Should Student Be Fined $600 for Cursing?

Living 2011/02/03 14:00:00
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In the old days, a teacher might have slapped your hand with a ruler for cursing at school. Now, they just slap you with a fine.

In October, a Mesquite, Texas, high school student was fined $340 after a teacher reported her to campus police for shouting foul language at another student, CBS reported.

But it gets even worse. The student, who denies she said the words loud enough for the class to hear, never showed up for court, adding penalties that brought the fine to more than $600.

That's one expensive four-letter word.

“Unfortunately, people say things that they might later regret or say things out of emotion and, just like if you said it in a public place and someone complained, you could be issued a ticket for it," Mesquite Independent School District spokesperson Ian Halperin told CBS. "There are laws against it."

Halperin says student fines aren’t unusual, but can be avoided in some cases.

"You know, for first offenders the fine sometimes can be waived," he said. "Parents do need to understand that these are tickets issued by the police and they do need to follow up with them."

But $600 is a lot of money -- and guess who's going to wind up footing the bill? Not little foul-mouthed Junior, but Mom and Dad.

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  • SAILOR 2011/02/03 17:33:03
    No, that's excessive
    It is freedom of speech. It is just a word. Are police fined when they curse at suspects?

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  • Colin L right-c... 2011/02/09 03:23:38
    Colin L
    I'll disrespect my country if I want to thank you very much.
  • maddyfl... Colin L 2011/02/10 23:13:13
    you are an american?
  • Colin L maddyfl... 2011/02/14 17:05:59
    Colin L
    Absolutely. I love my country, but its comforting to know I can voice my opinion without having to think twice.
  • LilacsG... maddyfl... 2011/02/18 13:17:04
  • LilacsG... Colin L 2011/02/18 13:16:48
    LilacsGirl Kym
    That's what makes America great!
  • HarryGurd right-c... 2011/02/11 18:08:53
    poor manners? does that include your spelling?
  • LilacsG... right-c... 2011/02/18 13:16:19
  • lilah m... right-c... 2011/02/18 17:24:23
    lilah marie
    well everybody does it and cops too
  • NoName right-c... 2011/03/17 16:59:34
  • Jen right-c... 2011/05/14 00:09:30
    Some of you people need to proof read your indecipherable posts and use spell check. It's hard to understand what you are saying when you can't construct a sentence.
  • Colby 2011/02/07 12:59:46
    No, that's excessive
    no you got to b kidding me
  • Zany 2011/02/07 06:47:24
    No, that's excessive
    The punishment handed out when I was in school was for the student to write things that maybe they did wrong 500 to 1,000 times. Like "I will not use foul language." "I will not talk in class." "I will raise my hand when I have a question." etc. A fine that the parents will end up most likely having to pay out of their pockets won't correct the problem in my opinion.
  • waynelaboy 2011/02/07 02:58:33
    No, that's excessive
    blame all types of media and entertainment for that. then ther's the lingo parents use and their surroundings so blame all of them or no one. besides where does the money go, to politicians?
  • yesi 2011/02/06 23:35:19
    No, that's excessive
    tats BS
  • xoxo 2011/02/06 16:53:06
    No, that's excessive
    adults need to stop complaining & whining about little things when the worst things have no punishment
  • Kinzie 2011/02/06 01:45:38
    No, that's excessive
    no its is just i slip of a word and that is way to much if they do it shouldn't be that much money and they don't mean it
  • Art 2011/02/06 01:24:30
  • ciskederat 2011/02/06 00:18:00
    No, that's excessive
  • mrgentile 2011/02/05 22:55:39
    No, that's excessive
    Sorry, but in a land where we prize freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the occasional swear word doesn't warrant any place in a judicial system already over loaded with criminals that actually need to be there. It's honestly ridiculous to even suggest it. That there are laws in this country against it is even more ridiculous. This is America. We have the right to say what we want when we want it. If you don't like it, don't listen!
  • RobHom 2011/02/05 22:50:38
    No, that's excessive
    Actually, the real question is: Where does anyone in the school system get the legal power or right to levy a fine on anyone?? Barring the legal right or power... its a moot point and I would inform the school board that they are treading on very shaky ground.
  • Jojo Rock 2011/02/05 21:52:16
    No, that's excessive
    Jojo Rock
    ok, I dont like excessive cussing as much as the next kid, but fineing kids for cussing is going to make them cuss more about the fine
  • mrgentile Jojo Rock 2011/02/05 22:57:21
    I know it would make me #$@#$%^ cuss! That's for #@$% sure. Mother#%@#$%!!
  • kaydawg 2011/02/05 21:07:36
    No, that's excessive
    maybe detention, but 600 $$$$$
  • Ailat 2011/02/05 19:12:40
    No, that's excessive
    I think the amount is crazy, though it might stop cursing quicker. But I think there should be a mild punishment. Mild, but something that will really get to people.
  • TheWickedM 2011/02/05 18:07:43
  • Paige_Blackhearts 2011/02/05 15:54:01
    No, that's excessive
    It won't stop students from swearing and they sure as hell are not the only ones that swear. Teachers swear too. What makes students so different? It's common language in the real world.
  • Lia Paige_B... 2011/02/06 03:12:40
    yeah.I mean,High school Kids and sometimes younger kids swear to let their emotions out.really,swearing is just a part of growing up.I mean,I am not saying its okay,I am just saying that a fine is rediculouse. Another punishment would be fine.
  • jilliancaffey 2011/02/05 13:57:39
    No, that's excessive
    It may teach them a lesson but its a little over board maybe instea of paying for curse words they could do community service around the school
  • Kirby 2011/02/05 13:56:49
    No, that's excessive
    Only in Texas, Since when is cursing an offence. What about the First Amendment, I know the courts have said that yelling fire or anything to that extent is not protected. Curse words are adjectives or adverbs to convey a little stronger message to the person they are talking too.
  • julio 2011/02/05 13:28:13
    Yes, that seems fair
    Cursing has gone further that it should. Today, many people use a swearing remark per sentence and that takes away from our personality as well as our society. It should not be fine so much, but I agree about giving a summons.
  • ciskederat julio 2011/02/06 00:27:50
    So, that brings up the question:

