Should People Be Allowed to Live in Their Cars?

Living 2010/10/04 22:07:42
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It would seem that living in one's car would be better than living on the streets, both for individuals and their communities. Only problem is, these car-dwellers increasingly have nowhere to park.

The Venice section of Los Angeles is the latest California community to begin limiting street parking and banning R.V.’s from beach lots, the New York Times reports.

Venice has long been a mecca for car dwellers; more than 250 vehicles now serve as "homes" on the district's streets, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

But now that the neighborhood gentrifying, the common refrain is "not in my backyard."

“The status quo is unacceptable,” said Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, who wants to remove R.V.’s from the area. “It’s time to give us some relief from R.V.’s parking on our doorsteps.”

Diane Butler sells her artwork in Venice Beach for a living and lives with her husband in an R.V. But pretty soon, she might have to find another place to park.

“They’re making it hard for people in vehicles to remain in Venice,” she told the Times.

We can see why the community wants them out -- but sadly, vehicle-dwellers often end up on the street if they can't live in their cars.
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  • Tom M 2014/02/01 01:39:16
    Tom M
    The policeman pictured here should be ashamed of himself. Anyone who protects the rights and liberties of the property owners in deference to people at risk is, in my view, subhuman. Any system that allows this is broken and needs to be fixed.
  • LauraD 2013/04/24 13:19:22 (edited)
    I can’t believe that Americans support third world countries in need, but not Americans. After the economy crashed, middle-class Americans are forced to choose between paying credit cards, college school tuition, mortgage debts, and paying high rent prices—so many live in their cars while they pay their debts. These are not homeless people with drug or alcohol problems. This is happening to college students, health care workers, college professors, and even doctors. A new sub-culture of middle-class Americans who used to earned 95K a year, keeps increasing exponentially because they are forced to live out of their vehicles. Why are we attacking them instead of supporting our fellow Americans?? They are victims of the greed of the banks and an economy in recession.

    See this facebook page of People Living out Of their cars (Please LIKE this page in support):

    Side note: There is even an HBO comedy show about a former CEO living in his car. Kudos for HBO, but this is no joke.

    HBO TV Series: https://www.facebook.com/vide...
  • Roxxi 2010/10/07 13:12:16
    I understand that it'll be annoying after a while if you have to see them everyday with their car parked infront of your house, but have some compassion people! Get out of your sheltered lives and put yourselves in their shoes! It's their cars or the streets!
  • srini 2010/10/07 12:39:55
    It's less bad than the pavement, as it does offer some shelter from the elements.
  • Savannah 2010/10/07 11:45:30
    It's no ones effing business where people live. But for their safety they should have to live in a place with better heating.
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2010/10/07 11:19:52
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Just wait till the snobs have no where else to go...
  • captkirk999 2010/10/07 08:55:49
    sometimes people have no choice but to do this because of fore closure or something.
  • ladyjane 2010/10/07 07:06:18
    This is going to get worse before it gets better. I would think they would have some kind of open lots somewhere for the people to park overnight to sleep. In the daytime they could park just about anywhere...
  • upinthetrees 2010/10/07 07:00:18
    From a great car salesman came these words. You can sleep in your car but you can't drive your house.. The lady had bought a Lincoln in 1982 and had said her payment for her car was more than her house. Times were good then.
  • AL 2010/10/07 06:15:32
    if you let them sleep in their car it cost nothing-if you arrest them it cost us to house them feed them and take care of everything they need-as we let real criminals go free because of over crowding!
  • Yes
    I mean,their gas is like their rent no?
  • serial killer 2010/10/07 01:09:23
    serial killer
    this is america we should have this right!
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2010/10/07 00:26:16
    I don't see why not. I once met a man who did just that and he would ask his friends and family to allow him to park in their driveway so he wouldn't be on the street and could move around from place to place. From what I found out about him, he was in his seventies, had had a wife who died of cancer and left a lot of medical bills so that he lost his home and everything he owned that wasn't in his van. He was also a veteran and on a fixed income which he was trying to save to get back on his feet. He seemed like a very respectable gentleman.
  • joyce420 2010/10/06 23:55:07
    None of the above
    This is America. NO ONE SHOULD LIVING IN A CAR, ON THE STREET, UNDER BRIDGES, WHATEVER. Unfortunately, this is America, and if it weren't for my Angel of a sister, I'd be living in a car.
  • joe59 joyce420 2010/10/07 05:59:43
    That's true but it happens all over, I use to look down on homeless people when I was a kid like oh look at the bum, but when I got older and found out about life my attitude changed big time especially when I got laid off myself and almost lost everything I had, very scary.
  • Savannah joyce420 2010/10/07 11:46:03
    Yeah this is America, u know a FREE country.
  • GinaMagini 2010/10/06 23:54:48 (edited)
    I can see a great market for someone. Renting spots on their property for people to park their RVs at night. Kind of like motels, but for vehicles. For a small nightly fee, give them a place to park. I can see living in a vehicle if necessary. It appeals to the gypsy in me. Better to live in a car than have no place to live.
  • cammy 2010/10/06 23:13:57
    really? this?? what's next chewing gum in public?
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2010/10/06 23:09:06
  • Habeiba 2010/10/06 23:01:09
    this is wrong. next they'll be complaining because they're living on the streets. The world was given to everyone, man needs to stop being so greedy
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/10/06 22:24:05
    i would live in a car if i had too,,,
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2010/10/06 20:42:50
    luigi1- in god we trust
    These people are not bums. Many lost their jobs then their homes to foreclosure & finally their 401K & savings. They were tax paying middle class Americans.

