Should Plus-Size Women Get Their Own Hair Salons?

Living 2011/10/06 22:58:04
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Hey, don't look at us. We didn't come up with the idea. Trim Bashar Brown -- yes that's his real name -- did. He's a hairstylist in the U.K. who's opened up the first-ever hair salon tailored specifically for plus-sized women.

You may be wondering: how does one exactly make a hair salon "fat-friendly"? Well, Bashar Brown spent about $7,000 (5,000 Euros) making sure that his personal salon, Hair by Bashar, was equipped with bigger seats, larger plastic gowns and even wider neck basins for washing hair.

"I've been a hairdresser for years. Increasingly, larger women were telling me how they hate going to the salon because they are filled with slim, glamorous women," Bashar Brown told The Daily Mail. "For them it feels the same as walking into a gym full of ultra-fit people. They feel like everyone is staring at them. I just thought - 'this isn't right!'"

For now, Bashar Brown is running his business from his home, but already racking up more than 50 clients within just a few months, he has plans to expand soon.

Do you think there should be hair salons tailored for plus-size women?

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  • Haley Smith 2011/10/06 23:10:16
    Haley Smith
    I think It would make them feel bad, having to use a plus size hair salon. I think they should be able to use the same things as every other skinny female does.

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  • Sweety 2011/12/04 05:09:12
    Plus size woman are just like skinny woman. We are just a little bigger that's all.
  • redneck 2011/11/15 15:30:20
    No specail treetment,it will make them feel bad .
  • Beccy 2011/11/13 00:13:57
    Seems like discrimination to me
  • Xion Guest 2011/11/09 12:14:50
    Xion Guest
    question is the problem. CAN they have? of course they can have. if it dislikes, its backrupt and no problem. but you put SHOULD and then answer is not cos its not obligation. only a choice like a lot others in life. hahaha
  • xifidieyoung 2011/11/08 18:20:26
    What exactly does being overweight have to do with hair?
  • splodge 2011/10/30 15:19:32
    I mean their are those certain oversize women that feel sectioned out, because their is lots of slim women going in 'Salons' making them feel there best.

    This does not mean that chubbier women should feel dis-heartened, they should just pluck up the courage and...just simply go in...Hair 'Salons' are not completely BARRING!! oversized women......and vise-versa.
  • Op4 2011/10/29 01:28:55
    Brown has plans to expand soon? Sounds like this guy is really going all out to make his clients feel comfortable.

    If Brown wants to cater exclusively to a larger clientele, that is up to him. If larger women are insecure to such an extent that they can't handle going to salons with normal sized women, that is up to them. That stated, if you're the type who needs extra-wide seats at the salon, you shouldn't complain when airlines want to charge you for the extra space you require on a plane.
  • disclaimer 2011/10/24 03:27:20
    If some dude wants to do it, knock yourself out. If fat women want to go, they can. If they don't appreciate it, they don't have to go. I don't really have a strong opinion.
  • Timeworn 2011/10/23 21:50:10
    It depends, especially considering the fact that some hairstyles look better on fat people and some hairstyles look better on skinny people. I think a lot of overweight people, especially women, would feel better if they had hair that looked really great, because the person who cut it knew what would look good on their specific body type. And what the hell is wrong with America? You don't have to be skinny to be pretty. I'm kinda fat, and I look awesome.
  • Skylie 2011/10/17 23:59:18
    Even though he is trying to make plus size woman feel comfortable and appreciated, it sends off the wrong message.
  • Emily 2011/10/17 10:15:26
    I'd feel worse going to a plus-size specialist because I didn't fit in at the ordinary ones. Just seems like an idea to make them feel more isolated (been there, done that, got the t-shirt thank you very much.)
  • MirandaPhillips 2011/10/16 11:02:25
    I'm fat and the plastic covers are bigger than I am, the sink basin fits my neck fine, and the seats are fine. I would be embarrassed if I had to go to a special salon just because I was too fat for everything in the other salons....
  • sean 2011/10/16 00:44:16
    Yes if only its a normal person opening one up. It's stupid, but if someone wants to open up one they can if they want to.

