Should People Be Fined for Using Offensive Language? (Brussels Thinks So)

mrosen814 2012/09/06 20:00:00
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In Brussels, Belgium, "any form of insult is from now on [is] punishable, whether it be racist, homophobic or otherwise," Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans' spokesperson quoted him as saying, according to the Telegraph.

So, how much will it cost you to mouth off? Well, fines will range between 75 and 250 euros for using offensive language or sexually harassing someone in public. What do you think about this cursing law? Do you think cursing is something one should be fined for in public?

Brussels, Belgium, wants everyone to be nice. And if not, it’s going to cost you.
punishable racist homophobic brussels mayor freddy thielemans spokesperson quoted telegraph

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  • Merna 2012/09/09 05:57:47
    Freedom of speech is kind of a big thing over here, as it should be.
  • Wm Kabrich 2012/09/09 05:55:54
    Wm Kabrich
    And F**K NO!
  • ~Country Girl~ 2012/09/09 05:45:49
  • Random 2012/09/09 05:36:48
  • Justagirl 2012/09/09 05:06:29
    Unless I get the $$$ from being sexually harassed ;oP
  • Razoreye001 2012/09/09 04:29:48
    Not just no but f*ck no.
  • Day0One 2012/09/09 04:20:32
    Yes.... I have childrens...
  • nina Day0One 2012/09/09 13:58:36
    Children will learn it from their friends whether it's banned or not. Period.
    All you can do as a parent is sit them don't and explain why you'd prefer they didn't swear.
  • Jeremiah Lee 2012/09/09 04:05:24
  • pizzaman7 2012/09/09 03:57:54
    If the government can do this what will stop them from controlling other things you can say and pretty soon you will lose your free speech ! you won't even be able to say anything negative about your government !
  • Haruko.... pizzaman7 2012/09/09 05:50:05
    Like Russia and China.
  • Drug Free 2012/09/09 03:56:10
    Drug Free
    Well yes and no actually.
    How often does it happen worthy of fining someone for using foul langauge???
    But the intent is correct because if people know they could get a fine or penalty for going overboard on the foul language and or mouthing off excessively then there is no doubt that most people will "think first" about what they are about to say and or do.
    That and people often enough will remind them about the law and to be carefull about what they say and their verbal behaviour.
    Will it stop everyone??...of course not...but examples will be made and there are more than enough verbal altercations occuring in public and witnessed by enough people to lay charges.
    I have seen it before when people get out of hand ( alcohol and drugs are commonly involved ) and the police are requested to show up and resolve the altercation as sometimes, some people "lose it" in public.
    If anything it could come under the: "disturbing the peace" laws.

    On the other hand it will allow all to many people to "cry wolf" when they want to use the law to get back at someone because their feelings were hurt or they are easily offended while law is easily abused.

    So ..yes and no.
  • Joel 2012/09/09 03:50:51
    There is a No Cussing Zone in Virginia Beach, VA.
  • MikeWon 2012/09/09 02:34:34
  • politicalsoldier 2012/09/09 02:33:41
    So, if this happens in the U.S., you'd be able to curse in a prime time TV show, but fined for it on the street. Yep, that sounds like liberal logic.
  • elvira 2012/09/09 01:48:06
    We may not like it but it is a form of free speech.
  • tatilee(: 2012/09/09 01:23:52
    I hate cursing more than aanything, and even i think this is stupid.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/09/09 01:19:18
    its called free speech making them pay is paid speech that's what we are referring too
  • thisiswar 2012/09/09 01:15:26
    Sexual harassment is tied into foul language? When did sexual harrassment become the same thing as throwing an F-bomb out around your friends?

    Anyway, I think it's pretty obvious that this shouldn't happen in America, but it actually has already:

    If you don't like swear words and obscenities, don't use them. When you start messing with someones freedom to express themselves in the manner they see fit, you're crossing a line that gives you power someone else's right to free speech. Words are simply words, and it's your parent's job (or yours if you are a parent) to put those words in context and explain that they're inappropriate but sometimes, people do use them. It's not your job or your place to decide that a teenager going through issues with his parents can't let out his frustrations while talking with his friends outside the movie theater, or that a girl who's boyfriend cheated on her can't be upset and call him an a-hole because you think you know what's better for the world. I completely understand getting annoyed with it while your children are out, and I'm sure when I'm a parent I will be too, but I think making obscene language a crime is definitely a step in a direction I want nothing to do with.
  • retiredingeorgia 2012/09/09 00:20:26
    They'd have to shut down sodahead. No one can open their mouth, so to speak, without 'offending' somebody on here.
    Just what constitutes 'offensive' any way? (An athiest can be offended by some one quoting the Bible, and a prude can be offended if you say sh*t).
  • nina retired... 2012/09/09 14:01:28
    Exactly and also the tone or manner you say something. Eg. You are an eejit can be said affectionately and it can also be said in an offensive way.
  • Shadow Wolf 2012/09/09 00:14:20
    Shadow Wolf
    next thing u know is that they will tell u what to wear and how to act..smh
  • Jon 2012/09/08 23:34:18
    It called se-lf con-trol.Can you control your self? Many can and many can't and those who can't will be fined. And then and only then they will think twice before let those dirty little words roll out of their mouth. dirty mouth
  • MikeWon Jon 2012/09/09 02:44:14
  • Ted1028 2012/09/08 22:50:41
    You can say whatever you damn well please, but keep it clean in public. Why should children be subjected to foul language? If you can’t express yourself in an intelligent, non-offensive manner in public, then shut the hell up.
  • BHGOzzy Ted1028 2012/09/09 15:28:28
    Said the guy who just got fined 10 credits for a violation of the public decency laws.
    Demolition Man Three Seashells
  • Flamingolady 2012/09/08 22:09:29
    When I went to Brussels, about 10 years ago, for the company I worked for, TO BUY DIAMONDS, the people there were borderline a**holes. And some were full blown. We were there 4 days, and were treated everywhere we went like we were lepers. I refused to go back the next year, and instead we bought diamonds from India. The vendors were HAPPY to come to us, and we treated them very well. But the question about them not allowing cursing, is laughable. The way they treat Americans, and it was a consortium of over 75 American buyers who traveled together and ate together, is much more offensive than cursing, IMHO.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/09/08 21:51:23
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Brussels must be a real nice place if this is a pressing social problem.
  • Flaming... Beat Ma... 2012/09/08 22:09:58
    It is not. See my post.
  • scurvison 2012/09/08 21:39:46
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/09/08 21:21:42
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Only for cursing. Cursing USED to result in a fine.

    'Offensive' is now used as a political correct way to remove 1st Amendment free speech.
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/09/08 20:00:37
  • Torchy 2012/09/08 19:48:52
    I would prefer people be allowed to speak their mind, no matter how offensive it is. It makes it easier for me to judge them as the fool that they are.
  • harry 2012/09/08 19:22:33
    Yes, you're G Damn right they should. I don't know where in Hell these Fxxkin people learn to cuss like that.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/09/08 18:56:33
  • taylor 2012/09/08 18:55:09
  • Jane 2012/09/08 18:34:37
    Hell no, I'd be fricken broke.
  • FlyAway 2012/09/08 18:31:09
  • Dannie 2012/09/08 18:14:12
    No Way!!
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/09/08 17:46:34

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