Should Posting Bad Things About Your Boss on Facebook Get You Fired?

LegalZoom 2011/09/15 15:30:08
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  • mm61675 2012/02/24 02:28:47
    but it does happen. happened to my friend
  • HAlex1972 2011/10/26 22:08:38
    It depends on whether or not the posts are true or false. Writing false accusations is libel.
  • Dawn 2011/10/17 03:45:57
    Everyone's entitled to their opinion. If they think their boss is an a$$hole, why should they get fired? If the boss thinks someone else is a b!tch, does that mean we get to fire the boss?
  • Ebaby_815 2011/10/14 22:07:41
    nope i dont think you should get fired thats just funny who wouldnt like to post things about thier boss ha
  • chrisjay 2011/10/05 19:01:10
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion...would you rather me post it on Facebook or say it to your face? If I'm gonna get fired anyway I should at least go out with a bang.
  • Glitchie 2011/10/05 03:04:51
    Yes, they should. That's why you make your profile private, and you don't friend anyone you work with. You never know who may tell your boss.
  • p18711 2011/10/03 10:52:55
    voted no but out of the ''freedom of speech''and if its troe it is his own fault.
    But it aint no smart move either...
  • art1ej 2011/10/02 17:28:55
    unless your doing it at work then no...unless it threatening in nature then yes..
  • Harmonica79 2011/09/28 21:26:57
    That's why no one I work with is on my Facebook. People like to gossip. If people decide to be a$$holes... might suck to be you.
  • Deirdra 2011/09/28 20:27:42
    There are circumstances though that I would think yes. If you were at work on a company computer wasting company money posting things or threatening to do harm to your boss than yes that is a valid reason to be fired. But, if you were at home on your own time you have the right of freedom of speech to say what ever you would like about your boss. If I actually said something to a friend that would be no different than if I left them a comment on facebook saying the same thing.
  • Darkheart 2011/09/28 14:16:35
    i don't believe you should be fired for having an opionion but saying that i know that some people when ranting will cross the line with lies and half-truths. i think personally if you want to express your opionions do so but think about the consequences of going to far with your rants.
  • angela fullone 2011/09/26 21:12:14
    angela fullone
    poeople are to sensitive now a days and the truth does hurt, i dont think any company has the right to invade my Freedom of Speech Buck UP WORLD, maybe its the truth about that person,
  • Ves~Sailor Soldier of PHAET 2011/09/26 04:58:41
  • Dum Luk Ves~Sai... 2011/09/26 21:16:48
    Dum Luk
    Ta ra ra boom de ay.

    I've always said, there's defamation but there's also valid criticism.

    Defamation should not be permitted but valid criticism must be.

    Huh, somehow I missed this one. I especially enjoy postings from LegalZoom; they seem more "real" and less fluffy than "Coke or Pepsi?" Check out their other ones.
  • moo 2011/09/26 02:37:45
    Not at all they are just posting it on there wall page on Facebook. No need to fire them for just stuff they posted about there boss.
  • rusty 2011/09/25 13:36:24 (edited)
    If you work for a man, in heaven's name work for him; speak well of him and stand by the institution he represents.
    If you must carp, condemn, and find fault, quit. Then damn to your hearts content, but as long as you are part of the institution do not condemn it, if you do, the first high wind will blow you away, and probably you will never know why.
  • laura.gentile.harrison 2011/09/24 04:21:45
    You represent the company you work for, and no matter who you like or dislike you should just keep the yap shut. If you have to write about it get a diary...
  • d guy 2011/09/23 12:21:33
    d guy
    that is completly violation and if dont believe me go through the constitution.
  • Aran Smeallie 2011/09/22 22:40:59
    Aran Smeallie
    i was fence sitting a bit on this one but since FB is a public network its just like saying bad things about him in public but since it crops up on his wall maybe its like saying it to his face too
  • Teh MIghty Pyro 2011/09/21 21:46:20
    Teh MIghty Pyro
    well just think you can't really fire your worker just because he thinks your a douche bag. even if you could, i dont really think thats gonna make him like you.
    but then again it kinda depends on what your saying behind their backs
  • Wren 2011/09/21 17:09:11
    From what I vaguely remember, you can't write negative things about people. Especially if they aren't true.
  • Kiddutch 2011/09/21 13:13:13
    You shouldn't put anything on facebook you wouldn't say to their face. I will get back to them.
  • LKO Leader 2011/09/20 21:34:53
    LKO Leader
    AT LEAST pretend to be a little profissional...
    After all, you probably woundn't like if someone did this to you if you were the boss, would you?
  • rcardon 2011/09/19 20:24:33
    No, it should not, but that doesn't mean it can't, or doesn't.
  • Amanda Valentine 2011/09/19 18:44:59
    Amanda Valentine
    Nah, but you might not want to do that. Sure would make for an awkward, and probably completely horrible week at work..
  • Luna Lovejoy 2011/09/19 15:39:27
    Luna Lovejoy
    because its your own opionion
  • sglmom 2011/09/19 04:57:04
    First of all .. it is PRETTY STUPID to do so ...

