Should 'Plus-Sized' Women Be Called 'Curvy' Instead?

Living 2011/04/15 17:58:46
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Marquita Pring, a so-called "plus-sized" model, explained that she feels the term "plus-sized" is misleading, because it implies that women who fall under that weight category are bigger than average, when in reality they aren't.

"I think the term 'plus size' has a negative connotation. Personally, I wouldn't even refer to a woman who's a size 26 as 'plus size.' I find it interesting that if ever I do refer to myself as 'plus size' when describing what I do for a living people always have the same reaction. 'WHAT!?! OH MY GOODNESS I WOULD NEVER CONSIDER YOU PLUS SIZE!!!'

Pring prefers the terms "curvy" or "voluptuous" instead.

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  • lavetrochiz.keakantse 2012/12/18 00:16:02
    yahh they shud bathong ahhhh
  • MiniB 2012/10/27 21:37:26
    I don't like stereotypes and believe a woman should be called a woman. Who cares how they're shaped, as long as they have a good heart.
  • AndyBoy 2012/07/30 20:58:18
    I'd like to call them "MINE!!!"
  • Michael Mcconnell 2012/04/18 12:50:21
    Michael Mcconnell
    No, they should be called 'fat slobs'.
  • MiniB Michael... 2012/12/18 02:39:45
    And you're the stud of the year? So why do you post the avatar you have? You must be an ugly or 'curvy'... which is it.
  • MDC 2012/03/25 18:16:59 (edited)
    Curvy means having a narrow waist, shapely legs, equal bust and hips and a somewhat big cup size.

    Do you see any of these here?

    crystal renn

    No, no narrow waist.

    What about here?

    dita von teese

    THAT is a real hourglass figure.
  • ALL_BAN... MDC 2012/04/05 17:23:17
    made with a corset. and that first woman is beautiful. you're ripping on her? i see nothing wrong with either one of them.
  • MDC ALL_BAN... 2012/04/08 01:19:05 (edited)
    The first woman is Crystal Renn and she's a plus size model who recentely slimmed down and is in a MUCH healthier weigh.
    This was her in her plus days:
    crystal renn
    Do you see a small waist?
    Now here:
    elizabeth taylor curvy
    That is a curvy body.
    My point is that plus size is a "Rubenesque" type of body, not curvy. I didn't say she was ugly, I just said the truth: Plus size doesn't equal curves.
  • ALL_BAN... MDC 2012/04/10 17:15:14
    the first woman isn't exactly a rectangle
  • MDC ALL_BAN... 2012/04/12 00:09:58
    She was when she was a size 2 long, long ago... She was a regular high fashion model before. Google her, read her book or something.
  • ALL_BAN... MDC 2012/04/12 16:19:33
    no thanks i have better things to do in my short lifespan
  • MDC ALL_BAN... 2012/04/15 03:26:32
    wow, reading a book considered a waste of time. gee, i wonder why people are so ignorant these days...
  • ALL_BAN... MDC 2012/04/16 17:48:50
    i read all the time. have you ever picked up a newspaper that wasn't a gossip girl? i know what's going on in the world how about you...
  • MDC ALL_BAN... 2012/04/17 01:04:38
    Actually, you have no idea what I read. And I don't read Gossip Girl. And Gossip Girl isn't a newspaper. I am currently rereading The Great Gatsby thank you very much. And what do you read "all the time"? Comic books? Billboard signs?
  • ALL_BAN... MDC 2012/04/17 22:20:56
    i have also read the great gatsby. it was wonderful. i just recently read the grapes of wrath and the scarlet letter along with lord of the flies and of mice and men along with dracula and dark visions. don't make assumptions babe, it makes us both look like asses. and yes i read comic books, got something against them?
  • dropsofblood 2011/12/29 12:00:16 (edited)
  • sugar.socks 2011/09/05 22:35:49
    No, as curvy is different to plus size. Some one can be thin and curvy, if they are hourglass shaped. I am not plus sized... but I have curves?
  • lizrob 2011/08/20 16:29:50
    No, curvy is hourglass shape.

