Should Taller Women Date Shorter Guys?

Living 2012/03/28 22:00:00
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Ladies, have you ever dated a shorter guy? Guys, have you ever dated taller? If you haven't, our friends at How About We have come up with 7 reasons why you should. Here are four of our favorites.

1. "Handsome doesn’t have a height requirement. Seriously, a good face and hot body looks just as good at 5'7" as it does at 6'3," they claim. This is true ... but you also have to look down to see him.

2. "Maybe you’re not a supermodel, but you’ll certainly get to feel like one when you go out with him in heels," they argue. Who wouldn't want to feel like Katie Holmes standing next to Tom Cruise once in a while?

3. "A short guy willing to go out with a girl who’s taller than he is is confident and probably ok with his girlfriend upstaging him. He’s not too hung up on appearance or machismo. This is a good quality to have in a boyfriend." Agreed.

4. "Uhm, you say Napoleon Complex like it’s a bad thing? Guys with Napoleon complexes are ambitious, capable and driven: they also have learned how to command respect through means other than appearance, all admirable traits." This appears to be true ... some of the shortest guys we've known have been the hardest working.

The truth is, a few inches really shouldn't make a difference, and can even look kind of sexy. And ladies, have you really met so many great guys that you're willing to overlook (pun intended) shorter studs?

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  • Wardie 2014/03/10 01:15:10
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    im about 5'7 and i wish a tall woman (like 6'5) would date me! i love tall women, theyre elegent and beautiful! im adorable and loving and would be a great boyfriend/husband to some lass, id adore and worship her, and cuddle and snuggle up to her in bed! =)

