Should Schools Stop Teaching Students How to Write in Cursive?

Living 2011/01/25 20:00:00
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We'll never forget our third-grade report card. Accustomed to getting mostly "Es" for excellent, we were shocked to see an "N" for penmanship. As in, needs improvement.

Decades later, this sort of grade isn't even on many report cards, as schools across the country are dropping cursive handwriting from their curricula, ABC News reports.

Forty-one states have adopted the new Common Core State Standards for English, which does not require cursive. States are allowed the option of re-including cursive, which is what Massachusetts and California have done.

In Georgia, teachers and administrators will meet in March to discuss scratching script from their lesson plans, Georgia Department of Education spokesman Matt Cardoza told ABC.

In some regards, we think this makes sense. There are very few occasions in "real life" in which one is required to use cursive nowadays. We most commonly sign our name on bills, and even this practice will probably be ancient history pretty soon. In fact, we use cursive so infrequently that when we do, our hand starts to hurt.

But in other respects, it's kind of sad. Beautiful handwriting is ... beautiful. And it's a personal mark of who you are much more so than a typed e-mail.

Lisa Faircloth, a stay-at-home mother of two in Atlanta, is happy that her 7-year-old son Joe learned cursive.

"I feel like it has helped him with his fine motor skills and made him more graceful," she told ABC. "He shows more of an interest in art because he is able to form things he hadn't before and has new muscle movements that he didn't know before."

Faircloth is on to something. Associate professor Anne Mangen at the University of Stavanger's Reading Center says cursive is key to a child's development.

"Handwriting seems, based on empirical evidence from neuroscience, to play a larger role in the visual recognition and learning of letters [than typewriting]" she told ABC.

While it's certainly important to learn how to type quickly and accurately, kids should probably learn how to legibly sign their name before they head to junior high.

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/US/end-cursive/story?id=1274...

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  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2011/01/26 00:07:34 (edited)
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    Better Question.... Should American schools continue to dumb down your children until they are nothing but useless worker bees unable of critical thinking skills?

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  • Tinnuhana 2013/07/05 16:48:59
    Don't forget the fine- and sensori-motor integration and definite benefits to the still-developing nervous system writing in cursive gives.
  • TortoiseWrath 2012/03/31 04:31:46
    After the third grade, I never wrote in cursive again. Not a useful skill.
  • JosephDoterTurner 2011/06/30 07:17:51
    Yes, somewhat. They could offer it in highschool as an optional class.
  • Meagan~BN-0~ 2011/03/10 21:01:14
    everybody should know how to write in script
  • hptwilight101 2011/03/09 04:01:43
    Why should we only write in kindergarten scrawl?We can not just use electronics and when they break, published by accident, or can not go where pen and pencil go, electronics fail us epically.
  • JosephD... hptwili... 2011/06/30 07:15:15
    Nobody says quit teaching writing.
  • Klynn 2011/02/10 03:42:55
    American just keeps getting dumber and dumber....
  • ksina 2011/02/07 23:34:58
    cursive is cool!
  • Tylex Alex 2011/02/05 22:19:20
    Tylex Alex
    No, they should NOT STOP teaching cursive writing. This is especially true for Georgia. Georgia is one of the lowest in the nation as far as education performance is concerned. The nerve of them eliminating anything from the curricula. The way I see it, any state that is known for having low performers educationally should not drop anything from its educational agenda. .
  • Currdog 2011/02/04 02:39:27
    This is all part of the dumb down process to level the playing field.
  • Little Lulu 2011/02/03 05:04:28
    Little Lulu
    Schools are dumbed doen enough.
  • Beccy 2011/02/03 01:04:15
    I think it's important for children to learn to write like big people write.
  • madmax808 2011/02/02 04:53:29
    A good sign we are becoming a 3rd class banana republic FASCIST country.

    Why educate us, right? We're just peasants they can oppress to make them money! All we really have to learn is basic math and how to push buttons at Walmart or shed blood in their oil occupation wars.

    Gees. Idiocracy & Demolition Man & Wall-E are the movies of what we will become. I shudder to think it will get worse! Large obese overconsuming people with items to match: SUV's, McMansions, McDonald's, and a pea-sized brain that can't tell that Bush/Obama are two-sides of a coin that screws the poor in favor of Wall Street.

    Support Main Street instead! Small / Local Businesses for EVERY purchase where possible. Ask yourself: Is there a local alternative to the product I am looking for? Can i do without it of there isn't? support main street local businesses purchase local alternative product
  • Gwen H 2011/02/01 19:28:53
    Gwen H
    I think it should be taught. But I have heard that many schools have stopped teaching it altogether. Cursive is a strange script. I think kids would like it, but then again maybe not.
  • Thawamaah 2011/02/01 17:56:38
    John 8:32 (King James Version)
    32And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    www.thecomforter.info www.theholyconceptionunit.org
  • Molinda 2011/02/01 01:35:58
    YOU ahm.no! can YOU just let YOUr children in YOUr house every time?NO. :D tha will not be a good reson? <3 :D
  • Shorething 2011/01/31 21:57:09
    Join the discussion. Share your opinion with millions!
  • bjewled95 2011/01/31 13:07:44
    Cursive handwriting is a beautiful, wonderful thing to have. And if you're signing something important in cursive, it makes the signature even harder to copy, thus, being safe from fraud.
  • bri 2011/01/31 04:17:37
    It's up to the school. However, I think kids should know how to recognize, read, and execute cursive. My little brother, who's eight, still has to ask me sometimes what cursive says... Okay, so schools SHOULD be teaching cursive, but it does not need to be as stressed as it has been in the past. *my opinion*
  • Morgan 2011/01/30 17:22:04
    i feel that it should be up 2 the students and their parents about learning cursive. it is nice to know but it may cause the student to forget how to just write plain print. i kno that since i learned cursive, ive used it pretty much all the time, and now my handwriting stinx, especially wen im printing. i kno tht may not be the case for everyone tho.
  • roro 2011/01/30 13:33:59
    i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... school
  • NativeNH1 2011/01/29 23:20:34
    In my town, parents now have to teach their own children how to write in cursive. It's no longer taught in public school. This means that if parents are too busy or lazy to do it, their children can't read letters from their grandparents or other adults, read original documents such as the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, or even legibly sign their own name or read the signature of others.