    Answering no, seems as if I'm taking someones rights away.
  • Brandon Eaker 2011/10/15 20:24:57
    Brandon Eaker
    Big women gotta put up with your skinny ass attitude so you gotta deal with em in the hair salon too
  • isahyaa... Brandon... 2011/10/16 11:35:05
  • Elaine McKnight 2011/10/15 19:13:01
    Elaine McKnight
    as a larger woman, i think its great that hes catering to their needs, but i dont feel we need a salon that only caters to large women.
  • isahyaa... Elaine ... 2011/10/16 11:35:26
  • bleh 2011/10/14 23:18:18
    Yeah, and now we should have a different salon for white people, black people, and asians too, right? I dont like the idea of segregation; segregation psychologically affects people in a negative way.
    To accomodate plus- sized women, couldnt companies simply manufacture larger chairs and larger gowns? I mean, its not any different than going into a store. theres XXS, and XXL. why create two stores just because of a size difference?
  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2011/10/14 11:32:57
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    Fat-friendly?!! I think that a hair salon for plus-sized women would be akin to a social stigma. I think that this hairstylist stumbled into an opportunity to garner publicity by offering a hair salon with specialized service. I wonder if he will discriminate against average-sized women who want to be his customers!
  • JohnnyRudick 2011/10/14 02:35:42
    Sure if someone wants to open one up and take a chance that larger plus sized people would like to do business with then I say - Go for it.
  • isahyaa... JohnnyR... 2011/10/16 11:35:41
  • PaulAhkolik 2011/10/13 22:57:01
    I have mixed feelings on this one, but not for the obvious reason(s). Yes, plus-sized women deserve to be treated with respect just like any salon customer, but the chance of them feeling different because they couldn't go to a "normal" salon has the potential of causing low self esteem. However, on the flip side of the coin, I think that a salon like this is an excellent idea, as every woman has the right to feel beautiful.
  • Jackie 2011/10/13 22:45:43
    Why should they?
  • Gaby 2011/10/13 14:53:52
    I think it'd be awesome, not in a bad way, but in a positive way, it'd be fun to have my mommy going with other people without feeling bad that everyone's skinny but her, besides it would be special, you know? cuz it's restricted to plus size lol no skeletons allowed ;)
  • JohnnyR... Gaby 2011/10/14 03:01:22
    I think that if a "skeleton" would wish to swim in the hair shower bowl he/she should be able to do so if the proprietor has no objections..
    Also I feel it would be a mistake for the proprietors to keep out the skinnies.
    They have a right to even feel skinner then they are.
  • isahyaa... JohnnyR... 2011/10/16 11:36:18
  • isahyaa... Gaby 2011/10/16 11:35:55
  • isahyaa... isahyaa... 2011/10/16 11:36:09
  • Tori 2011/10/13 02:25:48
    What would be the point to that?
  • CodeBlonde 2011/10/12 23:07:03 (edited)
    Being a business owner is all about the customer. If a lot of your clients are plus-sized women and they are telling you specifically that they want to feel comfortable using a service they are paying for, then that's what you give them. He listened and is now going to be extremely successful for it.
  • KatherineKnight250 2011/10/12 17:15:11
    Why the hell should there be a hair salon just for plus size women? They all go to the hair salons for one thing: Fix their hair, that's it, or wax or something else they do in salons these days. If they all do the same thing, why separate them, i think that's just stupid and what is even more stupid is that some people actually agree with this hair salon separation.
  • JohnnyR... Katheri... 2011/10/14 03:02:43
    If people want it, I find there is always someone out there more then willing to provide it in one way or another.
  • Gideon_Zed 2011/10/12 17:09:56 (edited)
    What does it matter if a person is fat or not? Being overweight has nothing to do with being a business owner and how well a salon will do. (oopps! I read it wrong... I thought it meant can they own one and was surprised at the results! No, I don't think that any particular person needs their own salon but if a salon wants to cater to that clientell.. then go for it.)
  • gidianedwards97 2011/10/12 07:55:36
    It should be a place for all
  • isahyaa... gidiane... 2011/10/16 11:36:31
  • Ashley Hopkins 2011/10/12 03:53:42
    Ashley Hopkins
    go to a normal salon like everyone else.
  • nefertari 2011/10/12 03:48:02
    Why not??? It'll be a real money maker for the owner.
  • Lanternshine 2011/10/12 00:43:35
    Why not! This hairdresser has found a niche need and is marketing to it. It's not mandatory on anyone's part. No one is passing any laws saying all plus size can ONLY patronize his store, nor are they passing laws mandating plus size accommodations in all salons. At the end of the day, the owner is doing well, and the clients leave his place feeling beautiful. I say, "You go, guy!"
  • isahyaa... Lantern... 2011/10/16 11:36:42
  • isahyaa... isahyaa... 2011/10/16 11:36:51
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