    i wish a 6'4+ woman would go out with me! im free and available!
  • Mahbubul islam 2013/11/19 15:28:09 (edited)
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Mahbubul islam
    Height doesn't matter at all love has nothing to do about the height difference if you love someone it doesn't matter what skin colour they are or how tall they are the important thing is that you are compatible with each other that you love each other and take care of each other everyone has their own tastes some like tall women some like short women but height is not important at all be with whoever you like whoever you are attracted to and whoever you are compatible with whoever you are comfortable with
  • Sanane 2013/05/17 18:00:36
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    I live in Istanbul, Turkey, I'm 5'8'' and I'd even date a 6'4'' girl if she'd have me. You see, I have a weakness for tall girls. Most men are dominant in relationships by nature and they pick shorter partners and expect to have control over the relationship. I'm the exact opposite. I'm very VERY submissive (and 100% straight, hell 200% if possible) and it is my dream, my heart's desire to have a towering girlfriend, obey her, wash and massage her feet, massage her, wash and clean for her, serve her and do her chores. What I wouldn't give for a giantess to accept me. I'd be her lapdog :D
  • Angie 2013/04/17 23:09:48
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    My bf is 5ft 4 and I'm 5 ft 7. He is my best friend
  • jake_april 2013/01/31 20:15:17
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    my fiance is 5'3 and i'm 5'7 and that doesn't really matter at all.,it's the character that counts anyway..we both love each other in spite of our height differences. it just happened that i am taller than him..that's it. :) (just sayin')
  • AndyBoy 2012/07/30 20:19:47
    No, it looks/feels weird
    I'm 6-3...I need a very tall woman with me.
  • Casey AndyBoy 2013/04/04 03:44:01
    Just because your 6-3 doesn't mean you need a tall women. Well in my opinion.
  • AndyBoy Casey 2013/04/04 19:27:07
    True, Casey. But I've dated shorter women, and if you know who Mutt & Jeff are, you will understand why I get tired of bending down to kiss a shorter woman.
  • ashley 2012/07/22 23:50:24
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Well you like who u like sometimes you wish it could be the other way but you cant help it its a free country and if some1 doesnt like it they can go f themseves
  • Charis1025 2012/07/10 23:46:46
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    I'm a 6ft 2 female and every guy I've dated has been shorter than me :) if you can settle on love then height or 'looks' shouldn't mean a thing :)
  • Royo 2012/06/06 02:21:00
    No, it looks/feels weird
    BUT I am happy for other people who want to do that. It's just a bit weird, IMO. Don't hate.
  • Gabby Grandchamp 2012/04/07 07:21:26
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Gabby Grandchamp
    I don't think it should matter but i'm only 5'3" so if i dated someone shorter they would have to be really short. my dad is only 5'8" so hes pretty short but even in really high heels, im the same height or shorter
  • Tara 2012/04/05 16:56:14 (edited)
    No, it looks/feels weird
    I want to say yes of course they can.. Love is love and you cant change your feelings for someone just because they are shorter/taller than you. BUT, I think it looks weird when a girl is taller than a guy. But if you dont care what people think, then good for you!
  • Brian Sullivan 2012/04/04 00:33:13
  • Giantfighter 2012/04/03 05:33:00
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Sure, why not! Two consenting adult are attracted to one another...it shouldn't matter. That would be like asking if hefty women should date thin guys.
  • JessicaPriest 2012/04/02 15:31:30
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Dating is about finding the right mate; someone who makes u happy and who can connect with u on every level....despite height or weight or any other physical characteristic. Personally, I'm just under 5 feet small, so anyone shorter than me wouldn't make me feel secure...I like them tall...my husband is short too, but he's taller than me and that makes me feel great.
  • Kirbyderby 2012/03/31 21:03:17
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Size matters not.
  • EricVanSingleton 2012/03/31 20:41:35
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    People are like any other accessory in your closet. It may look wrong, but it makes me feel so right.
  • Dave 007 2012/03/31 11:56:40
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Dave 007
    Women will date any guy if he has money.
  • Kirbyderby Dave 007 2012/03/31 21:02:49
    I beg to differ.
  • bt sedlock Kirbyderby 2012/04/07 17:26:11
    bt sedlock
    What is it about tall women that turn short men on? Is it because it's different, unusual, sexy.
  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2012/03/31 09:31:41
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    I personally wouldn't do it myself, as I have a preference for tall men. (Not to mention I'm 5'3", so I'd have to find a midget to date a guy that shorter than me.) However, I see no reason to tell other girls and woman not to do it.
  • Haifa Bourguiba 2012/03/30 22:22:40
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Haifa Bourguiba
    height is not important if you like someone you shouldn't date because of the he looks but cause you do like him
  • Reggie☮ 2012/03/30 17:15:06
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Height is a silly reason not to date someone.
  • Wutnagkillabeeontheswarm 2012/03/30 17:04:09
    No, it looks/feels weird
    I Voted "No" but tbhonest, I really don't care. If I will meet a girl who is taller than me, I wouldnt care less. I have seen enough women taller than me, who are also hot as hell, so who would give a crap, if You are walkin around town hand in hand with an amazone women, If she looks good then you can still show off, and brag about her.. I gives a rats ass if she taller than me, long legs are sexy as Hell ;-)
  • Tully 2012/03/30 15:07:34
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Only if the girl is hot.
  • Velma~BN-0 2012/03/30 13:07:19
    No, it looks/feels weird
    It looks way too weird.
  • bizkits of excriment 2012/03/30 12:57:30
    No, it looks/feels weird
    bizkits of excriment
    i personally cannot date a guy shorter than me. it makes me feel masculine. i meen it sounds kind of shallow but its really just weird. i dated a guy about an inch taller than me once and it was very annoying to go shoe shopping and have to overlook all of the pretty heals. so to those of you who feel comfortable dating short guys, congradulations.
  • Elaine Magliacane 2012/03/30 12:54:42
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Elaine Magliacane
    My husband is 4 or 5 inches shorter than me.... I wouldn't love him more if he were taller.. his height has nothing to do with his great heart.
  • Angela 2012/03/30 12:20:05
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Sure, why not..I'm 5' 10 and in heels (depends on the size) I can be at times, 6' 1" to 6' 3"..soo,yea, I don't have a problem with that at all...
  • Djanet 2012/03/30 11:08:13 (edited)
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    hey it might not look that good bt love is love
    my current boyfriend is mabe 2 or 3 inches shorrter
    not to short bt still as long as both are happy it doesnt mater
  • PLAYON 2012/03/30 10:59:22
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Matters not. Besides Cruise/Holmes you can also add Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban and Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw to this list.
    Faith and Tim
  • bt sedlock PLAYON 2012/04/07 17:22:01
    bt sedlock
    She isn't all that taller than him. Pardon my ignorance, but who is that couple?
  • Miko 2012/03/30 10:55:09
    No, it looks/feels weird
    i don't like to date a woman taller than me.
  • Justin Bunting 2012/03/30 10:00:21
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    Justin Bunting
    Height shouldn't be such a big deal.
  • Raymond 2012/03/30 06:54:04
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    It's their choice. Not anyone else's!
  • Werewolfgirl1995 2012/03/30 06:35:32
    Yes, height doesn't matter
    To be honest,I like tall guys,but I wouldn't not like someone just cause they're short,if I like them,I like them.I'm tall for a girl though so maybe I'll find someone who's tall or someone who's short but doesn't mind me being taller then them XD
  • MrFabulous47 2012/03/30 05:40:05
    No, it looks/feels weird
    Only if the man is Tom Cruise and a very gay closeted man at that. Katie makes a nice beard & their daughter is not his; it's Ryan Reynolds'.
  • Djanet MrFabul... 2012/03/30 11:11:18
    gosh you can be harch
  • MrFabul... Djanet 2012/03/31 06:02:13
    True, but it's only a goof. I honestly don't care either way what tom cruise does on his own time; but I did hear that Suri is Ryan Reynolds baby. Apparently he & Katie Holmes had been dating for a while before Cruise suddenly came on board and was jumping all over Ophra's couch....................
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