    * How far SHOULD it have gone?
    * Was there a rule for how far it should have gone?
    * Who has established that rule?
    * Who else was involved in the development of that rule?
    * Was there a voting involved?
    * Who was allowed to vote?
    * Who counted the votes?
    * Was there any authority present when the votes were counted?

    I'm just curious.
  • patti 2011/02/05 07:00:02
    No, that's excessive
    That is ridiculous
  • JuneGagnon 2011/02/05 05:51:38 (edited)
    Yes, that seems fair
    Cursing is "immoral", unethical and in many cases illegal, so, yes, fines are justified. People should not have to be "subjected" to anyone's "filthy mouth". If you address me, in the same fashion, you'll wind up sitting on you butt! Incidentally, in many instances, it can be classified as "verbal assault" - -so, watch your mouth! And- -if Mom and Dad wind up "paying the fine", for junior, perhaps they didn't do such a "hot job" raising the "brat"! In any case, if that happens, then junior should "loose his allowance", until Mom and Dad "recoup" the loss - -otherwise, junior "learns nothing"!
  • notechno JuneGagnon 2011/02/05 15:08:50
    Couldn't have said it better myself!!! I am so sick of hearing the "f-bomb" as though it were just another word. This topic reminds me of a historical fact regarding George Washington. Seated at a large dinner table with 10 in attendance and during a lively conversation an ill-mannered goat used the word "damn" in mixed company. Washington put down his fork and matter of factly stated, "excuse me ladies and gentleman I did not realize I was in such poor company and must remove myself" then he did so. We all need to rebuke such poor behavior and strive to keep ourselves from it. We become the company we keep. May GOD richly bless you today quality person!!!!!
  • ciskederat notechno 2011/02/06 00:46:44
    It *IS* just an other word. NOT using 'bad' words doesn't make anyone a better person, nor does using bad words make anyone a bad person. Don't you get it? Is that what you have learned from the bible, in church? Assuming I believe in a God and Jesus, in the bible it is clearly written that Jesus didn't make ANY restrictions to his invitation to surrender yourself to him. And all the self righteous 'quality persons' are in for a nice surprise when standing in front of the pearly gates (again, assuming I believe that, which btw I do not but I respect everyone's believes). Remember? "JUDGE AND YOU WILL BE JUDGED". It's in YOUR book, not mine. And therefor you should live by it.
  • ciskederat JuneGagnon 2011/02/06 00:33:02
    Aahhh! Physical punishment for a verbal illegality. THAT's the spirit! Your Mom and Dad must be so proud of you, for sure!
  • Art JuneGagnon 2011/02/06 15:06:44
    For anyone who claims to be Above cursing...Go slam your hand in the car door, or smack your thumb with a hammer.... :)
  • NoName JuneGagnon 2011/03/13 22:01:30
    "Cursing is "immoral", unethical and in many cases illegal,"

    Immoral? To you, many people agree, many don't - it is a subjective thing hinged on personal opinion, not facts.

    Unethical? Again subjective.

    "If you address me, in the same fashion, you'll wind up sitting on you butt! Incidentally,"

    Yeah, incidentally, if I cursed at you [not that I would], you'd be in trouble not me since you just committed assault - even against a minor that is illegal.

    Cursing doesn't make you a "brat" - it makes you human, what kid didn't learn words without knowing the implications of using certain words? Stop acting like you are born already knowing that stuff.
  • Lexiaata 2011/02/05 05:07:15
    No, that's excessive
    Some people are just over the top with the littest things i mean if the kid attacked the kid physically then they should get detention yeah sure but 600 hundred dollars really?!?
  • jmg1988 2011/02/05 04:29:15

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