    You can be plus sized and curvy. Or skinny and curvy.

    It depends on the body shape.
  • alicia 2011/08/03 16:22:06
    Why cant they just be called women? Why do clothing sizes have to come with a title? A size 3 is a size 3, a size 20 is just a size 20. Why must it be called anything other than that?? Women come in all different shapes and sizes and should not all be categorized into one section. There are smaller skinny women with curves, taller but still skinny women with curves. Bigger ladies with curves, some bigger ladies with no curves. We're all different. Real women don't have curves. Not all skinny women are real. REAL women are REAL, and that's that.
  • Nightma... alicia 2012/08/14 18:53:59
    Nightmare B4Christmas
    I definitely agree with your main point that ladies' bodies can't all be put in one category, but that makes me have a slight problem with your "size 3 is just a size 3" bit... while clothes don't have to have titles, I do wish they could make clothes with more than a single number- guys' pants have a waist AND length to them, why can't they do that for other clothes too? I'm a bit bigger chested, and trying to find a flattering shirt is a disaster for me. If the shirt fits my waist, I'm exploding out at the chest. If it fits my chest, I look like I'm wearing a burlap sack. Real women vary a lot more than cylinders with different diameters, it'd be nice to have something that reflects that.
  • JJ Marvin 2011/04/21 18:37:53 (edited)
  • imokay 2011/04/19 17:21:57
    No, they should be called FAT.
  • WildOrchid84 2011/04/18 22:53:10 (edited)
    I don't really care. I'm a size 14 and thats considered plus sized, but some plus sized women ARENT curvy, theyre round...its just a term and I'm not offended by it, regardless, someone is gonna call you whatever they want. I call Model stick thin models or skeletal, I'm sure those are not the proper terms, but I use them. Whether it's a politically correct label or not!
  • Ghostfinder 2011/04/18 22:30:50
    an attractive woman is an attractive woman, it isn't about size it is about attitude and being confortable with oneself.
  • ALL_BAND_FAN 2011/04/18 21:32:56
  • Aly Hart ALL_BAN... 2012/04/02 17:34:46
    Aly Hart
    Nice try but all those pictures are photoshopped to make the girls look unhealthily thin when in reality they're just fit.
  • ALL_BAN... Aly Hart 2012/04/03 17:47:45
    you keep thinking that....
  • Aly Hart ALL_BAN... 2012/04/03 17:56:16
    Aly Hart

    You were saying?
  • ALL_BAN... Aly Hart 2012/04/04 17:21:06
    i was saying you keep thinking that. and the picture is blocked off of my computer.
  • Aly Hart ALL_BAN... 2012/04/04 17:30:56
    Aly Hart
    Well it's fake. All the pictures in your comment are edited.
  • ALL_BAN... Aly Hart 2012/04/04 17:31:33
    whatever sweetie, you keep thinkin that
  • Aly Hart ALL_BAN... 2012/04/04 20:36:38
  • ALL_BAN... Aly Hart 2012/04/05 17:15:59
    what makes you think a new comment will make the pictures work?
  • Aly Hart ALL_BAN... 2012/04/05 17:19:37
    Aly Hart
  • ALL_BAN... Aly Hart 2012/04/05 17:21:54
    the picture. i still can't see it.
  • Vezman 2011/04/18 21:25:57
    It only matters to the people that know them. Anyone else can call them what they want.
  • sunshine 2011/04/18 21:25:18
    I would have to say for the most part, yes we are, but I prefer the term "Voluptuous" I consider myself to be a very sensual woman and I love how my body is made. I am very muscular and toned in most places. I guess I can attribute that to genetics and my love of playing all kinds of sports when I was growing up. Yes, I have some work to do and enjoy working out because it gets the endorphins flowing ooh la la, lol.
  • MiNiAaRgH 2011/04/18 21:01:07
    Why can they not just be called women?
  • RandyB 2011/04/18 20:50:23
    No. "FAT" works pretty well.
  • MiNiAaRgH RandyB 2011/04/18 21:03:44
    do you admit to being "fat"?
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