    Secondly .. it can be actionable .. you can be sued for slander (especially if your nastiness can NOT be proven)

    YES .. you CAN be fired .. (and I'd even say for cause) .. because you are affecting the business ...
  • JayLynx 2011/09/18 17:07:22
    But if you have the proof that your comment is an expression of truth, just try it!
  • jasmine 2011/09/18 12:20:38
    will, It depends on the mentality of Manager
  • Sandra Feliciano 2011/09/18 12:03:00
    Sandra Feliciano
    depends on the comment that's made towards the Boss
  • TaxMaiden 2011/09/18 11:14:53
    I think that's a 1st amendment issue. Having said that, if you do say bad things about your boss I wouldn't expect a raise anytime soon; duh!
  • Jon Bergen 2011/09/18 00:02:09
  • sean 2011/09/17 23:09:28
    I think It depends on the context of what is said about your boss. We all have had bad days at work and even have had issues with our bosses. I think sharing a "general" dislike in your job or boss isn't anything to be fired over. However, if your company has any policies relating to discussion of other employees then yes, be fired.
  • LeadWraithQueen 2011/09/17 21:31:30
    If you are stupid enough to mouth off on facebook then you deserve what you get, my brother does it all the time and because of it he nearly got kicked out of school and the police were about to get involved. Things like that always come back to bite you in the behind, when it is on facebook or any other site for that matter people can save it and print it off as evidence so why do it?!

    On the other hand if it is something that was meant as a joke then no you shouldn't get fired, but you would think if it was meant as a joke then your boss would know you well enough to know it was a joke...

    I rant a bit don't I??? lol
  • Gianni ... LeadWra... 2011/09/22 15:10:07
  • Loca girl n_n 2011/09/17 17:11:34
    Loca girl n_n
    if your dumb enough to post something offensive on fb when you know that it has a possiblility of reaching your boss, then you shouldnt have fb, its to much of a hazard for you :P
  • Get Bashed 2011/09/17 06:50:44
    Get Bashed
    YES...If it is slanderous and tarnishes the good name of said employer in any way that demeans them you should be fired. If you've a problem with them deal with it in a professional manner to come to an understanding and always remember both parties have protected rights in the work place.
  • No
    Billie bear ~ Ƭɦɾɩɭɭ Ƙɾɘɰ ~
    If you post that you're annoyed or whatever it's not that big a deal. However, if you post something way waaaaay beyond that knowing your co-workers or boss will see it and it's very offensive then I suppose it wouldn't be a surprise if you got fired for something "unrelated" at work soon.
  • AquariusNX01 2011/09/17 00:50:06
    Just because the First Amendment gives us the "right" to blast off about almost anything we want, that doesn't mean we SHOULD, and that idea has been lost on too many people these days.
  • Cedric Jackson 2011/09/17 00:19:47
    Cedric Jackson
    lol yea cause hes lettin ppl kno U A DICK!!!!!
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