    It's a travesty to abandon cursive writing for typing on the computer! Since when did we give up commonsense for the sake of technology? Let me guess. We gave up our commonsense when we decided to rely on the world wide web! And what a web it is!
  • whatever 2011/01/29 09:34:55
    if it helps them improve,why abbandon it????
  • ninjabluedemon 2011/01/28 22:52:14
    I have forgotten how to write cursive because we haven't used it since second grade. I wish I still knew how and hope to teach myself eventually. I think it would be a good skill to have and if it helps penmanship, definitely. A lot of people-myself included-have scary handwriting these days.
  • NativeNH1 ninjabl... 2011/01/29 23:22:14
    You can pick up cursive writing workbooks at bookstores. No one will know you're buying them for yourself!
  • ninjabl... NativeNH1 2011/02/01 02:18:08
    Haha good idea. I just might do that. :)
  • NativeNH1 ninjabl... 2011/05/02 22:47:16
  • Philbo 2011/01/28 21:48:47
    Look I don't write cursive I see it as a dumbing down, it's like an exuse for writing badly, some do cursive so badly but as their common writing that you can't read a thing they are saying, if they were to of never learned cursive then we could understand eachother allot better. Sometimes it can be written out very fast whioch is a pro but also that could lead to messier writing that could result in un-easy/difficult to nearly impossible to read.
    Some people write so badly they can't even read what they wrote day's earlier.
    Lets face it normal writing is better than cursive why else would computers still be confined to normal spelling and not cursive??
  • NativeNH1 Philbo 2011/01/30 00:02:48 (edited)
    Please understand that I am NOT picking on you for your reply. Many others write just like you. I'm only showing you why learning to write properly is so important. It makes it easier for the person reading your reply to understand what you are trying to say.

    Your first sentence is one big run-on sentence. I had to read it several times to understand your point. A period or semicolon is needed after the words "dumbing down." I would also suggest a period after the words "writing badly," and "read a thing they are saying." There should be no comma in the word "days," either. The proper wording is "to have learned," not "to of learned." "A lot" is two words, not one. A comma or semicolon should be used after "Let's face it," and a period after "better than cursive."

    The problems that writing only on computers have produced are: poor grammar, poor spelling, and difficulty in being understood. People may also be inclined to think someone is not as intelligent as he or she really is due to poor writing skills.

    In my opinion, no child in elementary school should be allowed to write on the computer, unless it is necessary due to a disability. Children need to learn to print, write in cursive, and then use computers for writing assignments.
  • SilverWolf4012 2011/01/28 18:40:20
    thats jus ridiculous, why in the world should cursive, be banned... thats crazy talk
  • lilyvonshtupp 2011/01/28 12:02:51
    Good God ! Hasnt the school system , and pretty much everyone been dumbed down enough?
  • AssataKnox 2011/01/28 11:03:03
    I feel that your signature helps to identify who you are; and cursive script is one way of doing just that.
  • Beatles fan 2011/01/28 06:22:26
    Beatles fan
    Should kids be stupid? Oh hey I live in CA
  • exsecrare 2011/01/28 05:30:02
    Never learned cursive. I lied my way through school and the only reason I passed anything was test scores.
  • NativeNH1 exsecrare 2011/01/30 00:05:58
    It's fortunate that you scored well on tests. Was cursive never taught, or did you not learn it for some reason?
  • exsecrare NativeNH1 2011/01/30 22:48:59
    I'm from a rural community in Florida. "Fancy book learning" is not important when you are destined to be a cowboy. I for one, chose to opt out.
  • NativeNH1 exsecrare 2011/05/02 22:49:12
    That's your right. For a lot of other people who won't be a cowboy, learning to write in cursive is important.
  • Sid 2011/01/28 01:45:54
    I never needed it to get a job.
  • Storm D... Sid 2011/01/28 08:11:24
    Storm Dewleaf
    You don't need anything more in math than good addition/subtraction and some simple multiplication/division to get a job, either, but that doesn't mean schools should stop teaching algebra. Just because something isn't an absolute requirement in life doesn't mean it's useless.
  • Sid Storm D... 2011/01/31 07:32:39
    It is useless to learn cursive. That's why my signature looks like Mickey mouse when I sign a check. I still see people who can't even write normal letters, and they are doctors, lawyers, even a judge I happened to play golf with wrote crappy. I may agree that cursive is a way to get you to follow simple authority. So from now on I'm making sure my hand writing sucks even more. I'll have my masters degree in no time. You do need algebra and up to get over 20 thousand jobs. Cursive won't get you any.
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