    In my city, we have a church parking lot for people living in their cars free of police harassment. They have access to church to warm up, get a lunch, take a shower or watch tv. City relief services & soup kitchens are overwealmed because of the economy.

    If this could happen to good hard working Americans, it could happen to us too.
  • Georgia50 luigi1-... 2010/10/07 00:07:08
    Actually, a substantial number of them still are working class Californians. They just cannot afford the housing or a 200-mile commute. This phenomenon began before the economy ditched. California housing prices are kept out of reach (relative to the rest of the US) by burdensome housing regulations and rent controls.
  • luigi1-... Georgia50 2010/10/07 01:05:38
    luigi1- in god we trust
    To add misery many companies are not only cutting back pay & benefits but hrs per week. At 39 hrs a wk the employers can get around not paying benefits because anything under 40 hrs wk is part time & exempt is from entitlements.
  • La 2010/10/06 20:22:36
    "Should they be allowed...." indeed. If they can't afford a house and they have a car, who the hell has the right to tell them they can't live in it? Leave them alone, they're doing the best they can. I'd be fine with living in my car....

    Why are they limiting street parking? Is it okay for people who live in houses to park their cars in the street? If yes, they shouldn't stop homeless people parking their cars in the streets. If no, why the hell not? Where else are they gonna park? My family has 4 cars and only room for 2 in the driveway, what with the motorbike in the garage. That puts 2 in the street out the front of our house. What is the problem with that?

    Hmm do these people in cars have jobs?
  • Derek 2010/10/06 20:14:03
    But the government should be doing something to alleviate the situation...
  • loversAddiction 2010/10/06 20:12:20
    ok think about this question for a minute..
    Should we be allowed to live in cars?
    well duh!!!!
    sorry last time i check america was at least free to a point,
    if i wanna live in my car aint no one gonna tell me i cant.
    as far as parkin and stuff is concerned then maybe ppl should look into it...
  • cookie monster 2010/10/06 19:47:11
    cookie monster
    pretty much.
  • Ava Alexander 2010/10/06 18:59:26
    Ava Alexander
    If you have to, you have to. It happens, and if you are lucky enough to have your car paid off and you lose your house or apartment and have no where else, then I guess, that is your only option.
  • betty189 2010/10/06 18:44:49
    of course they should, its very very sad, im sure MOST would rather NOT be living in their cars, i dont know about the artists though who do business there, but im sure the majority would like an actual home to live in,govt cant give the people a break! cars artists business majority actual home live ingovt people break
  • Centrist_Bill 2010/10/06 18:09:07
    If thats all you have what are you going to do. This is the United States. We can do what we want if it isnt harming anyone.
  • gamman 2010/10/06 17:43:06
    near a park or industrial area perhaps
  • Diana 2010/10/06 17:12:22
    I personally wouldn't live in my car,But it's a free country.It sure beats living in the street.
  • Kerry 2010/10/06 16:43:05
    If they have nowhere else to go its their only choice.
  • Andrea 2010/10/06 16:26:22
    But they should pay rent on a parking space like everyone else who rents a space to live.
  • La Andrea 2010/10/06 20:24:51
    .....Should they really? Does everyone living in America pay everytime they park their car somewhere?
  • Andrea La 2010/10/07 05:13:01
    If you park and sleep, you should pay.
  • La Andrea 2010/10/07 17:07:33
    I take naps on buses. You think they should charge me extra? Why should sleeping cost something?
  • Andrea La 2010/10/07 18:03:52
    Do you live on that bus and park it on a public street?
  • La Andrea 2010/10/09 20:45:16
    No. But it's a /public/ street. For the public to use. Last time I checked, homeless people were still members of the public.
    Does your theory that those sleeping in their car apply to everyone? What if someone just does it a few times? Don't want to drinkdrive home so they sleep in their car? BOO YA BETTER PAY FOR THAT.

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