I Were A Skywalker..... 2011/02/08 19:00:17
    I Wish I Were A Skywalker... ~ In Television I Trust
    During the school year it's just dumb because you're supposed to be focusing on your studies, even if you have very little money and are struggling with bills, if you miss out on your education you will spend your life working far too hard, but in the summer I always work for a month, five hours a day at an italian place down the street from me.
  • runningintriangles 2011/02/08 18:58:06
    How else do they pay for things? I mean, if I hadn't been working all through high school, I'd have never managed a trip to Europe or supplies for art class... or lunch. :|
    I worked 20 hours a week all through high school, at least, yet I made honour roll, got myself a bursary and a few awards, and despite working even MORE in my first year of university, I still had excellent grades.

    It's not impossible to have a job AND do well in school.
  • BenLand... running... 2011/02/08 19:15:21
    most people aren't as hard working and dedicated as you are.
  • running... BenLand... 2011/02/08 21:27:07
    Even so, doesn't mean they can't be. :|
  • Nope.avi 2011/02/08 18:46:50
    Absolutely!, everybody except for kids should be able to get jobs!, what's a life without learning to earn things by ourselves?
  • Dickens 2011/02/08 18:46:44 (edited)
    Yes, but with restrictions as to the number of hours that can be worked. Besides, flipping burgers as a teenager can act as an incentive to stay in school, because then they'll know what they DO NOT want to do for the rest of their lives.
  • Stan Kapusta 2011/02/08 18:43:57
    Stan Kapusta
    It taught me respondsability. They should have the same opportunity.
  • heartbreakadrie 2011/02/08 18:39:08
    we need money too
  • morrisonist 2011/02/08 18:31:01
  • PanDuh 2011/02/08 18:26:47
    Good to have them know that life is stressful. Better sooner then later.
  • Lady Yui 2011/02/08 18:15:19
    Lady Yui
    Hell yeah they should....DURING THE SUMMER. Not during the school year. During the school year they should be concentrating on classes. During the summer they should be working.
  • Barfly 2011/02/08 18:04:38
    There are numerous plusses for teens to work a few hours a week: self-confidence, teamwork, your own income, self-worth, experience for when you need a full-time job when school work is done. Employers may hire you over a recently graduated student because you have some practical work experience.
  • Michaelene 2011/02/08 17:53:39
    Since there were only 36 k jobs created last month, that averages to 720 per state. Good luck with those odds.
    The teens today have it harder than any time since the depression. Most places would not hire anyone under 18, and then they had to have drivers licenses. My kids each waited a year or two filling out hundreds of applications for a single call back.

    This article is absurd! Every kid I know who has worked realized they needed further education so that they would not be flipping burgers for life.
  • Bob 2011/02/08 17:42:13
    Are we serious with this crap? With the dumbification of American kids at the hands of Social Modification entities like Union Educators, Counselor components which have given every excuse other than in the womb need for social passing for kids who fail. But Now, kids need to stop learning towards what will be necessary towards a furtherance of life, the job??? These "researchers" who take gov't grants to exemplify their engineered outcomes need to have had a job earlier in life, instead of becoming "professional students" working off of taxpayers monies (gov' grants). They wouldn't be so quick to spin their outcomes! Educated, community organizer created, Idiots!!!
  • Bay 2011/02/08 17:30:14
    we can handle it.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2011/02/08 17:14:40
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    My parents won't allow me to get a job during the school year (unless it was babysitting) but during the summers I'd find a part-time job just to have change in my pocket.

    I think it's VERY important because it taught me the value of a dollar (why do first pay checks always go the fastest), responsibility, and maturity just from having a job for two and a half months.
  • Texoma 2011/02/08 17:12:36
    Teens need parents who will parent them. A school, A part time job or an after school program will not do what good parenting can not.
  • georgia... Texoma 2011/02/08 19:38:31
    georgia gal
    Not sure where parenting came in!! jobs help create responsibility to others besides the parents.
    A school is for education an afternoon program is for parents who must make a living and don't want their child at home alone. Every thing has it place in a childs life and everything should be a teaching
    aide for the future. Parenting is more than calling yourself a parent, it includes encouraging your child to experience all phases of life. Jobs can build character and confidence for teens.
  • Texoma georgia... 2011/02/08 21:01:55
    That was my point. Parents who take their responsibilities seriously encourage their kids to learn the value of school, work (when its appropriate and at the right age) and the balance to do the right one when its time. Jobs are appropriate unless your child can't do both. A good parent knows what their child is capable of, monitors their progress and advises responsibly.
  • Pissed off contractor 2011/02/08 17:06:58
    Pissed off contractor
    I would love to see the full results of this study and the demographics. In no way do I believe that working causes lower expectations and increased crime. In general working teaches responsibility, financial responsibility and how to interact with others in a working environment, plus it can be a good headstart if the teen knows the field they want to go into. I worked well over 30 hours a week in high school, maintained a 3.5 average and after school and working I was to tired to get into trouble. I also worked a full time and a part time job throughout college while taking 12 credits a semester at night. Most of my friends did the same thing, I think we are raising a society of pansies, life is all about managing time, learn how to do it at a young age and you will be better off in the future.
  • Alexander Ward 2011/02/08 17:03:34
  • Sass 2011/02/08 16:35:24
    Sure, why not. It will help prepare them to be responsible citizens and learn how to manage their money when they get out on their own. When my boys started driving, we told them we would buy their 1st used car, but it was up to them to earn the money for car insurance and to pay it.
  • Nat Turner 2011/02/08 16:30:58
    Nat Turner
    So they can learn a since of finacial freedom.

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